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April 2012

REGULARS 7 Welcome 17 Savings Watch The best deals on the market this month 18 Fight for Your Rights Got a financial problem? We take up the fight

COLUMNISTS 25 Editor’s letter Sort out your own 2012 budget 33 George Pitcher The banks have a rival in the greed stakes 53 Jeff Prestridge Join the Big Switch campaign 82 That’s Life with Esther Rantzen Financial and emotional support for the elderly UPFRONT8YourShout 11 Steal of the Month 16 Housing Market Round-Up SORTED! 26 Money Makeover 28 Your Finances Fixed COMPETITION 32 WIN a two-night family break in the Cheshire countryside 52 WIN £2,000 in an investment trust


Rising car insurance premiums have attracted scammers’ attention. Beware ghost brokers

21 Steer clear of the brokers who don’t exist

Con artists are making a quick buck from unsuspecting motorists and leaving them unwittingly uninsured scam

35 Five-minute guide to social lending Could this alternative to the high street banks be the scam answer to savers’ prayers? 36 Long-term care: the ticking time bomb The final part of our Defending the British Family campaign reveals how the UK care system is failing. It’s time for action 40 The friendlier way to borrow money Credit unions are winning over customers looking for an alternative to what’s on offer from the high street banks



How to put the house price indices to use when buying or selling



The way we fund care in the UK is unsustainable. We’re failing the people who need help the most

A decade after the endowment mortgage scandal came to light, policyholders are feeling the pain

42 10 things you should get for free

Life’s expensive enough without throwing money away on things you needn’t spend a penny on 45 Five car hire cons to watch out for

If you’re planning on taking to the road abroad, here are the rental pitfalls to avoid

48 Dealing with the financial costs of cancer The right insurance policy can stop the disease taking its toll on your wallet as well as your heath work scam 54 Are you facing an endowment shortfall?

Don’t bury your head in the sand. Here we reveal the steps you should take 58 What house prices can tell us The UK house price indices rarely seem to converge.


Use them properly or risk information overload


61 Andrew Pitts

Top income payers for your portfolio 62 The Briefing

This month, we explore corporate bonds 64 Investment News Brazil could offer an ‘exceptional’ opportunity 65 Buy, Hold, Sell

Marina Bond shares her winners and losers 67 Last-minute ISA tips scam

If you hurry, there’s still time to take advantage of this year’s allowance. Use it or lose it 69 Funds of funds

Could these diversifiers be an investment cure-all? 72 10 top investment tips

The path to prosperity can be more of a maze. Let Moneywise help you find your way

75 The best products at your fingertips

Our pick of the top products and investments for consumers and investors


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