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philosophers’ the


reporter 4news hound news, plus straw poll and mediawatch

13omnivore Scott McLemee lacks inspiration

14Iran mystery the puzzle of the jailed philosopher

17word of mouse Luciano Floridi on keeping customers

thoughts 18body talk keep fit with Richard Shusterman

25sci-phi agreeing to disagree

27strength of will why not stopping bad habits is rational

31provocations thinking what you want to think

issue 36 • 4th quarter 2006

41Blair’s guru what the prime minister saw in John Macmurray

forum 46duty to rescue Alex Voorhoeve introduces the forum

49what we owe Jonathan Glover argues for giving much more help than we do

54drop the guilt Paul Collier wants a more rational basis for aid

58responsibilites David Miller unpicks the ambiguities of responsibility

64Chinese miracle Linda Yueh on what we can learn from China

68do NGOs work? putting the credibility of aid to the test

76my philosophy Mylo destroys rock and roll

80terrible terror the verdict on Ted Honderich’s TV show

the lowdown 82snapshot the lowdown on Martha Nussbaum

84the directory listings for UK and North America

85conceptual carvery facts with value

review 85new books gardens, genes, relativism, Mill, poetry

last words 92Bertrand’s break fun and games

33marginalia the joys of Kant’s notes and scribbles

37on flirting should you fear the killer-flirt?

discussion 72iconoclast Kenan Malik and Janet Radcliffe Richards debate Peter Singer

94letters you set us straight

96the skeptic why sci-phi is not stranger than fiction

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The Philosophers' Magazine /4th quarter 2006