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United Kingdom IC PublICatIons, 7 Coldbath square, london eC1r 4lq. tel: +44 20 7713 7711 Fax: Admin +44 20 7713 7898 editorial: +44 20 7713 7970 e-mail: Web site:


NEW AFRICAN The bestselling pan-African magazine, founded in 1966 FEBRUARY 2008 ISSUE 470 WWW.AFRICASIA.COM

Letters 6 Your news and views

France IC PublICatIons, 609 bat a 77 rue baYen 75017 ParIs tel: +33 1 44 30 81 00 Fax: +33 1 44 30 81 11 e-mail: Web site:

Group Publisher: Afif Ben Yedder ( Editor: Baffour Ankomah (

Deputy Editor: Regina Jere-Malanda ( Art Director: Jason Venkatasamy ( Production Manager: Christine Tyrell (

Editorial Department Editorial Assistant Carole Lambert Associate Editors Pusch Commey, Stella Orakwue, Cameron Duodu

Correspondents in Africa Wanjohi Kabukuru, Peter Ezeh, Tansa Musa, Rangarirai Shoko, Lansana Gberie, Kwadwo Mensah, Jarlawah Tonpo, Reginald Ntomba

Special correspondents Clayton Goodwin, Osei Boateng, Carina Ray, Mercy Eze, Nick Hordern

Distribution Manager Mike Penton ( Associate Group Publisher Omar Ben Yedder ( Director of Sales & Marketing Saliba Manneh ( Marketing Director: Malek Bey (

Advertising Sales Directors Carlota Casades ( Alya Assad ( Nick Rosefield ( Arthur Jones ( Medrine Chitty (

Special Projects Consultant Monique Butt

Ghana Office: KwabuSekyere Enterprise Room 315, Third Floor, Swanzy Shopping Centre, P.O Box 17409 GP. Accra Tel/fax: +233 21 672 775 Mobile: +233 244 788 450 Email: Subscriptions: IC Publications Subscriptions Dept Tower House, Sovereign Park, Market Harborough. Leicestershire LE16 9EF United Kingdom Telephone: +44 1858 438 792 Fax: +44 1858 461 739 Email: Subscription rates for 11 issues: UK: UK£40.00, Eurozone €80.00, USA US$90.00, Rest of world UK£55.00 Printers: Headley Brothers Ltd, The Invicta Press, Queens Road, Ashford, Kent, TN24 8HH.

Indexed and abstracted in PAIS International and included in one or more of the Informartion Access Company full text reference databases. Microfilms available from Xerox University Microfilms, 399 N. Zeeb Road, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48106, USA. Indexed by UMI/Data Courier, PO Box 327770, Louisville, KY 40232-2770 USA. All pictures AFP unless indicated. registered with the british library. Issn 0142-9345 ©2008 IC Publications Ltd.


Secret societies The way forward for Africa > We delve into the world of some Western secret societies and unearth how these institutions are at the helm of control, ensuring world dominance and economic development in the West. What can africa learn from this?


Kenya What really went wrong > two reports covering both sides of the divide – the winners and the losers – offering a balanced account of the real issues behind the violence that ensued after the hotly contested elections.


Diaspora Divide and rule > a must-read exposéé on how the us government has clandestinely put up measures that generate mistrust and hostility between africans and africanamericans, to prevent them from working together.

Cover story 10 Secret Societies – the way forward for africa

Lest we forget 18 the dangers of ‘brand aid’

Focus on Kenya 20 What went wrong? 23 Why the violence was so virulent 26 oh! that this should happen to Kenya

Features 28 the emperor’s children 33 Tanzania: british firm fined 34 Ghana: Why Kufuor did not get his man 38 South Africa: It’s getting dirty! 42 Zimbabwe: Come rain or shine, March elections set 46 Somalia: Pirates beware 48 Slavery: the case for reparations 54 Namibia: let’s die fighting. . .

Nuggets in a nutshell 58 serious visioning in africa Opinion 60 Worthy achievements of 2007 63 Kenya: the people’s will should prevail

The Interview 64 Okonjo-Iweala: ‘africa’s leading lady at the World bank’

Not in Black or White 68 how do people encounter change?

Diaspora 72 divide and rule 76 Brazil: the fall of a ‘racial paradise’ 80 the rise and rise of black consciousness

The Arts 86 Why Africa? the art taking europe by storm

Book Review 90 don’t africa me

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