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Lime cover 25/7/07 14:07 Page 3 Subscription offer

You could be our Scrapbooker of the Year Find out how inside!

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It’s time to discover scrapbooking!

Issue 25

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Holiday heaven Our designers share secrets of their summer

Too many pictures, not enough paper?

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Create exploding birthday gift boxes – so fun to make!

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Inthis issue...

You could be our Scrapbooker of the Year Find out how inside!

Full guide to your free papers Get on the path to great layouts! It’s time to discover scrapbooking!

Bring yourphotos& memories to life!

Issue 25

Editor’s choice

Doodle bug New ideas with doodles and brads

The next level How to add dimension for a professional look

£6,414 worth of cr aft stash to be won inside!

Holiday heaven Our designers share secrets of their summer

Too many pictures, not enough paper?

Best results with multiplephoto layouts

Over the edge!

Step-by-stepguides Learn how to: Get started with our guide to scalloped edges

Improve the look of your layouts with circles

Create exploding birthday gift boxes – so fun to make! Change the colour ofyour photos to match your pages


6 Letters 8 News 10 New Paper Round-Up 16 First Layout, Last Layo ut18 Designers’Gallery 54 Four Ways Challenge 62 Your Layouts 74 Shopping Guide 76 Readers’Gallery 82 Next Issue

ISSUE 25 UK £3.99

We launch our search for the most talented crafters in our Scrapbooker ofthe Year competition. See page 60!

18 We’re All Goi ng On A...

28 Sensational Scallops 38 Introducing.. .

44 See-through Sentiments

48 Expert Guide s56 Double Take

60 Scrapbooker ofthe Year 70 Storage Solut ions


12Using Your Free Gift See what you can crea te with this issue’s fabulous free paper p ack from The English Paper Company 14Scraplift Challenge Another chance to scra plift a layout and win some amazing prizes

26WIN! Get your hands on a h andy little Design Runner with our Xyron competition 32 Giveaways Over £500 worth of fan tastic products up for grabs this issue! 79 Reader Offers Check out our must-ha ve quality crafty stash atbargain prices

Expert Guides


48 Round In Circles Add a fun and funky e lement to your pages with the use of circles and curves 50 Colour Conversion Learn how to alter the colour of elements on your pho tos, for perfectly co-ordinated layouts 52 Box OfTricks Create the ideal keeps ake with these tips and ideas for a cute e xploding box



scrapbook magazi ne


22Touch Me Karen Leahy demonstr ates how, no matter what theme yo ur layouts are, texture can be an imp ortant part of your pages to really make t hem amazing 28Sensational Scallops Soften your pages and keep your finger on the pulse by adding f ashionable scallop shapes to your design s. Missy Neal looks at the techniques for thi s hot new trend 34Oodles OfDoodles Doodling isn’t simply l imited to pen and paper anymore – we i ntroduce the new doodling templates, m aking it even easier to add those swirls and c urls with confidence 38Introducing... Another new designer introduces their work .This issue we meet Lis a Warren and discover her scrapbooking skill s and secrets, as well astaking a peek in her a lbum




Touch me


Karen Leahy

Scrapbooking can be as flat or as layered as you like, so why not

use this freedom to your advantage? No matter what theme your

layouts are, texture can be an important part of your pages to

really make them amazing, as Karen Leahy demonstrates

Texture provides interest and contrast for

layouts, and can be added to your

scrapbook pages in all sorts of ways. One

of the simplest is by adding faux texture

using papers or elements that look like they

are textured but are, in actual fact,

completely flat. There are so many ranges of

papers and embellishments on the market

that do this. You can buy papers that look

like wire mesh, stitched fabric, buttons, fur,

old weathered wood – the sky is the limit.

You could also venture into the world of

hybrid scrapping and print off digital

elements, which give your page that textured

dimensional feel. I use hybrid scrapping a lot,

but there is nothing quite like the real look

and feel of texture to give your pages that extra pizzazz.

From the beginning The first task for these pages is making the

textured base. For the layout opposite I used

a piece of velvet-textured fur fabric, which

mimics the coats of my Bengal cats so well.

Covering a scrapbook page with fabric is great

fun. Something thicker and more substantial

than regular scrapbooking cardstock is

needed, but not so thick that it won’t fit into

a page protector if you want to keep it in your album. You could just use two pieces of cardstock stuck together to give a stronger base. Cut the base slightly smaller than 12x12” – how much smaller you cut it depends on the thickness of the fabric you are using. Mine was reasonably thick so I cut my card to approximately 11 3⁄4”-square, but if

Tread carefully

Once you have the fabric-covered base you can treat it like a regular scrapbook page , but

be careful with glues. You may have to use something stronger than you usually use to fix

things to the fabric

you’re using a thin fabric go slightly closer to

the 12x12” size. You now have your base to work on. Cool

ideas for a textured page would be to use hessian or canvas fabric for a natural effect – you could even paint the canvas fabric. A rich velvet would look lovely on a Christmas page, or imagine an ivory satin background for a special wedding or christening page. Fabric remnants can be bought very cheaply, so having a play around with the technique is cost effective.

Top tip

Do make sure that your fabric is not too sheer or the glue will show through – if you’re using a very fine translucent fabric you will have to think again about the adhesive you’re going to use

How to adhere your base fabric



20% offthe cover price when you subscribe! Turn to page 68 for det ails

44See-through Sentimen tsHebe Ambler explores the multitude of uses that transparencies have t o offer, and guides us through the beautiful effects t hat can quickly and ea sily be achieved 56Double Take Bogged down with too many photographs? We show you inspiring ways to use more photos on y our pages, for maximum e ffect and minimum ef fort 64Trendspotting Anna Bowkis discovers the latest scrapbooki ngtrends, to help keep u s ahead of the changi ngfashions in products a nd techniques 70Storage Solutions Get your craft space or ganised – we provide some simple storage ideas f or all that mounting st ash, from bargain tips and tricks to clever bespo ke buys


1Cut a square of your desired material to measure larger than the base by about 1” all the way around.

scrapbook magazine

Turn to page 79 for som e great crafty stash at b argain prices!


Stick strong double-sided tape onto the front of the base along all four edges, and also add some strips across the centre of the base.


Press the fabric down firmly and flip the whole thing over. Cut the corners off across the diagonal and fold over the sides, fixing with double-sided tape.

5 scrapbook magazine


scrapbook magazine

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Cats Add Texture by Karen Leahy

Adding further textures I wanted to add more texture to the layout than just the fabric, so this was achieved with the titles and the embellishments. The word ‘cats’ was made using chipboard letters that were inked with VersaMark ink then embossed with Tim Holtz distress powders. It gives them the appearance of aged metal, without the weight. These powders are very versatile and great fun to use on all sorts of

things. You can use them on buttons to make

them look aged and rusted, on chipboard shapes, or on metal embellishments. All you

need is a VersaMark inkpad or similar, the

powders, a heat gun and a little patience.

The subtitle was created using a mixture of

glitter, beads and sand, for maximum diversity in the look and feel of the message,

as well as really emphasising the point. The

remaining texture came from the addition of

soft flowers and leaves, plastic buttons and

metal brads. When you start thinking of what

you have in your supplies, it is surprisingly

easy to add a lot of textures to one page and

create something that’s very tactile.

Outside the box The layout on page 24 uses a different kind of

texture: cardboard. A word of caution,

however – an old cardboard box is unlikely to

be acid free, so do think carefully before

adding materials such as this to your pages.

My picture was a digital photo printed at

home, so is easily replaceable. I tore a strip of

cardboard for the title, and if you are doing

this try to distress the cardboard by peeling

off the top layer in some places to reveal the

corrugated section, which adds more

dimension to the page.

The journaling strips and the journaling

block look like they are on cardboard, but

this is actually faux cardboard. I wanted to print the journaling, but found I couldn’t run cardboard through the printer. If you want to try this effect, scan the texture you want and save it as a jpeg file. It is then easy to either print out and print or write directly onto that, or to do it as a single step in a photo program, placing the scanned image behind the text before printing. The cardboard embellishments are great fun to make and would look good on so many different pages. Simply draw your design onto the card and then cut it out, tearing off some of the top layer as for the title block and inking the edges. You could re

colour them too if you wanted a less natural

feel to them. There are so many ways to add

texture to a page – I am sure you will come

up with elements I haven’t even dreamed of!


•Fur fabric •Cardstock •Distress embossing powders: Tim Holtz

•Glossy Accents: Ranger •Chalk inks: ColorBox • Sand • Micro beads and glitter

Inspiration “This page was completed as one of the ‘speshal dares’ at, on the theme of texture. I love doing pages about my cats anyway, but this seemed the perfect opportunity to write about them and use different textures all on one page.”

Technique “The chipboard letters were embossed and mounted onto inked textured card. I printed the subtitle, then wrote over the word ‘TEXTURE’ with glue before simply adding glitter, micro beads and sand to give a raised effect to the letters. This is a very simple technique to achieve. For the sand and micro bead letters I used Glossy Accents and sprinkled the sand or beads on top. If you put the glue on quite thickly you get a very raised texture.”

multi-photo layouts

Double take

Jenny Cocks

Got stacks of photos a nd getting nowhere fas t? Then read on for inspiring w ays to use more photog raphs on your pages. Jenny Coc ks demonstrates the p ossibilities...

Bright idea

This would be a good technique to use for a beach page, with sand writing as a title

scrapbook magazine


As a scrapbooker, you will more than likely have expe rienced that overwhelming feeling when your photographs are mou nting up but you don’t have time t o scrapbook them. Lot sof people wonder whe ther they’re ever goin gto catch up, and the pure and simple answ eris that they won’t. We ll not unless they are anexceptionally speedy s crapbooker with plent yof spare time – and le t’s be honest, most of us aren’t that lucky. W hat you need to do is to choose the most i mportant photos from each event or occasio n and keep them to o neside. Put your excess photos into standard albums, where you sti ll have the option of coming back to them should you want to in the future. Then it’s a ll simply a matter of using your creativity t o work out methods f orusing multiple photos on one layout. If nothing comes to min d, sit back, relax and follow our top tips for doing just that.

New Year by Jenny Cocks

Keep it simple Remember that not ev ery layout you create has to warrant hours of work. If you love detailed, arty layouts and can put them together within a cou ple of hours then that’ sgreat, as you have pro bably found your style .For many scrapbooker s, however, creating intricate and involved pages is hard work a ndcan take a long time t o put together. Don’t beafraid to admit this, a nd if your natural direction is towards si mple, clean layouts then go with it as feel ing inspired is the mo steffective way to scrap book fast, and these layouts can be just as striking as detailed ones. Sometimes you may have photographs such as the four used on the ‘Sights Of San Francisco’ layout on p age 59, which are not worthy of being the fo cus of a page but are important to your me mories nonetheless. Allow yourself to creat e quick and easy symmetrical layouts w ith the photographs i none block, and keep t he embellishments simple. You will be ju st as pleased with you rwork and feel content that you have made a dent in your trickier p hotographs.


scrapbook magazi ne

Inspiration “I had so many photo graphs from one evening that it would have been silly to try t oscrap them all. I print ed them all off at 2x3 ”and cropped them fur ther to make a collag e.Now I have the event s ummed up in one single-page layout. I’v e used a file folder to hide journaling, which saves space and also ensures I haven’t mad e the page too busy.”


•Cardstock: Bazzill •Patterned paper: Blonde Moments •White cotton • M ini brad •Buttons: Blonde M oments •File folders: Blond e Moments •Photo anchor: 7gy psies • Chipboard letters: Heidi Swapp

Steps 1Cut six 3.5cm squares from sheets of the Sugar Dumpling p atterned papers, and stitch them to a s heet of white cardstock using doubl e lines of stitches. 2Draw a heart onto the back of a sheet of pink card and cut it out. Remove the inside of the hear t to form a frame. 3Sew the frame to the cardstock, cutting away the overl apping edge on the left-hand side. Gl ue a variety of buttons around the fr ame. 4Crop your photograph s and glue them in a collage style to fi ll the heart. 5Decorate the front of a pink file folder with patterned paper and chipboard letters for your title, b efore attaching it to the bottom-right corn er of the layout. 6Insert a lilac mini bra d through a painted photo anchor and use it to hold the file folder clo sed.

Use sketches Have you ever found y ourself staring at a pil eof photographs (all of which you must include), not knowing where on earth to start? We all know tha t sketches are a great kick-start for inspirati on, and they can mak escrapbooking so muc h quicker by providing astarting point, often t he hardest part of creating a layout. The re are two ways to approach this – either choose a multi-phot osketch then find the s ame amount of photographs to fit, or start with your photographs and sear ch for a suitable sketc hto incorporate them. You can then arrange your images and lay t hem out according to the sketch, confident that the design of you rlayout will balance a nd you won’t have left any important memor ies out.

Double-page layouts Single layouts often se em so much simpler t owork on and are far le ss daunting to start, which means that dou ble-page layouts sometimes get forgott en. Next time you hav ea bunch of photograp hs from the same eve nt, remember to try a do uble layout instead. T hebeauty of two pages is that you can still hav eone photograph as th e focal point along wi than eye-catching title, but you also have you rsecond page to squee ze in several supporti ngphotographs without detracting from your main image. And, you will only have to think up a colour and desig n scheme once instea dof twice!

Different sizes An obvious choice per haps, bu little more difficult. If you have printer then this is the best opt can print a large main photogr choose other images at a much which means you can fit more of the day onto your p age witho detail. Cropping is, of course, a using a variety of phot o sizes if mind losing some of the unnece background. If croppi ng isn’t an however, and you do not own y computer, take some time to sea companies that will p rint at sma you. This can be in th e form of s photographs but also as novelty as stickers or index pri nts.

Hawaii by Jenn


•Cardstock:Bazzill •Chipboard letters: Heidi Swapp •Patterned paper:B asicGrey •Jewelled flowers:Cr aftime •Beads •Paper Frills:Doodle bug Design • Pink cotton

Steps 1Attach a Paper Frill al ong the top of the Aqua cardstock. 2Stitch a 3cm strip of B asicGrey paper along the bottom edg e using pink cotton. 3Add a jewelled flower to the right edge of this strip, and a title directly above the paper on the left side. 4Arrange four photos, t wo full-sized and two slightly cropped, in the centre of the page. Add a chipboard date to the top-right. 5Finish with a circle of beads to highlight the faces in the photo graph, adding a circle embellishment to finish.

Inspiration “This page is made fr om a collection photographs of Hawai i, each from a d place. I made a sketch to incorporate photographs, so that when it came to making my page it was quick and eas subscription offer

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readers’ gallery

ifferent sizes obvious choice perhap s, but one that’s a le more difficult. If yo u have a home nter then this is the b est option, as you n print a large main p hotograph and oose other images at a much smaller size, ich means you can fit more photographs he day onto your page without losing any ail. Cropping is, of cou rse, a good way of ng a variety of photo s izes if you don’t d losing some of the u nnecessary kground. If cropping is n’t an option, wever, and you do not own your own puter, take some time to search out panies that will print a t small sizes for This can be in the for m of small tographs but also as n ovelty prints such ickers or index prints.

Hawaii by Jenny Cocks

readers’ gallery


• Fibres • Journal stickers:Karen Foster goes


• Cardstock:Bazzill

• Patterned paper:Rob and Bob Studio,

Paper Adventures

• Oak leaf punch:Woodware

• Chalk:Pebbles Inc

Don’t Rake... Play! by Alun Maxwell

multi-photo layouts

Interactive elements Tag booklets or conce rtina books that open out with several pages are a great way of using multiple photog raphs on your layouts .Hidden panels or jour naling pockets are als oexcellent ways of savi ng space. Some peopl echoose to have their j ournaling underneath their photos (using hi nges or jump rings), as it keeps the focus on th e photos but the memories are still reco rded. Tags tucked behind other element s of the page, waterfa llbooks, file folders and hinged flaps are also useful ways to expand your layout.

Take a look at some examples of our talented readers’ scrapping.

Want to see your pages here? Send an emai l to with an image of your

layout attached, and you could be published!

Mother’s Day by Staci Compher


•Patterned paper:American Crafts

•Journaling spots:Heidi Swapp


•Stickers:American Crafts, EK Success


Inspiration “Normally my Mother’s Day layouts are of m e

and my girls or my mother, but I have been

waiting to be an aunt for a long time and th is

year my sister-in-law found out she was

pregnant. To say I was happy was an

understatement! This Mother’s Day was all

about their first baby together, so in our

family me and my mum now get to share th e

day with my sister-in-law. In the picture she is

just glowing... and now a year later she’s

given birth to a beautiful baby boy.”

Technique “My main technique was to cut the flowers

out of patterned paper, which I love doing

because it’s such an inexpensive

embellishment. I then sewed around the

edges of them and crunched up the edges,

giving them a little lift.”


“My inspiration was the fabulous oak in ou r

garden – fabulous until you have to rake th e

leaves that is! I took photos and supplies to

my local scrap club, the very friendly Pages of

Memories, where I made this tribute to a

300-year-old tree – and to my kids of course !”

Technique “The principal technique was to ‘drizzle’ the

leaves from the top to the bottom photo – to

portray the journey all leaves make

eventually. I also added some autumn

coloured texture by threading ribbon throu gh

two holes in my cardstock, and tearing and

chalking the paper edges.”

The London Eye by Joanna Shimwell

Summertime by Louise Booking

Technique “I sanded the photograph around the edges and matted it onto

patterned cardstock, then inked around the edge of the cardstock and

stapled on some lace. The photo was moun ted onto the patterned

paper and the buttons glued into place and sewn on. I painted the

green lines around the photo using a foam brush. The title was created

by sticking some alphabet stickers to the pa ge, painting over them,

then removing the stickers.”

Inspiration “I took this photo of my son, his dad and my dad while on holiday in Italy. I

love how natural they all

look and wanted to keep the

photo as the main focal

point, so I kept the layout

quite simple.”


•Patterned paper:BasicGrey


•Letter stickers:BasicGrey

•Acrylic paint

•Distress Ink:Tim Holtz

•Lace •Diamond Glaze:JudiKins

•Foam brush


• Patterned paper:Junkitz

• Cardstock:Bazzill

• Letter stickers:Doodlebug

• Cutting system:Creative Memories

Inspiration “It was a bitterly cold day on the South Ban k.

After buying my mum a new hat, we queue d

for over an hour for our flight on the Londo n

Eye and then warmed up with tea and scon es

in Harrods! The black & white papers were

perfect for scrapping my photos from this

memorable day.”

Technique “I overlaid the Junkitz papers so that the

pattern matched, and attached these to

Bazzill cardstock. Some of the photos were

cut into circles to sit in the centre of the

pattern, and the corners were rounded on

the other photos. I then backed them onto

black Bazzill cardstock.”

scrapbook magazine



scrapbook magazine

ation e is made from a colle ction of phs of Hawaii, each fr om a different made a sketch to incor porate the four phs, so that when it ca me to actually my page it was quick a nd easy.”

scrapbook magazine





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