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Your letters Freestash for all letters featured!

We’re always happy to hear from all you scrapbookers out there, so please do share your thoughts and layouts with us. Each issue’s Star Letter receives HOTP stash worth £50!

Star Letter

Holy moley

I thought I’d send in this layout for you to see, because I am sure there are none like it! The inspiration for the page came from a very unexpected place. When my husband and I were revamping the garden we came across a moles’ nest made from black binliners and carrier bags. My husband was out of his mind with worry, so I contacted the small wild animal shelter near us and a very nice man came to take a look. He had been looking after animals for 25 years and had never come across anyone who wanted to help moles. He took them away and a week later I phoned to see if our little visitors were still alive – they were! My

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Money-saving tips

A lot of magazines have been talking about ways to save money on stash recently, and I enjoyed your homemade embellishments article last issue. However, I would like to share my own tips for crafting on a budget. I have found that charity shops are an excellent place to get cheap craft supplies – sometimes a bit of thought and imagination is needed, but there is often plenty of interest. Most charity shops have offcuts of cloth, as well as children’s books that have suitable pictures for using in projects. Children’s toys can also be attached to layouts, buttons and bows are often available, jewellery can be adjusted to suit and occasionally I even find past issues of Scrapbook Magazineon the shelves! Caroline Collard, Powys

SBM:Thanks Caroline – with stash being so expensive to keep replacing, creative and costeffective ways of saving pennies are always handy. Does anyone else have tips for crafting on a budget? Be sure to keep sending in your thrifty ideas.

husband Jay can now sleep at night. I wanted to capture the whole episode for my album, so created this page using binliners and bags for maximum authenticity. I hope you like the result! Angela Newton-Jones, by email

SBM:What a lovely story behind the layout Angela, we’re glad your mole friends are OK. For such a unique layout you’ve won our Star Letter prize, so you’ll have loads of stash to keep scrapping those memorable moments.

Contact us

Pop an email over to us at or write to Letters, Scrapbook Magazine, Practical Publishing, Unit 1, Adlington Court, Adlington Park, Macclesfield, Cheshire SK10 4NL


scrapbook magazine letters

Musical record

Thank you so much for your inspirational magazine. I loved the article about scrapping your favourite music in issue 23. It was something I never would have thought about doing, but it will be great for my children to see what their mum’s favourite music was when they were little. I wanted to reflect the different moods that I feel when I hear music and what memories the songs bring up when I listen to them. Unfortunately I could not think of just five songs as there are too many good ones, so I put five favourite songs into four categories; Lazy Days, Holidays, Memories and Parties. I hope you like the finished layout. Elizabeth Briggs, Essex

SBM:We think it’s great – a record of your favourite music that’ll make a fantastic keepsake for future generations. We’re interested in seeing more musical layouts, so keep them coming!

Hot stuff

What more can a woman want than sun, sea, sand and her Scrapbook Magazine? I really enjoy reading your magazine and I would like to see more simple, minimal layouts featured, as this is my style. When I went to Majorca earlier this year I took my latest copy of your magazine with me, as it had only just arrived the day before we left. Not only did I really enjoy sitting in the sun and reading it, but staff at the hotel were fascinated by it. They said that there was nothing like it available in Majorca, and they hadn’t really come across scrapbooking either. I had hoped to be able to find a local craft shop to browse around, thinking that I might be able to buy some Majorcan embellishments to go with my holiday photos, but I had no luck. No-one seemed to know what I was talking about. Surely there must be somewhere in Majorca that sells craft supplies – maybe one of your

readers might be able to point me in the right direction, as I am planning to go back again later in the year Katie Yeates, Southampton

SBM:Well done telling the people of Majorca about Scrapbook MagazineKatie! And keep spreading the word about this wonderful craft.

Red alert

I am a subscriber to the magazine and used to subscribe to Creative Scrapbookingtoo, and I really look forward to receiving each issue. The free gifts are always very welcome, and it’s sometimes nice to set myself a challenge to use something that I wouldn’t normally, so that I try different styles. The Blonde Moments papers that came with issue 23 were particularly welcome, as I had been wanting some black, white or grey papers to scrap a recent self portrait I took to capture my red hair. The hair was a ‘brighten up’ exercise, which came out a bit brighter than the hairdresser and I had expected! I did like it though, and I wanted the colour to really stand out. I know the Blonde Moments papers were designed to be altered, but they were perfect for creating contrast with my red hair, and I couldn’t resist teaming them with purple to match my shirt in the picture. Hope you like the layout, and keep up the good work with the magazine! Sheryl Dachs, Cambridgeshire

SBM:We love the striking colour scheme of the layout Sheryl, it’s almost as bright as your hair! Another good example of how scrapbooking can help to capture those special everyday moments in life as well as the big occasions.

Learner crafter

I have only been crafting for about 10 weeks – I started just before my son was born – and got lots of stash for my birthday but didn’t know where to begin with it all. So I have been buying your magazine, along with your sister publication Simply Cards & Papercraft, and I love it! You provide so many great tips and ideas, and I love all the bright papers that come free with your magazines. At first I was stuck with where to start, but I began making cards because they are smaller, so a little less to take on while I’m still learning. I’m definitely going to start scrapbooking next however, and see how I get on with that. I have sent you a card to see what you think of my crafting so far, using some recent free papers. Hope you like it! Sara Coleman, Hampshire

SBM:It’s always a pleasure to see another new crafter starting out – we’re sure you’ll be addicted in no time!

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