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Inspiration . Entertainment . Networking . Fun

Kate Reardon, new Editor of Tatler, to chair discussion on luxury between women of influence.



Nadja Swarovski (VP, Swarovski)

Ellie Patsalos (Vice-Chairman & Partner, Deloitte

Marigay McKee (Fashion &Beauty Director, Harrods)

Future Luxe: the 2011 Luxury Briefing Conference January 20-21

Luxury Briefing congratulates Kate Reardon on her appointment as Editor of Tatler magazine. At our conference, Future Luxe 2011, she will be chairing a panel of influential women whose professions bring them into daily contact with wealth, luxury and decision-making at the highest levels. These are women to listen to, as 2011 gets under way.

• Marc Worth, Founder Stylus and WGSN • Gerry McGovern, Design Director Land Rover • Suzanne Aaronson, Founder What's Worth It • Tiffanie Darke, Editor Sunday Times Style • Chris Sanderson, Founder Future Laboratory • Jeffrey Miller, columnist and counterspinner • Paul James, Brand Leader St Regis • Alison Copus, Vice President TripAdvisor

World-class speakers Crucial issues facing the luxury industry will be discussed during the two half-days of conference at The Royal Institution, Albemarle Street, London, January 20-21. Other speakers, who will be sharing their expertise in how to make your business smarter, include:

On the evening of January 20, we are inviting you to The Dorchester for Laurent-Perrier, magic, dinner and dancing to the Chance Band and the opportunity to get to know your peers in the luxury industry a bit better. It's an unmissable feast of ideas, inspiration, networking and fun. We look forward to seeing you there.

• Nick Jones, CEO Soho House • Dana Thomas, Newsweek journalist and author of the best-selling ‘How Luxury Lost Its Lustre’

To book your place at the essential Luxury Briefing Conference contact Radcliffe Royds now: Tel: +44 (0) 20 7871 1520 Email: radcliffe.royds @ Future Luxe: January 20-21, 2011 Lib Doom, p12

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