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The Eyre affair, p51

Want to come round and read my book on seduction?, p41


5 Leading article 9 Portrait of the Week 11 Diary Alistair Darling 12 Politics James Forsyth 17 Ancient and modern 20 Barometer 23 Rod Liddle 27 Hugo Rifkind 28 Letters 34 Any other business Martin Vander Weyer

Charles Moore is away.


14 Bring the abortion debate to life We can’t ignore a major moral issue just because it’s tricky to talk about Mary Wakefield 15 Steven Blyth ‘Girlfriends’: a poem 16 What’s haunting the spooks Lawyers, mostly

Fraser Nelson 17 Token gestures

Worries about charity at Waitrose Mark Mason 18 Liberia’s prince of war

The torturer who would be president Anthony Daniels 20 Looting for scoops

Hacks in Tripoli ransack shocker Andrew Gilligan 22 Say ‘no’ to rehab

Is the cuddly billionaire all he seems? Philip Delves Broughton Books 36 Jonathan Bate The Elizabethans, by A.N. Wilson 38 Nicky Haslam Perceptions, by Patrick Lichfield 39 Lloyd Evans The Good, the Bad and the Multiplex, by Mark Kermode Philip Hancock ‘Unwrapped’: a poem 40 John Casey Where China meets India, by Thant Myint-U Sara Maitland Fire Season, by Philip Connors 41 Molly Guinness La Séduction, by Elaine Sciolino 42 John Preston on children’s books 43 Judith Flanders The Bloody Meadow, by William Ryan Bookends Marcus Berkmann

Amy Winehouse was right Brendan O’Neill 24 Warren Buffett, vampire squid

Cover by Stephen Collins. Drawings by Michael Heath, Castro, Ian Tovey, RGJ, Holland, Nick Newman, Evans, Bernie, Adam Singleton, Grizelda, Hunter, K.J. Lamb, McLachlan, Ian Baker and Geoff Thompson. To subscribe to The Spectator for £104 a year, turn to page 64 Editorial and advertising The Spectator, 22 Old Queen Street, London SW1H 9HP, Tel: 020 7961 0200, Fax: 020 7961 0250, Email: (editorial); (for publication); (advertising); Advertising enquiries: 020 7961 0219 Advertising fax: 020 7961 0020 Subscription and delivery queries Spectator Subscriptions Dept., 800 Guillat Avenue, Kent Science Park, Sittingbourne ME9 8GU; Tel: 01795 592886 Fax: 0870 220 0290; Email: Newsagent queries Spectator Circulation Dept, 22 Old Queen Street, London SW1H 9HP, Tel: 020 7961 0200, Fax: 020 7961 0057, Email: Distributor COMAG Specialist, Tavistock Works, Tavistock Road, West Drayton, Middlesex UB7 7QX Vol 317; no 9550 © The Spectator (1828) Ltd. ISSN 0038-6952 The Spectator is published weekly by The Spectator (1828) Ltd at 22 Old Queen Street, London SW1H 9HP Editor: Fraser Nelson


the spectator | 10 September 2011 | All the fun of the British Art Fair, p46

The worst-laid plans, p5

Arts 45 Interview Tara FitzGerald

Lloyd Evans 46 Exhibitions Artists’ Laboratory 03: Nigel Hall;

William Gear 1915–1997: Paintings from the 1960s; 20/21 British Art Fair Andrew Lambirth 48 Theatre The God of Soho;

Ruby Wax: Losing It Lloyd Evans 51 Cinema Jane Eyre

Deborah Ross 52 Pop Marcus Berkmann Opera

Michael Tanner 53 Radio Kate Chisholm 55 Television James Delingpole Culture notes Tanya Gold


Life 61 High life Taki Low life Jeremy Clarke 63 Real life Melissa Kite 64 Wild life Aidan Hartley 65 Bridge Susanna Gross

And finaly . . . 66 Chess Raymond Keene 66 Competition; Crossword 68 Status anxiety TobyYoung Dave Michael Heath 69 Wiki man Rory Sutherland Your problems solved Mary Killen 70 Drink Bruce Anderson Mind your language Dot Wordsworth

At Hannibal Gaddafi’s pad, someone had tried to burn down one of the six bathrooms: the bonfire of the vanity units Andrew Gilligan, p20

When stock prices are low, Warren Buffett says he feels ‘like an oversexed man in a harem’ Philip Delves Broughton, p24

I’ve barely eaten. My brain has gone to mush. If I try to concentrate on something other than her, my mind feels like it’s been wiped blank Melissa Kite, p63




Andrew Gilligan is the London editor of Telegraph Media Group.

Philip Delves Broughton is the author of What They Teach You at Harvard Business School.

Mark Mason is the author of Walk the Lines: the London Underground, Overground.

Jonathan Bate is Provost of Worcester College, Oxford, and the author of several Shakespeare studies.

Sara Maitland’s recent A Book of Silence describes her quest for solitude on the Isle of Skye.

the spectator | 10 September 2011 |