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Hidden History Page 16

France’s fighters in 1940 Page 24 75 years of the B-17 Pages 40–59

ABOVE Frank Schelling’s immaculate Curtiss JN-4H, N3223, in its rare US Navy colour scheme over California. Frank B. Mormillo’s full report starts on page 32 . . .

See page 29 for a great subscription offer to o ferto COVER IMAGE

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the first flight of Boeing’s mighty B-17. One of the best-known airworthy examples is the EAA’s B-17G 44-85740/ N5017N, Aluminum Overcast, photographed by MICHAEL O’LEARY.


June 2010 Vol 38 No 6 Issue No 446 (on sale April 30)


16 Meteor Lands in Sweden! In this month’s Hidden History, Jan Forsgren reveals the story behind Sweden’s use of the Gloster Meteor

22 Rare Colour Archive A superb colour photograph of de Havilland Sea Hornet F.20 TT202

24 The Fall of France Oliver Woodman outlines France’s fighter force during 1939–40 and why it fared so poorly against the Luftwaffe


63 The Vickers Warwick Barry Jones profiles the genesis, development and service career of the Wellington’s “big brother”. Includes scale drawings and artwork by Juanita Franzi and cutaway illustration by Mike Badrocke

32 California Curtiss Frank B. Mormillo reports from the USA on Frank Schelling’s stunning rebuild of a Curtiss JN-4H “Jenny”

38 Howard Levy 1922–2010 Our tribute to one of the great aviation photographers, who died in January

Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress


40 A Fort named 5 Grand Howard Carter traces the life — and ignominious end — of a “milestone” B-17




46 Aluminum Overcast Built too late to see combat, the EAA’s B-17G, Aluminum Overcast, was used post-war as everything but a bomber — Michael O’Leary relates its lengthy career

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56 The original Stratofortress? TWA operated Boeing Stratoliners after the war, but wanted a Fortress; enter the Boeing 299AB, as Marshall Wainwright explains

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In News

Dayton B-25 gathering Page 6

New Zealand Anson Page 8

Mosquito progress Page 9

Zero over Wanaka Page 10


6 News All the latest preservation news, compiled by Tony Harmsworth

30 Aircrew The DFS 230 attack glider pilot is this month’s crew role subject, with illustration by Ian Bott

37 Picture of the Month A pair of Buccaneers from 1960

60 Q&A Your questions asked, and answered

81 Book Reviews 83 Flyleaves 84 Reader Offer 85 Events

87 Flying Visit Former RAF fighter pilot and test pilot Keith Dennison on his aviation career

Twilight for VC10s Page 14

89 Moving On . . . Registration updates with Mike Hooks

91 Services, Next Month e stablished191 t ablihed191

established 1911

92 Readers’ Album Charley Feigel’s photographs from his time at Chicago’s Midway airport

94 Skywriters A selection of readers’ letters on a wide range of topics

98 Hairy Moment Our regular spot for your historic-aviation close calls

Aeroplane traces its lineage back to the weekly The Aeroplane, founded by the legendary C.G. Grey in 1911 and published until 1968. It was relaunched as a monthly magazine in 1973 by Richard T. Riding (Editor for 25 years until 1998)