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THURSDAY, 31st MARCH, 2011.

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Bossons Mill rebuild back in business

By Chris Young Flats at a Congleton mill where a huge renovation project came to a standstill three years ago could be on the market within a month.

Building work on Bossons Mill in Congleton has restarted thanks to a new buyer.

The mill has become one of the town’s biggest eyesores after years of standing empty, but is now being restored and turned into apartments by a London developer.

Kitewood Developments has already started work at the site off Mountbatten Way, and hopes the remaining redevelopment will take lace in three phases. The company has described the mill is an “iconic” building in the “perfect location” and that the imminent expansion of the neighbouring Bridestones centre was one reason it decided to buy the site.

Kitewood is currently working on the Little Mill, which was built but never completed over three years ago. The highend flats could be ready for buyers to move in by the summer.

Once that phase is completed, the company will shift attention to the original mill building, which has been a derelict shell for decades.

Plans to develop the site date back to 2001. Brook Mills Developments was given planning permission to convert the building into 60 flats. But it went into administration before work on Little Mill finished. The flats in that stage of the development had all been sold, and deposits had to be returned to buyers after the company’s collapse. Since 2008 the mill has been up for sale.

Mike Dolan, one of Kitewood’s directors, said with both the new flats and the work on the Bridestones centre, the town centre site would be completely transformed in the coming years.

He told the “Chronicle”: “We are in Little Mill as we speak putting the finishing touches on it. They should be finished soon and will go on the market when we sort a local agent. They will go on the market within the next month and we think they will be completed in the middle of June. We have had a lot of interest. There were a lot of people who had contracts with the original developer. They are looking to move in, and the way things have worked it will be at a lower price than they were first offered.

“We have been speaking to a hotelier about moving into the big mill, but if nothing happens with that then we will press on with building flats in there.”

The third stage of the development will be converting buildings behind the mill, the Howtey cottages, into flats.

Work at the neighbouring Bridestones centre will also begin this year, which will include a new supermarket, hotel, shops and market square.

Mr Dolan said: “That is one of the things that influenced us to look at the site. It will be very interesting to see what happens to the area, I think it will be fabulous.

“It really will improve the town, I think it will tie everything up. The mill is an iconic building in Congleton, and it deserves to be restored.”

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Phone giant tries again with another mast plan

Nice to eat you. Dinosaur fans Helen Banks (left) and Katie Clarkson got their teeth into some paleontology when this British T-Rex visited Marton and District Primary School on Tuesday. For another photo and the story, turn to the back page. (“Chronicle” photo. 1323a/11).

The Victoria Bed Company

Your Local Bed Specialist



PILLOWS AND LINEN The Victoria Bed Company Ltd.

Victoria Mill, Foundry Bank,

Congleton, CW12 1EE (Adjacent to Congleton Leisure Centre)

Tel: 01260 290068.

Residents are drawing up plans to fight the latest phone mast proposal for Congleton, just days after the applicant’s proposal for two other masts were cut off.

WFS Telecommunications now want to construct a 45ft mast on land at the junction of Biddulph Road and Boundary Lane.

Its proposals for two similar masts at Congleton Cricket Club and Rood Hill were thrown out by Cheshire East Council just over a week ago.

And while residents in those areas are celebrating, people who would be living in the shadow of the Biddulph Road mast, should it be approved, met at the Castle Inn on Tuesday evening to decide how they will fight the application.

Frank Dale lives on Congleton Edge Road, and has started handing out leaflets door to door to inform people of the application.

He fears that the masts could cause health problems and would be an eyesore on the boundary of Congleton and the greenbelt.

WFS will run the mast on behalf of O2 and Vodaphone, and it will have six aerials to provide 3G coverage for that area of the town.

Mr Dale said: “We will possibly look at getting a petition started and decide on how to approach local councillors.

“There will be this huge mast transmitting very close to houses. Anyone with young children who live near it must be worried sick.

“I know if you use a mobile phone you have radiation close to your head, but you have the choice to use it and switch it off. With a phone mast near your house you don’t have that.”

He also believes the mast will effect property prices in the area, adding: “If people can still remember the health worries of living near to electric pylons and the downgrading of house prices in the vicinity, then they should consider what potential purchasers might think of being in close proximity to a microwave transmitter with unknown long term damage to cellular tissue.” • —Turn to back page.


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