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The Middle East provides thousands of readers around the globe with expert commentary on the social, political and economic developments in the Arab world. Covering news, business and culture in the MENA region, The Middle East is an invaluable business tool.

With readers in over 100 countries the magazine reaches educated top business executives and government officials, and all those who want to gain a better understanding of the Arab world.

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The first trial issue features a report by Moin Siddiqi on the soaring prices of oil and gas, Pamela Ann Smith investigates the GCC currencies and the Euro and Mel Frykberg reports on a disturbing number of attacks by a gang of self-styled neo-Nazis in Israel.

The issue includes an investigation by Thomas Land into the drugs trade in the Middle East, Richard Seymour reports on the hurdles hampering Libya's rehabilitation and Larry Luxnar examines the impact of the Tunisian synagogues on tourism.

The second trial issue leads with Osama Bin Laden’s infamous ‘sorcerer’, Midhat Mursi Al Sayyid Umar, coming back from the dead renewing fears that jihadists are pursuing chemical, biological and radiological weapons.

The issue also features an interview with Nashirwan Mustafa about the need for reform in the Kurdish government, Mel Frykberg sends an exclusive report from Gaza and John Dagge reports from Damascus on the sanctions imposed by the US on Syria.

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