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- Is it really a hot stock pick? ... Thematic Investment: Ride the waves like a pro
- The Golden Opportunity being created for you out of European Uncertainty
- Mad about swing trading: putting theories into practise
- Nine ways to reduce fear & procrastination when placing trades
- Don't let your family undermine your grit
- The Kiwi's hidden order

YourTradingEdge UK is the definitive bi-monthly magazine for traders and active investors in Spread Betting, CFDs, Stocks, Options, Futures, Forex and Commodities.

YTE UK is not a tipster magazine, rather each issue contains educational and timeless information on trading strategies and techniques for beginner, intermediate and advanced traders. YTE UK is the only magazine you will need to educate yourself about trading for profit, wealth and financial freedom through the financial markets.

Regular features include technical analysis, fundamental commentary, market strategies, trading techniques, global market news, trader profiles, book and software reviews.

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