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Latest issue: In the April issue of Prospect: Peter Kellner and David Willetts discuss the future of welfare - we can balance the books but not by targeting scroungers and immigrants - instead, we'll all have to work 'til we're 70; we announce the winner of our World Thinkers 2015 poll; Marc Weller makes the case for intervention - sometimes, he says, war is the best option; James Harkin reports from Iraq on the Yazidis, who say the world has abandoned them; Vernon Bogdanor, Gisela Stuart and Michael Pinto-Duschinsky ask how we should fund our political parties; Nigel Farage speaks to Prospect about racism, inequality and Ukip's manifesto; Philip Ball reports on a breakthrough in the fight against antibiotic-resistant bacteria; the President of Malta tells us what she would do if she ruled the world; and more of the finest writing on politics, economics and culture.

Prospect has acquired a reputation as the most intelligent magazine of current affairs and cultural debate in Britain. Both challenging and entertaining, the magazine seeks to make complex ideas accessible and enjoyable by commissioning the best writers, editing them vigorously and packaging their work in a well designed and illustrated monthly.

In the September 2014 trial issue of Prospect read Andrew Marr's account of power in Britain, Ukip's "blue collar" manifesto, the world's weirdest chef, Haruki Marukami's Japan, why the German economic model isn't working and the winners of the Think Tank of the Year Awards.

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