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the things and decided it was far better to share the clicking, clanking fun of them with audiences rather than have them just moldering in the loft.’ For more details you can call the museum on 0131 529 4142.

The Name Game What do these people have in common? E Hay Pluke; T Trefor Parry; G Thackray Eddy; E Gordon Rupp; E Augustus Pitt; O Prys Davies; A Derryck Moon; C Ewart Hackshaw; H Ormonde McConnell; J Morritt Mayall Answer below

‘Don’t let the burnt meatloaf be a metaphor for our marriage, Ed’

Poop-poop! Here at Oldie Towers we resent it when younger folk imply that driving skills plummet with age, but even we had to smile at the tale of 77-year-old Marlies Schiller.

The German motorist had visited a car showroom to test-drive a new model. Once behind the wheel she shot backwards and forwards across the Volkswagen garage in Apolda, Germany, writing off five brand new cars. Her demolition derby came to an end when she smashed through a display window and hit a parked car outside. The damage came to £150,000. ‘The coffee machine seems to be the only thing she missed,’ said a police spokesman.

Jonathan Cecil Jonathan Cecil, who has died at the age of 72, is best remembered as an actor specialising in silly asses of the upper-class variety. He was also an occasional contributor to The Oldie, submitting handwritten reminiscences of life on the boards.

He bore a striking resemblance to his father, Lord David Cecil, whom he accompanied on a visit to Somerset Maugham (see Oldie issue 264). Admirers of Dad’s Army may remember Jonathan’s cameo role as Captain Cadbury, an ineffectual army dog handler whose charges run amok; but although Jonathan was invariably typecast as a chinless wonder of the old school, he was, in real life, a hard-working professional actor who had worked his way up through provincial rep to the West End. A convivial cove, it was always a relief to spot his Wodehousian features at an overcrowded literary party.

Next up: the royals Sexpert and former editrice of the Erotic Review, Rowan Pelling, has recently turned her hand to another subject dear to the people, viz the royal family. Ms Pelling is the scribe behind Debrett’s lavishly illustrated celebration of William and Kate’s nuptials A Modern Royal Wedding (Simon & Schuster £25. Foreword: Julian Fellowes, Oldie Top Chump, January 2011).


Review of Books

R E V I E W O F T H E R E V I E W S Review of Books




OVER 50 OF THE BEST BOOKS COVERED INCLUDING A N Wilson Janine di Giovanni Alan Bennett Alistair Darling Martin Sixsmith Jennifer Egan Robert Hughes Rachel CampbellJohnston Chris Mullin Judy Golding Evelyn Juers Virginia Nicholson

Iain Sinclair Emma Rothschild Kingsley Amis Asa Briggs Kate Colquhoun Graham Swift Jenni Murray Leo McKinstry …and many more

The lure of war: Patrick Mercer on the literature of conflict A dog’s life: the best dog books Francis King remembered Murder and mayhem

A R O U N D - U P O F R E V I E W S • N O T J U S T T H E B E S T S E L L E R S



OF BOOKS 32-page pull-out guide to the best (or most talked-about) books of the quarter December issue on sale Friday 18th November

Seeing is believing… Advertisement for Wind Mobile spotted in Perugia by Dr Andrew Pembroke.

£25 paid for entries

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Name Game : all Methodist ministers in 1962

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