Total Flyfisher - May 2010

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0202 Leader The Same As Rod Length

B y wading up to his thighs and casting parallel to the bank, Paul can fish his lures through the shallow water.

Thread your line up through the rod. Tie your leader, still attached to the spool, to your braided loop.

With the leader spool down at the rod butt, when the braided loop hits the tip ring that’s a rod length.

shoreline, try to extend what you see on and into the water. If you see a very steep bank then the odds are that the water in front of it is going to be deep. That’s great in the summer months when the water temperature is high, but just now, forget it.

Nearby islands that are reachable, are great targets, because it’s very likely that there is shallow water that runs between them. This is a prime area when it comes to holding trout.

They also like drop-offs; areas where the lake bed drops away into deeper water. With the water temperature so cold they will sit on these drop-offs because they give them the best of both worlds. They will happily feed in the relatively shallow water, knowing that they can head into the deeper water if there’s any kind of threat to their safety.

Other things to look out for are old weed beds. These are host to many aquatic insects and trout will often patrol them, picking off all manner of goodies. Weed tends to be more prolific in shallow areas; find it and you’re covering the right water. It’s not difficult to find; cast out a weighted pattern, let it get right down to the bottom, retrieve it and see what’s on the hook. If you’ve managed to get dark, rotted weed then you’re in the zone.

Finding The Fish It’s cold, really cold, and I’m not looking forward to wading, so I’m not going to. I’m pretty confident that by casting into the relatively shallow water around the reservoir’s edge I will catch fish.

Talking with Thornton Fishery manager Ifor Jones, he assures me that if I just head over to the bank opposite the lodge, the Thornton Bank, and get a decent length of line out and stick at it, I’ll be rewarded for my efforts.

The fish are tight to the margins so bank space, as you can see, is at a premium!

I’m pretty confident that by casting into the relatively shallow water around the reservoir’s edge I will catch fish.

I head over and get set up. I’m using a 10ft 7-wt and a floating line to start off. Attached to this is a leader that’s about the same length as my rod and a bright, some would say shocking,

Pink Nomad. I’m using this because I know that the fishery has been open for a week and I’d imagine that all the usual suspects – Blobs, Cat’s Whiskers, Black and Green Tadpoles and, of course,