Practical Caravan - November 2011

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Stealth Caravans is launching a new range at the NEC show. MD Alex Murphy says the Concordia, with its GRP sidewalls and Alde heating, will redefine what’s possible with a tourer

Bailey has made a late specification change to its Olympus II range. All vans now get the Al-Ko ATC anti-snaking system. This news reached us after our review on page 68 had gone to press


Sprite 2012 vans to launch at NEC show

YOU READ IT here first. The seven-model entry-level range will be comprehensively updated for this season, with new aerodynamic bodyshells featuring design cues from the new Sterling Eccles Sport and Swift Challenger Sport.

Inside, facelifted interiors will boast new cabinetry, soft furnishings, 112-litre fridges and granite-look sinks. Three models see floor plan changes. Major 4 and Major 6 get new layouts, and there’s a new rear configuration for Musketeer EB. NEC show visitors will be able to see the new Alpine 2, Alpine 4 and Musketeer TD. The new models will arrive from December. Weights and prices start at 1150kg and £11,500.

Pastures of plenty at club’s 1500th CS

THE CAMPING AND Caravanning Club’s Dyfed Shire Horse Farm CS in Pembrokeshire is its 1500th on the network. Facilities include toilets, showers, a farm trail, a shop and a café. To book a pitch, call 01239 891 107 or visit

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Caravan crossword Letters in the coloured squares, when unravelled, spell out a word or term familiar to caravanners. Write the words under the grid










11 12















ACROSS 1 Capital of Thailand (7) 8 Small four-string guitar (7) 9 Historic warship with three or more masts (7) 10 Harvests (7) 11 Friendly Islands (5) 13 Jack or a queen, for instance (5,4) 15 Dovetail (9) 18 Idiosyncrasy (5) 21 Please (archaic) (7) 22 Almost overflowing (7) 23 American victory, June 1945 (7) 24 Light vehicle used in recreational racing (2,5)

DOWN 1 Dogmatist (5) 2 Synthetic fibre (5) 3 Stay calm (4,1,4,4) 4 Chinese martial art (4,2) 5 Make hurtful remark causing deep distress (3,2,3,5) 6 Taxonomic groups (6) 7 Well-informed (6) 12 Bhindi or lady’s finger (4) 14 Buck (4) 15 River horses, from the Greek

(abbr) (6) 16 Dried grape (6) 17 Chilled sack applied to swellings, etc (3,3) 19 Read between the lines (5) 20 Extinguishes (5)


October solution ACROSS 1 Dubrovnik 8 Hero 9 Eglantine 10 Plan 13 Trite 15 Two-way 16 Enjoin 17 Lie-ins 19 Bolero 20 Today 21 Wont 24 Vivacious 25 Bite 26 Sly as a fox. DOWN 2 Urge 3 Read 4 Votary 5 Ignite 6 Bell tower 7 Go on and on 11 At a low ebb 12 Cover note 13 Taint 14 Envoy 18 Social 19 Banana 22 Diva 23 Juno. HIDDEN WORD SHOWER TRAY | NOVEMBER 2011 | 11