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Waco UBF-2 data

Powerplant: 1 x 220 h.p. Continental R-670-6A air-cooled radial engine

Dimensions Wing span



29ft 7in

20ft 6in

8ft 9in

Weights Empty




Performance Maximum speed 132 m.p.h. Cruising speed 116 m.p.h. Landing speed 42 m.p.h. Rate of climb 1,500ft/min Service ceiling 16,000ftfran k b

il lo ph oto g r a phs

. m o r m


NC13071 on the ramp near the Woods Aviation hangars at Gnoss Field. Chris has moved to

Prescott, Arizona, since these pictures were taken, and ’071

is now based there.

ABOVE Scott Woods flying NC13071. The aircraft followed in its sibling’s slipstream by winning the same Best Antique award at Reno in 2004.

left The pristine cockpits of NC13071; the aircraft is flown from the rear seat, with the front cockpit accommodating up to two passengers. a family flet Frank Mormillo took the air-toair photographs for this feature from Chris Woods’s Cessna 185 Skywagon. For more information on the family’s aircraft collection and restoration activities, visit their website at

least another 70 years.”

A film director and fixed-base operator (FBO) owner, Chris Woods, 52, has logged 4,000 flying hours to date, including about 700hr in Waco biplanes, 250hr in Supermarine Spitfires and about 100hr in P-51 Mustangs. Scott Woods, 37, is in the real-estate business in California; he has logged more than 500 flying hours to date, about 200hr being in Waco biplanes.

An enjoyable challenge The UBF-2s have a fuel capacity of 40 US gal and burn about 12 US gal/hr at cruising speed. Chris Woods reports that the UBF-2 is a high-performance aeroplane compared with most other biplanes, and has no lack of power. It is very forgiving and docile in a stall, tending to recover on its own rather than go out of control.

At normal speeds the UBF-2 is light and responsive on the controls, with great aileron and rudder authority. The high-lift wing loads up at cruising speed to provide a good roll rate. However, being a stout, short-coupled biplane with a high-lift wing and a tailwheel post forward of the rudder, the UBF-2 can be a handful in crosswind landings. “It’s challenging,” says Chris, “but once you get used to it there really isn’t a problem.”

AEROPLANE june 2009 The Photographic Archive

Photographic Archive The Photographic Archive The Photographic Archive

Picture of the Month

THOMAS LOVEGROVE selects this month’s picture for readers to acquire from Aeroplane’s huge archive of original glass-plate negatives

AS FEATURED ON pages 26–27 of this issue, 2009 sees the 100th anniversary of British naval aviation, hence this month’s nautical selection. The Grumman G-36A was the fi rst of the Wildcat variants to be adopted for service by the Fleet Air Arm, and was named the Martlet Mk I in FAA service. Built to meet a French requirement, the entire G-36A order was diverted to the Admiralty after the fall of France, the type featuring non-folding wings, four 0·50in machine-guns and a 1,200 h.p. Wright Cyclone radial engine.

This example, AL257, was issued to 804 Sqn, the FAA’s fi rst Martlet unit, which replaced its obsolete Sea Gladiators with the new fi ghter from October 1940. In March 1941 AL257 went to 787 Sqn, the Fleet Fighter Development Unit at Yeovilton, and remained in use at the Somerset base until May 1943, latterly operating with the FAA’s Advanced Flying School.

To order your own copy of this superb portrait of a classic Second World War naval fi ghter in British service, simply fi ll in and return the adjacent coupon.


AEROPLANE PHOTOGRAPHIC ARCHIVE ORDER Send to: Picture of the Month (June 2009), Aeroplane Photographic Archive, Blue Fin Building, 110 Southwark St, London SE1 0SU. Offer closes: June 30, 2009

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