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14 Aesthetica contents


22 Non-Conformist Soviet Art from the 1980s Glasnost looks at how artists challenged the social and political in the 1980s.

26 Art Beyond the White Walls Marina Abramović’s first major retrospective of her groundbreaking performance art.


Subverted Dark Narratives


30 Popular Culture & the Aesthetic Discourse Stuart Semple is known for his wry social commentary through his colour injected works.

34 Photography & the Pervasive Influence The world’s largest festival of photography explores the way we communicate.

38 Subverted Dark Narratives in Dogtooth Greek director, Yorgos Lanthimos’ aggressively provocative film.

42 Artists’ Films Take on Mainstream Cinema Visual artists screen in UK cinemas in subversive and playful ways.

44 Can a Soundtrack Take a Band to the Top? Film soundtracks can have a massive impact on the direction and careers of those involved in them.

56 Musical Journeys: From Pop to OperaFeatures


Soundtracks Taking Bands to the Top?


Artists’ Films Take on the Cinema

The Postmarks

46 The Postmarks An Exploration of Cinematic Narratives

48 Lessons on How to Tame Your Inner Lion Justine Kilkerr presents a case study on coping with mental illness.

56 Musical Journeys: from Pop to Opera Rufus Wainwright’s first opera Prima Donna moves to London to begin its international tour.Regulars15News2010toSee50Newbooks:TheTheoryofLightandMatter53AuthorQ&A:AndrewPorter59LiveonStage63Listings65Subscribe66Inconversationwith:TomTrevorReviews55Books47Music


How to Tame Your Inner Lion

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