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African Business February 2010

12 Cover Story Back to the Motherland

30 Mining Report Demand restarts investment

Editorial 11

Stiglitz on moral depravity

Cover story Back to the Motherland 12

Africa’s diaspora professionals return home 18

Passion is the key

Cityview 20

Africa’s business climate improving

Energy 22

South Africa’s electric roundabout

Management 26

Africa’s top business schools thriving

Special Report Mining 30

Asian demand restarts investment scramble 34

South Africa’s mine nationalisation jitters

22 Energy S Africa’s electric roundabout


Mali’s golden touch 42

Copper boosts Zambia growth rates 44

Uranium set to soar

2010 World Cup Watch 46

Heed Mr Micawber’s dictum

Agriculture 51

Malawi’s maize miracle

Spotlight 52

Lake Kivu a solution – not a threat

Health 54

Nigeria: world-quality healthcare

Country Files 56

S Africa: Inflation targeting hammered 58

Nigeria: Manufacturers under the cosh 60

Uganda: Tullow, ENI lock horns over oil

Reviews Books/Music 64

EngineeringisDevelopment 66

Tuareg blues