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Ancient Egypt

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Ancient Egypt is a magazine researched and written by experts in the field of Egyptology. Its lively and informed style appeals to the many thousands of ordinary people fascinated by this early civilisation. With reviews of international exhibitions, visits to museums at home and abroad, educational material, book reviews, features and an introduction to hieroglyphs, every issue of Ancient Egypt appeals to both the committed student and those who are new to the subject.

The trial issue contains the latest new from the Egyptian correspondent Ayman Wahby Taher on page 9. Michael Zimmerman also explores the shift from morbid curiosity to a more scientific approach to mummies in the article entitled The Paleopathology of Egyptian Mummies. articles in which Charlotte Booth meets The Boy King, Robert Partridge (the Editor of Ancient Egypt) considers the Exhibition in London, ‘Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs’ and Stephanie Roberts tells the story of the real Cleopatra’s Needle.

Regular features include Readers’ Letters, and an Events Diary.

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All subscribers will gain access to all 51 issues:

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