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Nearly the entire issue focuses on today’s writers from Sudan, who in recent years have been crowding onto the Arab literary scene. However, apart from the great Sudanese author Tayeb Saleh, well known for his classic novel “Season of Migration to the North”, there have been few translations into English. Banipal 55 showcases these new waves of exciting writers, including Hammour Ziada, Ahmad Al Malik, Hamed El-Nazir, Emad Blake, Najlaa Osman Eltom, Mansour El Souwaim, Stella Gaitano, Mohammad Jamil Ahmad and Rania Mamoun, Tarek Eltayeb, Abdel Ghani Karamallah, Abdelaziz Baraka Sakin, Amir Tag Elsir and others.

Banipal magazine is the ever-open window on today’s Arab literary scene. Since 1998, its three issues a year have brought Arab writers into the global arena through English translations of a wealth of fiction, poetry and interviews by established and emerging Arab authors and poets, most for the first time. Each issue also contains book reviews and often features Guest Literature from a non-Arab country.

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