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Blues Matters! represents every aspect of the Blues with all the seriousness, humour, depth, belief, and enthusiasm it deserves. By doing so, we bring together the music, artists, publications, creators, industry, and fans, who enjoy, and therefore help sustain, the Blues for further generations.

Each issue offers a refreshing blend of information, fact, honesty, and humour. Blues Matters! brings a wide-range of topics to our readers with exciting and diverse content.

The trial issue features interviews with Jeremy Spencer, Robin Trower, Blues 'N' Trouble, Ron Sayer, Wilson T. King, The Mentulls and many others. It also includes the Blue Blood section with information about new and upcoming bands.

Regular features include the latest news from the Blues World;   CD, Book and DVD reviews; a guide to the best  Festivals and  Gigs around the country.

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WINNER of The Blues Foundation 2007 'Keeping The Blues Alive Award' - Print Media

Blues Matters aims to bigger and better heights for the Blues industry across the world.

We have a wide range of Blues fans all over the world ranging from home (UK) To the likes of the USA, Canada, France, Spain, Germany, Israel, Russia, Africa, Australia and many more! Blues Matters offers you/your Band the sort of exposure largely unavailable elsewhere, allowing you to reach Blues fans internationally through our extensive distribution coverage, worldwide subscribers base and popular Blues Website.

*NOTE* - We will continue to produce a physical copy, which will be available to order online and purchase in-store across the world. So why not Subscribe with us?.

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