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Mum-to-be is jailed

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Book ful of beans

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Cars make way for shoppers in £10m town plan

By Chris Young Pedestrians will be given priority over cars in Congleton town centre in a plan commissioned by the town council.

The junction of Bridge Street, Market Street and High Street would

An artist’s impression of how the junction of Market Street, Bridge Street and High Street would look when it becomes “Festival Square.”


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become a festival square a public realm strategy released by urban planners e*Scape reveals.

Other features would be 21 art works dotted around the town; pictures projected onto a Rood Hill wall; turning Mountbatten Way into a tree-lined boulevard; a riverside walk, six public squares and large, flowershaped streetlights.

The £10m project would take at least a decade to implement, funded by grants and contributions from developers.

Details are being discussed for the first time by Congleton Town Council’s amenities and services committee tonight (Thursday).

The strategy splits the town into 12 “key projects” with Mountbatten Way, Rood Hill and Bridge Street being highest priority.

In Festival Square there would be a tree planted opposite B&M Bargains and two flower-shaped streetlights at the entrance to the pedestrian area. What is currently a busy road would become a “primarily pedestrian priority surface with street trees, planting beds and information totems”.

In its report, e*Scape states that Congleton had a compact town centre but poor pedestrian crossings and narrow pavements so people resorted to cars to get around. Mountbatten Way was the biggest barrier to making Congleton a “walkable town centre”. A £2,600,000 scheme could turn it into a boulevard with five crossing points, a row of trees in the centre and one either side of the road.

The wall at the junction of Rood Hill and the Clayton By-Pass would be used as a screen on which art or advertisements for local events would be projected. That project would cost £430,000.

A refurbishment of High Street would cost £1,250,000 and would involve a square in front of the town hall where events could be staged. • —Turn to back page.

Can’t promise a no-fly zone, villagers are told

Residents of a village near Congleton that is plagued by flies swarmed to Brereton Parish Council’s meeting on Monday to vent their frustration.

it up but you’re saying they are not supposed to do that. There is a lack of communication big style.

• —Turn to back page.

Festive fun in Congleton will start next Friday (25th November) when Santa’s little helper Ruby Parr will be switching on the Christmas lights with the man in red himself. He made an early visit to Congleton on Monday when he met Ruby and her mum Alison. For more details turn to page 28. (“Chronicle” photo. 4621/11).

Cheshire East Council environmental health officers explained how the situation could be improved and Cabinet member with responsibility for safer and stronger communities Coun Rachel Bailey answered questions.

An infestation last month was thought to have come from uncovered manure after a spreading machine had broken down at a farm, but officers could not confirm that was the cause — and admitted they could not guarantee there would not be another fly plague.

A councillor reminded residents that they were living near swamp land, ideal for breeding flies.

Council officers said they had advised farmers of steps to prevent another infestation, such as improved control by using insecticide prior to disposal of manure, preventing the disposal of infected manure and covering stockpiles.

The officers also said there was a code of practice for farmers but it was not enforceable.

Marietta Richardson, of Brereton Heath Lane, said: “It really is dire. You can’t live your life ordinarily. We are not dealing with ordinary farming practices. We want action and we want it to be stopped.

“The Environment Agency say they can stockpile on land and they needn’t bother covering


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