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6 The Chronicle, Thursday, 18th August, 2011.



A seasonal entry of lambs last week with just under 1,000

enned leading to a reduction in market price. No such reduction in demand for butchers cattle or arren cows with a strong entry of dairy cattle and a herd dispersal sale resulting in 135 animals assing through the dairy section. Calves were fewer in number and a strong trade with ewes showing a sharp increase in turnover and maintaining a very strong demand.

CLEAN CATTLE (18): once again insufficient supply for demand seeing medium steers to 149.5p for a commercial Angus with prime Montbeliardes to 153p. Heifers, lightweight, to 157p for a prime Limousin with medium heifers to 175p for a rime Limousin. Heavy heifers topped 174p twice, both Belgians, with Limousins to 172p and Charolais to 164p. Young bulls to 145p for heavyweights. Top price steer £948.60; heifer £1,035.30; ull £812. Quality prices, steers:

rime 153p; commercial 149.5p; heifers: prime 175p (172p); commercial 157p (156p); young bulls:

rime 145p (144p); commercial 137p (132p).

OVER 30-MONTH STOCK (50): strong continentals to 140p for a Brahman with Limousins to 137p. Best Friesian cows to 137p with Angus to 134p. Average for grade one cows 131p. Grade two cows to 117.5p (104p); grade three to 92p (84p). Overage clean to 139p for a Simmental steer with Friesian heifers to 137.5p. Top price of the day £1,113.75p (£725 / 113.3p).

DAIRIES (135): another full shed of dairies with 61 commercials forward, together with the special entry of 78 from

Messrs Warrington, of Bradnop, met another solid trade which saw a top price of £1,950 and the entire commercial entry (average £1 short of £1,500). Top call went to first time vendor Mr Peter Kenny, of Swynnerton, for an Excalibur daughter. Sold giving over 30kg she went to Mr D Swinson, of Rushton Spencer. Two others reached £1,900 both from Stephen Robinson, of Louth, Lincolnshire; they also went to Messrs Swinson. Plenty of heifers between £1,600 / £1,900. Prices: Q1 heifers to £1,950 (£1,843); Q2 heifers to £1,750 (£1,580); Q2 cows to £1,490 (£1,474).

STORE CATTLE (3): Blue heifers (18 months) to £552 with 26-month Belgian steers to £818 and Friesians to £740.

BUTCHERS’LAMBS (975): lightweight lambs to 175p (120p). Standardweights to 188p and 186p (166p). Medium lambs to 192p (167p). Heavy lambs to 179p (160p). Top price lambs £88.78. Quality prices: premium 192p (188p); prime 180p (166p); commercial 149p (145p).

EWES AND STORE SHEEP (241): probably the strongest section of the day seeing killers to £145 with others to £126 (£70.50). Rams to £75 apiece.

CALVES (138): fewer about but a sharper trade seeing Piedmontese bulls to £332 and £325. Simmentals to £320, (£265 for nine). Blues to £305, (£259, 11). Limousins £290 (£202, 19). Charolais to £272. Angus £220 (£184 for seven). Friesians to £175 (£89).

Heifers hit £236 for Blues with others at £232 (£215). Simmentals to £232 (£191, 13). Limousins to £230 (£193 for 12). Angus to £162 (£103). Herefords to £114.


The only Livestock Market in Staffordshire


Selling times as follows:

Calves (Piedmontese Bulls £332) .......................................................... 9.30 a.m. Tested Barren Cattle (139p/kg.) ............................................................. 9.30 a.m. Clean Cattle (174p/kg.) ........................................................................ 10.30 a.m. Butchers’ Lambs followed by Ewes (Lambs 192p/kg., Ewes £145) ............................................................. 11.00 a.m. Dairy (Heifer £1,950) ........................................................................... 11.00 a.m. Stores (Belgian Steers £818)................................................................ 11.30 a.m.




Store and Suckler Cattle Sale to Commence at 10 a.m.

Catalogued Sale of 550 Mainly Continental Bred Suckler Cows, Some with Calves at Foot,

Young Bulls and Store Cattle


Special Entry of Part Herd Dispersal of Suckler Cows & Calves

From a Local Farmer Next Sale - 17th September 2011 Entries Close - 9th September 2011



Store Sheep Sale Sale to Commence at 10.30 a.m. Catalogued Sale of Store Lambs, Shearlings, Ewe Lambs and Ewes

Entries Now Invited Entries Close - 2nd September 2011


SATURDAY 20th AUGUST 2011 Sale To Commence at 9.30 a.m. Usual Sale of Poultry, Caged Birds, Small Stock, Eggs G. L. Watkins - 07976 370894. B. Daniel - 07768 368686 Mark Elliott - 07973 673092. Meg Elliott - 07967 007049 C6511h

Buzz of excitement as winner entered the ring

The Texel champion, which sold for 4,100gns. Quality prices were paid for quality sheep at the Elite sale of Texel rams and females held at Chelford on Saturday, on behalf of the North West Texel Breeders Club.

As the sale title implies, the event is intended for higher quality sheep, and drew a large number of customers looking for quality.

While prices paid for the top end were excellent throughout, there was little demand for any lower quality sheep put forward.

The leading price of 4,100gns was paid for a shearling gimmer from the Tophill flock of the club’s chairman, David Houghton. This embryo-born Mellor Vale Patriot daughter, out of a homebred ewe by Ettrick Mighty Mouse, had been placed champion in the pre-sale show by judge Jeff Aiken, and attracted a lot of interest from breeders throughout the country.

junior breeder making his way in the breed from Ashbourne, Derbyshire, saw his Kingsland Royal Duty, a Knock Powerpacker-sired shearling ram out of a ewe by Garngour Nijinsky made 1,050gns to Messrs Hadfield, of Buxton, Derbyshire.

Society president Gordon Gray and his son David, who always support the Chelford sales put forward another good pen of ram lambs, as well as a pen of shearling gimmers, which topped at 1,100gns.

Best of their ram lambs, an Ettrick Rainbow Warrior son out of a Clynnog Joe Tex-sired ewe, made 850gns to D Clamp, of Newhall, Derbyshire, with a Knock Reebok son out of a Castlecairn Kung Foo Fighter made 800gns to Haslington-based producer Ian Booth.

When she entered the ring, there was a buzz of excitement and plenty of activity around the ringside until the hammer eventually fell at 4,100gns, the winner being Messrs Wilson, of Appleby, Cumbria.

Standing second in the gimmer class, and placed reserve champion overall was a gimmer from another stalwart of the North West Breeders Club’s Sales, Messrs Boden and Davies. This Baltier Panther daughter out of a ewe by Glenside Legacy made 2,500gns to S Lewis, Llandysul, Caernarfon.

Two further gimmers in Mr Houghton’s pen made in excess of 2,000gns. At 2,100gns was a Knock Orion daughter, out of a Straidarran Maverick ewe, being bought by Jeff Aiken for Proctors Farms, while at 2,000gns another Mellor Vale Patriot daughter, again out of an Ettrick Mighty Mouse Ewe, made 2,000gns to D and J Chambers, of Northamptonshire.

Leading the shearling rams, in both the sale ring and at sale time, was Frank Rushton, from Matlock. His Fresh Fields Perfection sired ram, out of a ewe by Fresh Fields No Limits stood first in the shearling ram class, and sold for 1,500gns to Messrs Bradley Farmer, of Petersfield, Hampshire.

Second behind him in the show, and at 1,250gns, was Angela Nairey’s Meinspride Royal Flush, by Glenside King out of a Tophill Joe sired Ewe, it went home to Poulton-le-Flyde, Lancashire with M P Swarbrick.

Young Michael Turner, a

Finally, a small selection of ewe lambs was headed by a Garngour Nobleman daughter out of a Tophill Knockout Ewe from the Scholars Flock of William McCaffrey, of Malpas. This lamb had stood first in the show, and sold for 700gns to John and Sarah Williams, of Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire.

Averages: 18 shearling rams £715.80; 53 ram lambs £495.80; 61 shearling gimmers £759.57; seven ewe lambs £407.75.

● The market also held a successful annual show and sale of Charollais rams, on behalf of the Charollais Sheep Society.

The new format of holding this event on the same day as the Texel Elite show and sale proved successful, with a large number of commercial producers interested in buying rams of each breed in attendance.

The first prize shearling and champion ram Parkgate Jack was shown by Messrs JA and R Geldard and Sons, of Gilpin Bridge, Cumbria, which sold for 750gns to Messrs L Hadfield and Sons, of Peak Forest, Derbyshire. Messrs Geldard’s shearling rams averaged £796.25p. Charles Marwood’s run of six shearling rams sold to 740gns to average £654.50.

The day’s top price of 900gns went to the first prize ram lamb and reserve champion shown by local vendor Geoff Biddulph and was purchased by R J Tindall, of Wetherby, North Yorkshire. Mr Biddulph’s six ram lambs averaged £494.17.

Averages: shearling rams £604.94; ram lambs £381.35.

(Submitted photograph).

Latest plans received by Cheshire East Council

Cheshire East Council has received the following planning applications:

Alsager: Alsager Dental Practice, 42, Crewe Road, proposed alterations to vacant front shop unit including change of use to class D1 to provide additional accommodation accessed from the existing dental surgery, also proposed new signage to replace existing redundant shop front sign and to locate the side entrance; Neil Brown / Laura Evans, 129 and 129a, Lawton Road, erect pitched roof over existing flat roof to form attic bedroom at 129a Lawton Road; Ruth Horsley, 12, Dart Close, alterations and extension above existing singlestorey attached garage and sitting room.

(3 one bedroom flats) plus a second floor rear extension; Mr H Hamriding, Bramley, St Mary’s Drive, Whitegate, CW8 2EZ, fo land at Third Avenue, Radnor Par Trading Estate, variation of condition three on planning permission 10/3361c; S Isherwood, Marlfield County Primary School, Waggs Road, side entrance and ramp.

Holmes Chapel: Hugh Burgess, 6, Balmoral Drive, single-storey side extensions; Maria Mallaband Care Group, Westcourt, Gelderd Road, Leeds, LS12 6DB, for 1-3, Chester Road, boundary wall 1825mm in height constructed using brickwork red in colour with brick on end copings, and cast stone copings to piers with powder coated metal railings, black in colour.

Holmes Chapel: 96/96a, London Road, crown lifting of tree by six metres; Mr and Mrs J Snell, 73, Macclesfield Road, single-storey rear extension to replace existing garage and conservatory; Mr Dix, 11, Hillcrest Avenue, demolition of existing extension and construction of new ground floor extension, conversion of loft space into habitable rooms; Stuart Hawkins, 51, Sandiford Road, single-storey extension.

Middlewich: Mr S Devaney, 4, Warren Close, single-storey rear extension; Muller Property Group, land south west of The Green, outline application for 68 residential dwellings over 2.25 hectares, access from the green with some matters reserved.

Rural: Andrew Turner, Bell Farm, Shellow Lane, North Rode, extensions to existing house; Julia Proctor Smith, 2, Mount Pleasant Road, Scholar Green, removal of two bungalows both owned by the applicant, replacement two new build detached houses with improvement to existing vehicular accesses and provision of on-site turning area; Martin Sheard, Gorse Cottage, Gorse Lane, Astbury, proposed rear extension (amendment to application 09/2241c); Mr and Mrs P Evans, 4, Whitehall Row, White Hall Lane, Warmingham, demolish existing garage and build two-storey extension to side of house — amended application following approval 10/3256n; Mr A Meredith, Allum Brook Farm, London Road, Brereton, prior notification of milking parlour/ dairy; Mr P Critchlow, 1, Ivy Cottages, Brook Lane, Brownlow, detached double garage (retrospective); Rowland Homes, land at Havannah Lane and Macclesfield Road, Eaton, pole mounted 4m x 3m direction V-board.

Sandbach: Ati Mirza, 11, High Street, new fascia sign onto existing plywood sign and double sided projecting box sign; The Sandpiper, 62, The Hill, 1,200-wide hardwood external staircase from the yard at the rear of the licensed premises with a new timber 850x1600 exit gate faced one side to match existing fence to give access to Booth Avenue (retrospective).

Decisions Cheshire East Council has settled the following planning applications:

Refused Rural: Mr and Mrs D Townsend, Rose Cottage, Sandy Lane, Cranage, detached annexe.

Sandbach: Mr S F Murphy, Sandbach Mill, Mill Hill Lane, alterations to mill roof and upper floor plan. Approved with conditions

Alsager: Wardens and PCC St Mary Magdalene, Crewe Road, replacement of stolen lead roofing on chancel with terne-coated stainless steel.

Congleton: John Martin, Synergy AV 12a, West Street, alterations to form a new entrance door and new windows in existing openings; Mr A Latham, 83, Ennerdale Drive, rear single-storey extension; Mr C Garner, 222, Padgbury Lane, change of use from A4 (drinking establishment to C3 residential

Middlewich: Mr Miller, 10a, Coppice Drive, single-storey rea extension to form kitchen/dining area.

Rural: Mr and Mrs R Gilbert 48, Shelburne Drive, Haslington, first floor extension above existing garage and kitchen to form two bedrooms; Mr A Chamberlain, Chesworth Farm, Pillar Box Lane, Bradwall, enlargement of existing window; Mr A Levin, Terra Nova School, Macclesfield Road, Twemlow Green, provision of a quality wooden building with a 16m x 5m footprint for sports activities adjacent to existing hard court and cricket pavilion all screened by existing features; M J Clowes, Deans Farm, Congleton Road, Gawsworth, for land of Knutsford Road, Chelford, dwelling; Mr J Lockett, Broomfield House, Trap Road, Somerford Booths, for Clonterbrook Music Room, Trap Road, Swettenham, external canopy and visitors entrance; Mr M Fox, Brookside, Colshaw Lane, Siddington, new house adjacent to Barnshaw Lodge, Goostrey Lane, Twemlow, construction of an attached garage to new house adjacent to Barnshaw Lodge; Mr Smethurst, 11, The Dingle, Haslington, listed building consent to erect single-storey rea extension garden room with mino internal alterations including tanking of existing cellar; Mr Smith, The Barn, Brook Farm, Newcastle Road, Betchton, new external windows and doors.

Sandbach: Barbara Parkin, 85, Palmer Road, two-storey side extension and rear single-storey extension; Jonathan Bolshaw, Bolshaw Industrial Powders, Harrop House, Macclesfield Road, Rainow, Macclesfield, fo Saxon Cross Motel, Holmes Chapel Road, demolition of existing hotel on the site, change o use from a category C1 development to a mixed use of category B1 and B8, construction of a single-storey office building and warehouse building, new hard landscaping associated with the proposed development, including relocation of vehicular access; M G Fisher, 48, Abbey Road, take down existing off-shot to rea of building and build new single-storey extension across width of property to create new kitchen diner; Mr M Hayes, 88, Par Lane, extension to time limit on planning permission 08/0844/ful; Mr N Cooper, 131, Middlewich Road, removal of existing boundary hedge (tree to remain in situ) and replace with new boundary wall with brick gate pillars; Mrs M Blease-Bourne, Elworth Hall Primary School Elworth Hall County Primary School, Lawton Way, erection of timber pergola, extension of existing car park to provide seven additional parking spaces, replacement of boundary treatment and landscaping works to play area; Sarah Richardson, Coachmans Cottage, Bostoc Road, Bostock, Middlewich, fo The Paddock, London Road, dormer windows to front elevation, alterations to rear dormer and window openings with minor internal alterations; Steven Mehan, 4, Anvil Close, bedroom/ bathroom conversion of attached garage. Fight to stay ahead of Jack Frost is underway

Holidays in the sun may be on most people’s minds — but that hasn’t stopped Cheshire East Council planning ahead for the coming winter.

In preparation, the authority has been training drivers, briefing teams and investing in a new fleet through its new highways services contract with Ringway Jacobs.

Its staff will combine forces with the authority existing highways team to keep the roads open this winter should their be a cold snap.

The council said Ringway Jacobs has extensive experience of providing winter services in extreme conditions across the UK and is confident it will be able to ring innovation, efficiency and high level of winter service.

Gritting teams work around the clock in an effort to keep riority routes open to commuters.

The public will be able to log onto the Cheshire East Council website and see the gritting routes and track the gritters in live time on the site, allowing them to plan their journeys. A Twitter account is also being repared with updates with any disruption to routes.

Coun Rod Menlove, Cabinet member with responsibility for environmental services, said: “Our highways team worked extremely hard last winter —

and the winter before — in what were often very difficult circumstances.

“Our winter strategy will be enhanced this year by ensuring we give as much detailed information as possible to the public to allow them to plan their journeys in extreme weather conditions.

“I would like, again, to praise all the efforts of our highways staff. We are now already preparing for potentially harsh winter weather — although, like most people, I am hoping for a much milder season.”

Cheshire East Council has been busily preparing for the winter season through the early summer months.

● It has a fleet of 20 gritting vehicles across the area, ready to carry out treatment on 17 principal gritting routes.

● More than half of the fleet will load and operate directly from Winsford Salt Mine and Lyme Green Depot Macclesfield.

● These gritters spread about 15,000 tonnes of salt onto the highway network in an average winter.

● The council spreads salt to prevent ice from forming on 1,200 miles (1,930 kilometres) of the network on every night when frost or icy conditions are forecast.

● Salting is normally completed within four hours and usually before 7am.

● The council holds around 6,000 tonnes of de-icing salt which is replenished, as used, throughout winter season.

● This year the council has the addition of 500 tonnes of salt bags which can be dropped in strategic places when snow is forecast. It is hoped these will also help rural communities.

● The gritting fleet is fitted with gps navigation which allows duty officers to know exactly when and which routes have been treated.

Salt works by turning the ice or snow surrounding each granule into a saline solution. Passing traffic then breaks down the salt granules, forming a saline solution to either prevent ice from forming or to melt it.

The Chronicle, Thursday, 18th August, 2011. 7

Learn to become lifesavers on a two-hour course

Congletonians have been offered a free course to help teach them the skills needed in life and death situations.

The courses are being run by Congleton First Responders, a group that has been serving the community for seven years.

They are trained and operated by the North West Ambulance Service and attend to a wide variety of medical emergencies.

Several members of the team recently completed a British Heart Foundation Heart Start course, gaining additional skills in the tuition of basic life support, including how to recognise and deal with a heart attack, choking, cardiac arrest and an unconscious patient.

Their qualified instructors are now inviting members of the public to apply for free basic life support courses, which consist of approximately two hours in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.

On completion of the course attendees will be issued with a British Heart Foundation attendance certificate. Although this is not a recognised first aid qualification, it does give participants the skills of knowing what to do in the nfortunate situation of certain medical emergencies.

The first responder team will e attending the Rotary Club of Congleton’s family fun day on 28th August between noon and 4pm at the Church House Pub, Buxton Rd, Buglawton.

Responders will be happy to answer any questions anyone may have regarding the course. For further information contact Sandra MacCreath via email at or call 07766821275.

Congleton Bridestone Centre, Victoria St. Tel: 01260 299 395

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