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4 The Chronicle, Thursday, 19th August, 2010.

Mr M C Talbot

Mr D Boffey

The funeral took place on 11th August of Mr Malcolm Charles Talbot, aged 65, of Congleton, who died at East Cheshire Hospice on 23rd July.

The Rev Colin Crumpton conducted the service at St Mary’s Church, Astbury, where the organist was Mrs S Drage for the hymns “The Lord’s my shepherd” and “The day Thou gavest”.

A CD of Billy Idol’s “White wedding” was played leaving the church. Cremation followed at Macclesfield Crematorium where a CD of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” was played on entering and Guns and Roses’ “Knocking on heaven’s door” on exit.

Mourners were: Mr J Talbot (brother), Ms J Talbot (sister), Mr and Mrs J and M Talbot (brother and sister-in-law), Mr and Mrs K J Talbot (nephew), Mr S Talbot (greatnephew), Mr D Ross, Ms D McGuire, Mr N Heath.

The funeral took place on 4th August of Mr Dennis Boffey who died on 29th July, aged 80.

The Rev Andrew Bailey conducted the service at St Oswald’s Church, Brereton where Mr Reg Smith was organist for the hymns “Praise, my soul, the King of heaven” and “We plough the fields and scatter”.

Interment followed in the churchyard.

Mourners were: Mrs M Boffey (widow), Mr C Boffey (son) and Mrs S Brookes (partner), Miss C Boffey (granddaughter), Mr D Boffey (grandson); Mr B and Mrs LWallworth and Mr C and Mrs L Wallworth (nephews), Mr L Wallworth (greatnephew); Mr and Mrs N Yates, cousin (rep Mr and Mrs L Yates, and Mrs Middleton), Mr E and Mrs P Boffey, Mr R Hill Godson (rep Mrs M Hill and Miss E Hill, cousin) and Mr B and Mrs P Boffey (cousins).

Mourners who met at the church were: Mr and Mrs C and L Brammeld, Mr and Mrs E W Billings, Mrs E Howe (rep Mr D Howe), Mr C Carr (rep customers and staff at Waggon and Horses), Mr and Mrs S and M Shaw, Mr C Cummings, Mrs V Diggory (rep Mr C Diggory), Mrs J Watson, Mr L Hill, Mr G Carlisle, Mr R Fallows, Mr and Mrs P McCormack, Mr G Baker, Mr S Banner, Miss S Banner, Mr and Mrs D Jones, Mr P Brennan, Mr G Evans, Mr and Mrs M L Riley (rep Leanne and Marcus, Riley and Mr D Parkinson), Miss J Stringer, Mr M

utty, Mrs M Bowyer, Mr T Bowyer, Mr L Wakefield (rep Mr I Tate), Mr and Mrs A and L Hopkins, Mr and Mrs P Radford, Mr S Law, Mr M Forrester, Mr P Sheard (rep Mrs P Sheard).

Messrs John Garside and Son, Mountbatten House, Stonehouse Green, Congleton, were the funeral furnishers and supplied bearers.

Public Notices


m o o r l a n d s D I S T R I C T C O U N C I L



Application No:- 10/00646/FUL Applicant:- Mrs. Rachel James Location:- Land west of Starwell,

Hill Top, Brown Edge Proposal:- Erection of one dwelling and associated landscape works. This application is a departure from the

Development Plan and may affect a

Public Right of Way The case officer is Mr. S. Williams.

Application No:- 10/00400/FUL Applicant:- Dr. Susan and Philip Turner Location:- Heather Grange, Hurst Road,


Proposal:- Carport with terrace above

The development may affect a

Public Right of Way The case officer is Miss L. Goldstraw The application can be viewed online at (click on Public Access Planning). A copy of the application may be inspected at the Planning Reception, Leek Councils Connect, Moorlands House, Stockwell Street, Leek, ST13 6HQ, from 8.45 a.m. to 5.15 p.m. Monday to Thursday and from 8.45 a.m. to 4.45 p.m. on Fridays. Alternatively the application can be viewed strictly by prior arrangement at the Biddulph Councils Connect and Cheadle Councils Connect. Please ring 0345 605 3013 to make the necessary arrangements, allowing at least three days' notice. Any person who wishes to make representations about the application should do so by writing within 28 days of the date on this notice, to the Head of Development Services at the above address. Letters will be acknowledged and writers will be notified of the decision reached in due course. It should be noted that any representations made about the application will be available for public inspection and copy. Please note the application reference number when writing and telephoning. C1454h

Mr G Williams (second cousin, rep Mr and Mrs E Witter), Mrs J Williams (county president and rep Cheshire YFC), Mr J and Mrs H Yates (second cousin, rep Mr R and Mrs M Kinsey), Mr J Pace (rep Mrs M Pace), Mr A and Mrs K Deeley, Mrs J Green (rep Mr T Green), Mr D and Mrs C Lowe, Mr C Worth (rep Mrs J Worth), Mrs J Bloor (rep Mr S Bloor), Mr K Barker (rep Mr T Jones and Mr N Harris and Knutsford Bowling League), Mrs B Park, Mr A Davenport (rep Crewe and Sandbach Bowling Club), Mr R and Mrs M Goostrey, Mrs M Proudlove, Mr A Greenway (rep Mere Parish Club), Mrs E Furnival, Mr R Furnival, Mr A Meredith (rep Mrs J Meredith), Mr R Bibbey (rep Mrs U Bibbey).

Mrs Perry, Mr T and Mrs P Garnett, Mrs J Davenport, Mr B Clowes (H J Lea Oaks), Mr J Marrow (rep Sue and Holmes Chapel Farmers Bowling Club), Mrs K Porter (rep Mr W Porter and Mrs J Yarwood).

Mr R Walton (rep Mrs J Walton), Mrs M Ward (rep Mr F Ward), Mr W Evans (rep Margaret), Mr P Frith, Mr R Frith, Mr B and Mrs M Venables (rep Chelford Bowlers), Mr J Wainwright, Mr S Hancock, Mr R Eaton (rep Mrs A Eaton), Mrs N Eaton, Mr K and Mrs G Barker, Mrs L Wright (rep Mrs B Jackson), Mr L and Mrs M Worthington, Mr G and Mrs H Meredith, Mrs O Evans (rep Mr P Evans), Mrs K Bloor (rep Mr P Bloor), Mrs H Evans (rep Mr T Evans).

Mr B and Mrs K Bell, Mr C Bourne (rep Stan and June), Mr G Morris (rep Mrs J Morris), Mr S Pierpoint (rep Mrs J Pierpoint), Mr S Richardson (rep Mrs L Richardson, Mr and Mrs G A Richardson and Mr and Mrs D Leech), Mr D Davenport (rep Mr and Mrs J Richardson), Mr and Mrs C D Smith, Mr J and Mrs A Holehouse, Mr L and Mrs M Ward, Mr J Dale, Mr B Dale, Mr and Mrs S Wainwright, Mr J and Mrs J Davenport (rep Mr and Mrs R Davenport), Mr D Davenport, Mr P and Mrs H Tipping, Mr P and Mrs C Ford, Mrs J Heath (rep Roadside Farm Brereton).

Arrangements were made by Williams and Lowe Funeral Directors, of Hassall, Sandbach, who also supplied bearers.

Mrs M Harrison

Names omitted from Mrs May Harrison’s funeral report last week were: Mr and Mrs R G Brannon and Mr and Mrs G G Baskeyfield (nieces), Mrs E Biffel, Miss J Hagen, Mr J Price, Mr P Dowd, Mr and Mrs N Prophet, Mrs K Cartlidge.

Mr C Pemberton

The death occurred at Cedars Court Residential Home on Friday, 13th August of Mr Cyril Pemberton. He was the husband of the late Mrs Gweneth Pemberton. The funeral service takes place tomorrow (Friday) at St Luke’s Church, Holmes Chapel, prior to cremation at Crewe Crematorium.

Staffordshire Moorlands Conservative Association is pleased to announce that they plan to re-form a

BIDDULPH BRANCH Anyone interested in having further information is invited to an


to be held on

Wednesday, 25th August, at 7.00 p.m.

at the

Conservative Club, High Street, Biddulph or to contact

County Councillor Ian Lawson on 01782 522614


Deaths and funerals

Funeral of Miss J Davenport

The funeral took place on 13th August at St Mary’s Church, Sandbach, of Miss Jenny Davenport, aged 21.

The Rev Thomas Shepherd conducted the service and Mrs June Ollier was organist for the hymns “Colours of day dawn into the mind”, “The Lord’s my shepherd” and “Give me oil in my lamp”.

The tribute was given by her father Mr Pad Davenport, which included a DVD shown at her 21st birthday.

Committal followed at Crewe Crematorium.

Mourners were: Mr and Mrs P Davenport (parents), Miss S Davenport and Miss G Davenport (sisters), Mrs J Davenport (grandmother), Mr R Jones (grandfather); Mr R and Mrs M Davenport, Mr C and Mrs J Davenport, Mr D and Mrs W Davenport, Mrs M Fitton (rep Mr J Fitton), Mr M and Mrs D Wilson, Mr P and Mrs D Jones and Mr R and Mrs J Jones (uncles and aunts). Miss L Davenport, Mr T Davenport, Miss N Davenport (rep Miss E Davenport, cousin), Miss H Fitton, Miss L Fitton, Mr M Fitton, Mr L Wilson, Master O Davenport, Miss E Davenport, Mr E Jones and Miss H Bowden, Miss S Jones, Miss K Jones, Miss K Jones, Mr D Jones, Mr C Davenport, Miss R Wilson and Miss C Wilson (cousins). Miss J Smith, Mr O Harrison, Mr C Heptinstall, Mr J Ball (rep Mrs M Ball, great-aunt and Mrs L Parks), Mrs M Heler (rep Mr J Heler and Mrs R Upton), Mrs J Humphries, Mr T and Mrs H Birtles, Mr B and Mrs V Mayor, Mr S Clayton-Barker, Mrs P Wyatt, Mr J Stubbs, Mr A Mason, Mrs B Gibbs (rep governors, Springfields School), Mr K Gibbs, Mr C Gibbs, Mrs Kay, Mrs A Grundy, Mrs A Bowden, Mrs R Long, Mrs C Hyatt, Miss E Trigg.

Mrs J Trigg (rep Mr P Wynne and Mr M Cleary), Master D Trigg, Mrs S Bailey, Mrs T Pedrie, Mr G Elphic (rep Marie), Mr P Hayes, Mrs G Dutton, Mr and Mrs Galway, Mr and Mrs Burton (rep Justin, Ali and Alana), Mr and Mrs Nash, Mr C and Mrs O Drew, Mrs L Holmes, Mr S Grant (rep Mrs L Grant), Mrs G Watson, Mr D Mason, Mr and Mrs W Stockdale, Mr and Mrs Price, Mrs A Long, Mrs J Mayor, Mr R and Mrs R Cooke, Mr A and Mrs V Hayworth, Mrs J Hides, Mr Mitchell, Mr R and Mrs S Barnett, Mr A and Mrs M Gwilliam, Mrs J Bentley, Mrs Lord (rep Youth in Action).

M Roycroft, Mr and Mrs K Jones, Mrs C Moran, Mrs B Leech, Mrs L Bigger, Mrs M Jones, Mrs S Randle, Mrs B Bailey, Mrs J Wheat, Miss C Williams, Miss C Winstanley, Mrs E Preece, Mr M Liptrott, Mr T Beeby, Mr J and Mrs C Edmonstone, Mr A Edmonstone, Miss H Edmonstone, Mr P Sherratt, Miss J Griffith and Mrs B Evans (St Mary’s), Mrs N Bebbington, Miss E Bebbington, Mrs C Hollins, Mrs J Whittaker (rep Mrs M Holdcroft), Mr S and Mrs N Dawson, Mrs J Reed, Miss C Reed, Mrs R Sills, Mrs H Newton, Miss E Shuttleworth, Mr and Mrs D Moss (rep Mr R and Mrs H Sadler, and Mr T Sadler), Miss G Payne, Ms J Turner, Mr S Hardy (rep Mrs J Humphries), Mr D Roberts, Mrs C Rose, Mr P Leslie-Reed, Miss S Lawton, Mrs M Giles, Mr and Mrs K Whalley (rep Mrs S Waring), Mr B and Mrs G Cooper, Mr Ainsley Cooper, Mr S and Mrs J Whittaker, Mrs C Taylor, Miss V Taylor, Mrs C Sherratt (rep Mr and Mrs P Andjelkovic), Mrs J Cockram, Mr F and Mrs G Boughey, Mr A and Mrs S Davies, Mr S Davies, Miss G Davies, Mrs D Coppenhall (rep Mr N Coppenhall), Miss V Coppenhall, Miss A M Riley, Mr B and Mrs J Warne, Mr G Jones, Mr S Robinson, Mrs L Knowles, Mr E Saul, Mr M Hewson, Mr I Jacobs, Miss S Schofield, Mr G Cowan.

Bearers were Messrs P Davenport, P Jones, T Birtles and R Mayer.

Arrangements were made by Williams and Lowe Funeral Directors, of Alsager Road, Hassall, Sandbach.

Mrs M Boon

The funeral took place on 10th August of Mrs Marion Boon, aged 83, who died at her home in Brown Lees.

She was the wife of Mr Philip Alfred Boon.

Mr Roy Lovatt conducted the service and interment at St Lawrence’s Church, Rushton, where the organist was A Faulkner for the hymns “All things bright and beautiful”, “The Lord’s my shepherd” and “Now the day is over”.

Mourners were: Mr P A Boon (widower), Mr and Mrs P and D Hadfield (sister-in-law and brother-inlaw), Mrs W Boon (sister-in-law).

Mr D and Mrs N Birtles, Mr P Smith, Mrs J Warburton, Mrs S Cookson, Mr P Clifton, Miss H Drew, Mr P and Mrs C Bently, Mr J and Mrs M Orr, Mrs A M Thompson (rep Mr and Mrs D Lloyd Griffiths, and Mr and Mrs C Moorson), Mr S Seddon, Mr M and Mrs J Culley, Mr J McAvoy, Mrs P Bulmer, Mrs K Stringer, Mrs M Hoole, Miss R Hoole, Miss G O’Donnell, Miss M Rowles, Mrs G Davies (rep Mr K and Mrs L Winfield), Mr R Edge (rep Mrs K Edge), Mr T and Mrs P Dawson, Mr T Halden, Mrs C Kinsella, Mr R and Mrs J Dunning, Mr T and Mrs J Bunn (rep Mrs C Bunn), Miss C Mann, Mrs K Leigh, Mr S Newton, Mr J and Mrs S Frayling, Mr W and Mrs M Cerretti, Miss L Cerretti, Miss J Cooper, Mrs D Cooper, Mr J Bayley, Mr and Mrs C Gaskell, Miss L Taylor, Mr A Suter, Mrs A Richardson, Miss J Richardson.

Mr and Mrs P Berrisford (rep Craig and Dale, Mrs B Berrisford, Mr and Mrs M Cliff and Mr and Mrs G Heath), Mr L Berrisford, Mr S and Mrs S Reeves, Miss L Reeves, Mr G Hughes (Sandbach Ruby Club).

From Springfield School: Mrs C Lewis, Mrs J Kelly, Miss J Tomlinson, Mr M Swaine, Miss J Corbett, Mrs J Lunt, Mrs L Sandland, Miss L Boon, Mrs J Barber, Mrs V Charlesworth, Mrs A Tarry, Mrs G Storey, Mrs A Fisher, Mrs C Louth and Mrs J Christensen.

Mr M Gaston-Grubb, Mrs J Walls, Miss V Walls, Mr L Wilson, Miss E Holland, Mr and Mrs R Astles, Mr and Mrs P Torr (rep Naomi), Mr J Gater (rep Mr P Ekin), Mrs B Stevens.

Mrs A Meakin, Mrs S McEvoy, Mrs V Tanner, Mr G Davies, Mrs S Wakefield and Mrs McCumskey (Macon House). Mr H Jones (rep Atkins), Mr and Mrs B Wilkinson, Miss L Dooley, Mr W Birtles, Mrs E Edwards, Mr A Harris, Mrs A Edwards, Mr and Mrs M Shuttleworth, Miss L Jones, Mr N Bailey and Mr D Leake (Sandbach Rugby Club), Mrs H Nelson, Mr and Mrs W Stewart, Mrs D Hardwick, Miss S Hardwick, Miss E Hardwick, Mrs E Ayres, Mr and Mrs S Bloxson.

Miss L Waud, Mr M Richardson, Mr P Bell, Miss E Small, Miss C Lavalette, Mr R Dobson, Mrs S Challacombe, Mrs E Ro croft, Mr

Mourners who met at the church were: Mr and Mrs R and J Trueman, Mr K Roberts, Miss A Roberts, Mrs J Davidson, Mr and Mrs H and R Jones, Mr and Mrs C and P Brocklehurst, Mr and Mrs A and B Malkin, Mrs K Hughes, Mr K Bardsley, Mrs C Walker, Mr and Mrs R Clowes, Mr P Boon, Mrs C Boon, Mr and Mrs M Tatton, Mr and Mrs J Brammer (rep Mr B Brammer and Mr M Brammer), Mr and Mrs H J Hardwick (rep The Three Shires), Mr P Sharpley, Mrs E Pickford, Mrs D Roberts, Mrs C Richards, Mr and Mrs A Brough, Mr and Mrs M Rowlinson (rep Mr and Mrs G Williams), Mr D Worthington (rep Mrs M Barker).

Mrs H Worthington, Mr and Mrs S Miller, Mr and Mrs J Howard, Mrs I Tatton, Mrs R Goodwin, Mr J Critchlow, Mr J Critchlow, Mr C Critchlow, Mr and Mrs J Rowlinson (rep Mr and Mrs A Woodward), Mr and Mrs J and D Richardson, Mr and Mrs H Brown (rep B and A Eardley), Mr K Walton, Mr G Bailey, Mr and Mrs C and J Capewell, Mr and Mrs M Gregory, Mr and Mrs I Gregory, Mr and Mrs Foster, Mr G D Dewhurst, Mr C Molloy, Mr and Mrs H Mayer (rep Mr and Mrs J Mayer), Mr and Mrs N Brown, Mrs S Machin, Mrs E Underwood, Mr A Gilman (rep Mrs M Gilman).

Mr and Mrs P Boffey, Mr and Mrs D Forrest, Mr and Mrs Y Watts, Mr and Mrs H Jennings, Mr and Mrs G Bowen, Mr and Mrs R Bailey, Mrs H Williams, Mr and Mrs P Billington, Mr and Mrs K Beamond, Mr M Eardley, Mr J Underwood, Mr and Mrs T Jones, Mrs J Forrest, Miss H Forrest, Mr S Forrest, Mr and Mrs D Alcock, Mr and Mrs J Scott, Mr and Mrs J Bailey, Mr R Rawl, Mr B Langstreth, Mr and Mrs R Mayer, Mr C Craig, Mr A Craig, Mr R Craig, Mrs L Craig, Mr and Mrs P Stafford, Mrs B Rickman, Mrs E Bardsley, Mr A Bardsley, Mr and Mrs R Shore, Mr and Mrs I Cliffe, Mr C Reed, Mr and Mrs J Davenport, Mr and Mrs D Bostock (rep Mr A Shallcross), Mr J Lilley, Mr and Mrs R Taylor, Ms B Holland, Mr B Shaw, Mrs H Taylor (rep Oracle Care), Miss J Cope, Mr G Bardsley, Mr and Mrs C Rogerson, Mr P Hadfield.

Bearers were Messrs A Brough, K Roberts, C Craig, P Boon and D Alcock.

Messrs John Garside and Son, High Street, Biddulph, were the funeral furnishers.

Mr R Gregory

The funeral took place on 9th August of Mr Roy Gregory, aged 71, who died at his home in Congleton after a long illness borne with great dignity.

He was the husband of Mrs Maureen Gregory.

The Rev Tony Windsor conducted the service and cremation at Macclesfield Crematorium where the hymns “Dear Lord and father of mankind” and “Lead us heavenly father” were sung. A CD of “You raise me up” was played on entering and “Somewhere over the rainbow” on leaving.

His daughter, Mrs Gill Allen paid tribute to her father during the service and Mr Harry Besnard read the poem “Miss me, but let me go”.

Mourners were: Mrs M Gregory (widow), Mr M Gregory (son), Mr and Mrs D and G Allen (daughter and son-in-law), Mr D Allen and Mr J Allen (grandsons), Miss L Allen (granddaughter), Mr and Mrs H and Y Besnard, Mrs B Blakey, Mr and Mrs P and P Barnard.

Mourners who met at the crematorium were: Mrs H Gregory, Mr H Worrall, Mrs S Burgess, Miss A Burgess, Mr and Mrs S Welch, Mr and Mrs P and S Grigg, Mrs A M Poole, Mr and Mrs R and P Angel, Mrs T Roberts (rep Mr B Roberts), Mrs V Merryman, Mr and Mrs C and S Kemp, Mr and Mrs H Slater, Mrs P Dowell, Mr R Lowe, Miss D Royall, Mr H Royall, Mrs K Bayley, Mr A Cooke (rep Mrs S Cooke), Miss H Bayley (rep Miss M Bayley, Miss K Bayley and Mr H Bayley), Mrs J Stringer (rep Mr G Stringer, and Misses A and C Stringer), Mrs T Stagg (rep Mr A Stagg, Miss E, Mr Joe and Mr Jack Stagg), Mrs P Keil (rep everyone in Thursday day care, ECH), Mr and Mrs M Winney, Mr and Mrs I and T Pulleine.

Mrs J Wells, Mr and Mrs E Boardman (rep Mr and Mrs N Birt), Mr and Mrs D Murphy, Mr C Fisher, Mrs S Consterdine, Mr and Mrs I Bowker, Mrs S Darmon (rep Mr D Darmon), Mrs C Worth (rep Mr K Worth), Mrs W Muncaster (rep Mrs M Lonsdale), Mrs M Price, Miss L Hill, Mr D Gregory, Miss R Gregory, Mr S Jones (rep Crossroads Care), Mr J Dakin, Mr J Hammond, Mrs A Glenwright, Mr and Mrs J and G Brierley, Mrs L Gregory, Miss A Gregory, Mr N Wilkins, Mr S Mulqueen, Mr and Mrs R McMahon.

Bearers were Messrs M Gregory, D, DJ and JD Allen.

Messrs John Garside and Son, Stonehouse Green, Congleton, were the funeral furnishers.

Mr J W Robinson

The funeral has taken place of Mr John William “Bill” Robinson, aged 84, of Queens Drive, Sandbach.

Mr Godfrey Williams conducted the service at Crewe Crematorium Chapel.

Mr Robinson worked as a centre lathe turner at British Soda, Foden’s and Fred Johnsons. He loved his garden, growing roses, prize-winning chrysanthemums and every kind of vegetable.

He played piano and in his younger days played the organ at Elworth Church until he was shown the door when the vicar caught him playing boogie-woogie before the service.

Mr Robinson and his wife, Hilda, enjoyed dancing, such that in their heyday they were rarely at home. Mr Robinson also liked to go swimming, taking his children to Crewe baths and later his grandchildren to Sandbach Leisure Centre.

In later years, he read avidly, and there was hardly a thriller or mystery novel in Sandbach Library that did not contain the initials JWR inside the back cover.

The mourners were: Mrs H Robinson (widow), Mr and Mrs I Walker (daughter and son-in-law), Mr and Mrs P Robinson and Mr and Mrs D Robinson (sons and daughters-inlaw); Miss E Robinson, Mr J Robinson and Mr S Robinson (grandchildren); Mr P and Mrs R Eaton (nephew), Mr A and Mrs K Bailey (nephew rep Mr T Bailey, brother-in-law), Mrs A Pierpoint (sister-in-law, rep Mr P and Mrs C Bromley, niece), Ms A Halden and Mr M Ashley (niece), Mrs L Percival (niece, rep Mr B Percival), Mr H Wright, Mrs E Harding, Mr A Farrington, Mrs E Harrop, Mrs Royle, Mr and Mrs R Hilditch, Mr W and Mrs K Bailey, Mr B Berrington, Mr J Cooke, Mr and Mrs D Hulme (rep Mr G and Mrs C Taylor, an Mr K and Mrs V Boardman), Mrs P Rowe (rep Mr S Nicklin); Mr D Badrock, Mr R Cornes and Mr A Royle (Foden work colleagues), Mr J and Mrs C Southall.

Arrangements were made by Williams and Lowe funeral Directors, of Alsager Road, Hassall Sandbach, who also supplied bearers.

Mr J Painter

The funeral took place on 12th August of Mr John (Jack) Painter, aged 84, who died at Macclesfield District General Hospital on 3rd August.

He was the husband of Mrs Gwen Painter, of Congleton.

The Rev Ken Burghall conducted the service and cremation at Macclesfield Crematorium where M John Syner was organist for the hymns “Now thank we all our God” and “Abide with me”. A CD of Bruce Springsteen’s “You’re missing” was played on entering and Johnny Cash’s “16 tons” was played leaving.

Mourners were: Mrs G Painte (widow), Mr and Mrs K Painter and M and Mrs M Painter (sons and daughtersin-law); Miss A Painter, Mr J Painter, Miss S Painter and Miss R Painte (grandchildren); Mrs D Kovacs and Mr T Harris (rep Mr and Mrs A Kovacs), Mr and Mrs A Banks, Mr C Banks, Mr and Mrs M Neyland, Mr A Neyland, Mrs C McCloskey, Miss C McCloskey.

Mourners who met at the crematorium were: Mr and Mrs H Stubbs (nephew), Miss P Kovacs, Mr T Willis, Mr B Higgins (rep Russ and Doreen and M and Mrs M Haynes), Mr W Robinson, Mr B Carter, Mr J Turner (rep Mr Turner), Mr P Barrett (rep Mr and Mrs B Turner), Mr and Mrs R Yates, Mr and Mrs J Cope (rep Mr and Mrs J Rowley and Mr and Mrs T Bennett), Mrs D Mellor, Mr and Mrs S Timmis (rep M D Timmis and Mr P Timmis), Mr and Mrs S Woodward, Miss J Eggierth, M and Mrs A Blythe (rep Mr and Mrs Sandywell), Mr and Mrs G Alcock, M M Alcock, Mrs A Bailey, Mr A Smart (rep St Mary’s Ex Services), Mr and Mrs D Hill.

Mr S Hill, Mr and Mrs P Hill, Mrs V Gibbins, Mrs D Gibbins (rep Miss M Greaves and Mr M Greaves), Miss A Greaves, Mr and Mrs L Austin, Mrs B Grisedale, Mr and Mrs F Worrall, Mr and Mrs D Bould, Mr and Mrs H Porter, Mr and Mrs G Brittain, M and Mrs H Moors, Mr C Duncan, Miss G Duncan, Mr and Mrs J Hough, Mr and Mrs R Mien (rep Congleton Ex-services Association), Mrs E Barbe (rep Mrs A Booth and Mrs D Brough.

Bearers were Messrs K, M and J Painter, and C Banks.

Messrs John Garside and Son, Mountbatten House, Stonehouse Green, Congleton, were the funeral furnishers.

Mrs M J Scragg

The sudden death occurred on 8th August at her Congleton home of Mrs Millicent Jeane Scragg, aged 83.

The funeral service and cremation take place at Macclesfield Crematorium on Monday.

Mrs J Rowe

The death occurred on Friday at Sneyd Ward, Haywood Hospital, of Mrs Joan Rowe, aged 77, o Biddulph.

She was wife of Mr George Rowe. The funeral takes place on Monday at Carmountside Crematorium.

Mr J Kaminskas

The sudden death occurred on 9th August at City General Hospital o Mr Juleus Kaminskas, aged 92, o Biddulph.

He was beloved husband of Mrs Iris Kaminskas. He will be received into the Church of the English Martyrs, Church Road, Biddulph, today (Thursday) with requiem mass tomorrow (Friday) prior to interment at Newcastle Cemetery.

Mrs K Harvey

The death occurred at Cheadle Hospital on 10th August, after a long illness, of Mrs Kate Harvey, aged 83, of Park Lane Nursing Home, Knypersley, and formerly o Wickenstone Farm, Biddulph Moor.

She was wife of Mr Sam Harvey. The funeral service and interment take place at Christ Church, Biddulph Moor, on Saturday.

Mrs M Clowes

The death occurred on 10th August at her home in Biddulph of Mrs Miriam Clowes, aged 95.

She was the widow of Mr John William Clowes.

The funeral takes place today (Thursday) at Biddulph Par Methodist Church prior to interment at Biddulph Parish Church.

Mr J S Bostock

The death occurred on Tuesday at Leek Moorlands Hospital of Mr Jesse Slack Bostock, aged 92.

He was the husband of Mrs Joan Bostock, of Biddulph.

The funeral service will take place at St Lawrence’s Church, Biddulph, on a date to be arranged. Time finally runs out for 80-bed care home plans

By Lyndsey Telford Plans for an 80-bed residential care home in Arclid have been quashed after Cheshire East councillors refused to grant the applicant a time limit extension.

The Planning Committee decided that because the owner of the land, which is on the former site of Arclid Hospital, had failed to provide them with adequate information on the area — including ecological and wildlife surveys — they would not have enough information on which to base their decision even if an extension was granted.

Applicant and landowner Roy Woodcock received outline planning permission for the care home in 2007, but he failed to commence development within the time limit of three years.

He wanted to build the home on the southern part of the site, accessed from Newcastle Road to the west. It would have provided elderly people from Congleton, Sandbach and surrounding towns with what councillors deemed a much-needed facility.

But Coun John Jones said he suspected the applicant had no intention of developing the site, hence failing to produce the required surveys.

“I have a feeling that if we grant this extension it will lie for a great deal longer than another three years. If three years isn’t long enough how long do they need?” he asked.

However, speaking on the applicant’s behalf, ward councillor John Wray said Mr Woodcock had only failed to submit the required surveys because they were too expensive.

“For the applicant to produce the ecological surveys requested it would have cost him in excess of £5,000,” he explained.

But Coun Shirley Jones said she could see no “commitment” from the applicant to develop the site, which she added was a shame because she thinks the area is in need of a care home.

“I have a friend who has had to take a sheltered accommodation bungalow because all the care homes in the area are full,” she said.

Despite that, Coun Brian Dykes recommended refusal of the time extension, a move supported by the rest of the committee at last Wednesday’s meeting.

Coast to coast trek collars £175 for local dogs home

The Chronicle, Thursday, 19th August, 2010. 5


Book older pets for a check-up at discount price

Congleton Veterinary Centre has recently launched a new service for the older pets in Congleton and surrounding areas.

The clinic, at West Heath Shopping Centre, is now offering animals over eight years of age a check up with the vet and routine screening blood tests for liver and kidney function, at a discounted price.

James Ede, owner of the practice, advises that as pets get older, they are more likely to develop certain diseases including diabetes, thyroid problems, or issues affecting the liver or kidneys.

He said: “The benefit of routine testing is that we may well find changes on blood tests before an animal is actually ill, thereby increasing the chance of successful treatment, or prolonging the life of a family pet.”

The “Over eight club” at the practice involves a check up with one of our qualified nurses, to discuss any areas of concern such as changes to appetite, drinking, or mobility/ joint problems, or dental disease. They will also then take a blood sample, and run the tests at the practice the same day. The results would be available to discuss with the vet, face-to-face, the following day where any additional concerns could be thoroughly discussed. The vet appointment would also include a thorough examination.

This entire package is available for just £55, representing a discount of more than £15. Please call 01260 272131 to book an appointment, or with any other query.

01260 272131

OPEN ALL DAY SATURDAY: Until 6.00 p.m. FREE PUPPY/KITTEN PACK: Worth over £25 with all puppy/kitten vaccination courses. OVER 8 CLUB: discounted check up and blood tests for cats and dogs over 8 years - please phone for details.

Please contact the surgery for further details

Opening Times: Monday to Friday 8.30am to 7.00pm Saturday 8.30am to 6.00pm (Sunday 10.00am to 12.00) Consultations by appointment please

Congleton Veterinary Centre, West Heath Retail Park, CW12 4NB.

Right, Beth presents the cheque to Stiles Meadow volunteer Sam Clowes with, from left, volunteers Stuart Brittain, Margaret Mountford and Jackie Blake with Joe the dog. (“Chronicle” photo. 3314/10).

Two pedalling parents and their dog-loving daughter have completed a coast-to-coast cycle ride for local homeless ooches.

Jill and Neil Eardley, of Gillow Heath and daughter Beth, (15), saddled up for a 180-mile three-day stint to raise cash for Stiles Meadow dogs home in Bosley, near Congleton.

The Biddulph High School upil, her 45-year-old dad and 47-year-old mum set off f rom Whitehaven in Cumbria on 30th July and reached their destination — Tynemouth, Tyne and Wear on 2nd August.

The trio of keen cyclists regularly enjoys bike rides together and to train for their epic trek they were completing 40-mile rides each weekend.

They raised £175 for Stiles Meadow, where Beth works as a volunteer every Saturday

The family en route to Tynemouth morning.

Beth, who has completed the ride twice before, said: “I found this cycle ride hardest because i t was the longest. We had to do more cycling each day. There was more pressure to do i t quickly and i t was hillier as well.”

Beth, who raised £250 for the dog sanctuary last year, said she wants to be a vet.

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