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6 The Chronicle, Thursday, 26th August, 2010.


The only Livestock Market in Staffordshire


Selling times as follows:

Calves (Belgian Blue Bulls £358).......................................................... 9.30 a.m. Tested Barren Cattle (131p/kg.) ........................................................... 10.00 a.m. Clean Cattle (156p/kg.) ........................................................................ 10.30 a.m. Butchers’ Lambs followed by Ewes (Lambs 176p/kg., Ewes £90) ............................................................... 11.00 a.m. Dairy (Heifer £2,100) ........................................................................... 11.00 a.m. Stores (Hereford Steers £718).............................................................. 11.30 a.m.




Store and Breeding Sheep Sale to Commence at 10.30 a.m.

Catalogued Sale of Store Lambs, Shearlings, Breeding and Grazing Ewes Entries Close - 3rd September, 2010



Store and Suckler Cattle Sale to Commence at 10.00 a.m.

Catalogued Sale of Mainly Continental Bred Suckler Cows, some with Calves at Foot,

Young Bulls and Store Cattle. Entries Close - 10th September, 2010



Usual Sale of Poultry, Small Stock, Eggs, Sundries, etc.

To commence at 9.30 a.m.

G. L. Watkins - 07976 370894. B. Daniel - 07768 368686 Mark Elliott - 07973 673092. Meg Elliott - 07967 007049 C1568h

Special Sale of Store and Breeding Sheep at 12.30 p.m. Bank Holiday Monday 191 Shearling, Suffolk, Mule, Texel, Herdwick, 6 Zwartbles Ewes (3 pedigree), 20 Pure Bred Texel Ewes, 20 Texel x Ewes, 3 Ped. Registered Texel 2

Shear Ewes. Frank Marshall, Chelford Tel. 01625 861122 ref: NDA C1611h

Special Sale of Store and Breeding Pigs

To include Pietrain, Pure Welsh, Mangautza, Large White, Kune Kune,

Saddleback, Gloucester Old Spot, Tamworth, in conjunction with the usual Monday sale of 200 Store Pigs.

Frank Marshall, Chelford Tel. 01625 861122 ref: NDA


Special Bank Holiday Sale at 10.00 a.m. Of over 500 Pens of Poultry, Waterfowl, etc. to include 200

Warren P.O.L. Pullets. Frank Marshall, Chelford Tel. 01625 861122 ref: NDA


Public Notice

CHESHIRE EAST BOROUGH COUNCIL Notice of Temporary Road Closures/Restriction Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 Hall Lane, Moston NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Cheshire East Borough Council in exercise of its powers under Section 14(1) of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, and of all other enabling powers, proposes to make an order temporarily toprohibit traffic in the following length of road:Hall Lane, Moston From its junction with Red Lane to its junction with Moston Road The alternative route during the closure will be via Crabmill Lane, Whitehall Lane, Dragons Lane, Booth Lane, London Road, Station Road, Salt Line Way and Moston Road. Pedestrian access will be maintained at all times. Vehicular access will be maintained at all times for residents/businesses and emergency vehicles. These restrictions are necessary to enable Balfour Beatty to carry out water main renewal works. It is anticipated that the works will commence on 13th September 2010 and will take approximately 2 weeks to complete. This order will come into operation on 13th September 2010 and will continue in force for 18 months or for such less time as is necessary to complete the work to be executed in the highway. If you have any enquiries relating to the works please contact Balfour Beatty on telephone number: 0800 121 4444. 26th August 2010 Christopher Chapman, Borough Solicitor Cheshire East Borough Council, Westfields, Middlewich Road, Sandbach, Cheshire CW11 1HZ


Leek market report

Another busy dairy sale with 101 beasts on offer at the monthly pedigree show. Prices peaked at £2,100 for pedigrees with commercials to £1,900. Lamb numbers were marginally down and reflected a seasonal reduction in demand, with butchers being slightly diffident over clean cattle, despite top prices of 156p. In the barren section, grade two and three cows were by far the best trade, with barely 10p difference between grade three and grade one. A good entry of calves included a number of releases from herds that have been closed, giving averages of £154 for both bulls and heifers.

CLEAN CATTLE (18): steers were all in the heavy bracket, topping 136p for prime Angus with South Devon to 134.5p. Average for heavy steers 134.5p. Heifers saw mediumweights to 156p for prime Limousins with heavy heifers to 153p for prime Belgians, with others at 151.5p. Commercial heifers to 128p. Young bulls to 128p for mediumweight Herefords, with heavy bulls to 134p. Top price steer £981.75, heifer £893.85.

OVER 30-MONTH (46): grade one cows to 105.5p for a Shorthorn with MRI to 104.5p and Friesians to 104p. Grade two cows to 98p with grade three to 93p (82p) Overage clean 131.5p for a Pedigree Simmental heifer with Friesians to 112.5p and 107.5p. One stock bull, a Simmental at 87p. Top price £874.47, average £605.60 (91p).

DAIRIES: a good entry forward for the August pedigree sale saw prices peak at £2,100 for an Askew Reece daughter. Sold giving 6.5kgs she went to Messrs Fernyhough, of Swythamley. Close behind at £2,020 was Marwen Dolman Queen2. By Regancrest Dolman she boasted a VG85 dam that had given over 11300kg in her third lactation. Commercials peaked at £1,900 for a heifer shown from Oxford. She also went to Messrs Fernyhough, who took a second heifer from the same home at £1,800. Averages: Q1 heifers to £2,100 (£1,948); Q2 heifers to £1,760 (£1,595).

STORE CATTLE: all stores, topping £718 for 28-month-old Herefords with 28-month-old Angus at £592 and 28-monthold Limousins at £688.

BUTCHERS’ LAMBS (788): lightweights topped 165p (151p). Standardweights topped 172p and 170p (155p). Medium lambs to 176p with others at 174p (155p). Heavy lambs to 163p (152p). Over half the entry was in the mediumweight bracket, averaging 155p. Quality price reporting: premium 176p (174p); prime 169p (155p); commercial 137p (135p).

BUTCHERS’ EWES (177): not quite the edge of a week ago although it is the middle of Ramadan. Top price £90 with others at £85 and £83 (£55).

CALVES (216): four-monthold British Blue bulls to £358 and £344 with younger stock to £298 (19, £257). Limousins to £290 and £285 (£207). Charolais to £275 (£224). Simmentals to £272 (£228). Angus to £240 (£209). Friesians to £158 (£60 for 46).

Heifers returned four-monthold Blues to £338 and £328 with younger sorts to £230 (£199.40 for 23). Limousins to £258 for strong sorts with others at £212 (£144 for 24). Charolais from Woodward Partners to £242, three months old (£189). Simmentals £198 twice (£146 for 20). Angus to £142 (£113).

STORE CATTLE: a total entry of 401 store and breeding cattle were on offer, with buyers continuing to attend from a wide area ensuring that there was a firm trade for all types of cattle. In the suckler cow section, the quality on offer was not as strong as in previous sales, with top price of the day being for a Limousin cow with two Belgian Blue steer calves at £1,110, with a Limousin cow and Charolais calf at £1,000. Other top prices included a Charolais cow with a Limousin heifer calf at foot at £970 and a Simmental cow with Simmental heifer calf at £950.

In the in-calf section, two Simmental heifers in calf to the Aberdeen Angus sold for £800. Stock bulls saw two young Charolais exchange hands up to £950 at 14 months old, with a 3/4 bred Blonde D’Aquitaine bull realising £910.

Store bulls were a particularly good trade for those of better quality, with Simmental bulls to £880 at 14 months old, with Aberdeen Angus bulls, 15 months old, selling up to £695, with a pen of four Limousins of similar age at £660. Friesian bulls topped at £600 for a 14-month-old bull. The best quality stronger steers achieved over £800, with the top call of the day being £895 for a 27-month-old Limousin, with £850 being paid for a 29-month-old Blonde D’Aquitaine steer.

Annual show and sale for the Charollais Society at Chelford

An excellent atmosphere around the pens and a full ringside of prospective customers did not materialise into the lively trade expected, although there was strong demand for certain selected quality sheep in the entry at the annual show and sale for the Charollais Society, at Chelford last Thursday.

For the second year in succession Lancashire-based breeder Mark Worthington from Ramsbottom produced the show champion from his Moss Side flock, this year judged by local commercial producer David Norcott.

The January 2009-born Shearling, by Wraycastle Idigbo, showed considerable growth rate, and made 720gns to a Leicestershire breeder. The same purchaser was in once again for another Shearling by Idigbo, also from Mark Worthington, and which was placed third in the shearling class, making the day’s top price of 750gns.

Reserve champion and leading the ram lamb class was a December-born twin lamb from the Wraycastle Flock of Messrs J A and R Geldard and Sons, Levens, near Kendal. Cumbriasired by Mortimer Alfie this lamb showed considerable promise and sold for 520gns to F and N Brunt, Stone, Staffordshire.

A selection of shearling ewes from the Elmley Lovett Flock of Messrs A and C Maiden, Droitwich, Worcestershire made to 360gns for a Gilbert daughter going home to Llangollen with W Hardy.

Averages: shearling rams, £494.20; ram lambs, £344.48; shearling ewes, £356.

Residents can pick up the phone and book a bus ride

New flexible bus routes that will be plotted daily in line with telephone bookings made by residents are to start in Staffordshire Moorlands on Monday, 6th September.

The scheme has been organised by Moorlands Connect, a group of organisations that aims to improve public services

The service, which will run Monday to Saturday on new mini coaches, will replace the following routes that finish the week before the 6th:

● 456 from Longnor to Warslow and Leek, which runs Monday, Wednesday and Friday

● 443 Alstonefield to Ashbourne, which runs Thursday and Saturday

● 405 Leek to Hartington Circular, which runs Monday to Friday

● 443A from Alstonefield, Ilam and Ashbourne, which runs Thursday and Saturday.

County councillor Mike Maryon, Cabinet member for highways, said: “This is a first class service which will help people of all ages to get out and about in Staffordshire Moorlands. It doesn’t matter whether you are a youngster travelling into town or an older person wanting to meet friends for lunch.

“The unique booking system gives it the flexibility to meet the needs of the community. It will be a vastly improved service than those previously available and will provide excellent value for money for taxpayers.”

The service will stop off at Leek as well as covering the villages of Flash, Hartington, Longnor, Warslow and Waterhouses and the surrounding areas.

It will link up with bus services including the 118 which covers Hanley, Leek and Buxton, the 442 Buxton to Ashbourne and the 108 Leek to Ashbourne.

Residents are encouraged to register from Wednesday to be on the books when the service starts. Call 0300 111 8003 or email moorlandsconnect@staffordshire.

Passengers can also sign up to the Moorlands Connect loyalty card, which rewards people with cheaper travel as well as discounts and special offers that can be redeemed at local businesses.

The mini coaches seat 14 people each and have ramps fo wheelchair users and parents with buggies; they even “kneel” so that there is no need to climb in and there is room for a small numbe of bicycles.

The vehicles have large windows so that passengers can enjoy views of the Moorlands.

Salaries of fire service’s top earners are revealed

Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service has released details of its highest paid staff.

The service has published on its website the job titles and numbers of those with a salary of over £50,000 a year. The move comes less than two months after the service started publishing details online of all invoices over £500.

Fire and Rescue Authority chairman Coun Len Bloomer said: “The decision to publish this information is part of a wider programme of making the service more transparent.

“Our openness has already received backing from fire minister Bob Neill, as this supports the Government’s bid to make local authorities more transparent.

“Our next step will involve publishing salary details for all staff members.”

Coun Bloomer added: “The number of top earners equates to approximately 3% of our total number of staff, so they form just a small proportion.”

Mr Neill said: “The release o these details will help local people understand how their money is being spent so that they’re bette equipped to hold public bodies to account. This kind of action gets local authority business out in the open, revolutionising local government. I commend Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service for their continuing effort to support our transparency drive.”

To access the information, go to the service’s website

Follow the museums trail

Families can hit the Staffordshire museums trail this bank holiday weekend.

The “Every object tells a story” trail invites people to visit one or more of the 10 Staffordshire museums involved in the BBC’s “A History of the World” project.

People can win a behind the scenes tour to one of the following museums: Staffordshire County Museum, Shugborough, Claymills Victorian Pumping Station, Burton-upon-Trent, Museum of Cannock Chase and Newcastle Borough Museum and Art Gallery.

The winner and their family can see areas of a museum not normally open to the public, hear about its collections and find out how they are cared for.

County Coun Ben Adams, Cabinet member for communities and culture, said: “The forthcoming bank holiday weekend is the perfect time to get out and about and visit some of the county’s fascinating museums. By taking part, people will be able to discover more about museums across the county and see first hand some of the interesting collections held within them.

“They will also be able to see for themselves each of the 10 objects which were selected to represent Staffordshire as part of the wider ‘A History of the World’ project.”

The 10 participating museums include Staffordshire County Museum, Shugborough; The Wedgwood Museum, Barlaston, Stoke-on-Trent; The Potteries Museum and Art Gallery, Stokeon-Trent and The Nicholson Institute, Leek.

Information about the museums trail is available at o at each of the participating venues.

The museums trail will end on Monday, 6th September, with the winner of the prize draw announced by 20th September.

Classified Advertising 01260 273 737 Company told to do the right thing and pay back deposits

Trading standards has ersuaded an errant comany to do the right thing. Customers in the Cheshire East Council area com-

lained that they had handed over deposits for home improvements which were never carried out and that requests for refunds were ignored.

Similar cases were recorded in Staffordshire.

After an investigation, the deposits, totalling almost £5,000, have been returned by the company, which has not een named by the council. The council’s trading standards team is now working with the company in an effort to ensure that the situation does not arise again.

No further action is being taken.

Coun Rachel Bailey, Cabinet member with responsibility for safer and stronger communities, said: “It is encouraging that trading standards were able to resolve these complaints without resorting to legal action.

“The money has been returned and the company is now co-operating with our officers.

“This shows that good working relationships between law enforcers and local businesses can benefit the local community.”

Kay Roberts, Cheshire East Council’s consumer protection and investigations manager, added: “It is a good opportunity to remind business that Cheshire East trading standards team is here to offer legal advice and support local business to help them comply with the legislation which we enforce.”




The Maskery


Bulls Head

The Chronicle, Thursday, 26th August, 2010. 7

Opera singer Alexander hoping to hit right note

Hopeful: Mr Grove.

A professional opera singer from Congleton could soon be performing with Dame Kiri Te Kanawa, one of the world’s leading sopranos, at BBC Radio 2’s prestigious Proms in the Park.

Alexander Grove, originally of Astbury Street and a former student of Terra Nova School near Holmes Chapel, has reached the final of a nationwide competition to find opera’s next big star.

He will compete on Friday, 3rd September, in London and if he wins, will perform at Hyde Park and attend a three-week residential course at the Solti Te Kanawa Academia in Italy.

The 32-year-old, who currently lives in Sweden, was shortlisted from 600 hopefuls and is among five to get this far.

His mother Susan, who lives in Congleton, said she is “extremely proud” of what her son has achieved so far: “When I went to the semi-final I was leaping up and down and I’ll make sure to have everyone tuning into Radio 2 on 3rd September to hear Alexander. He is a fantastic singer — just like Pavarotti.”

Between the ages of eight and 13, Mr Grove studied at St Paul’s Cathedral Choir School, before winning a scholarship at Bishop Stortford College.

He then studied at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester and prior to setting his sights on the international stage, was a regular at nearby Clonter Opera at Swettenham.

(Submitted photograph).

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