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4 The Chronicle, Thursday, 6th October, 2011.

Public Notices

PLEASE NOTE: The Theatre Bar is open from 7.00 p.m.

Tuesday 18th - Saturday 22nd October Tickets from Congleton TIC (01260) 271095

or Edna Ferriday (01260) 276371

Tickets: Tues. £8.00 no concessions, Wed/Thurs £9.00 no concessions

Friday £10.00, Children £7.00, Sat Matinee £7.00 no concessions

Sat evening £10.00 no concessions Start times 7.30 p.m., Matinee 2.00 p.m.

The Bleeding Wolf Public House and Restaurant Scholar Green, Cheshire. Tel: 01782 782272

Traditional and Speciality Fayre

Served lunch time and evenings Monday - Friday

All day Saturday and Sunday.

Traditional Sunday Carvery

12 noon till 3 p.m.


Starts Tuesday, 11th October

Senior Citizens’ Wednesday Lunchtime Special now served


Saturday, 29th October NEXT QUIZ - 16th OCTOBER Bookings highly recommended We are able to cater for parties as well as private/corporate functions P7196h

Public Notice


Notice is hereby given that the Audit of Accounts of the Cheshire Police Authority for the financial year 2010/11 has been completed pursuant to the Audit Commission Act 1998 and the Accounts and Audit Regulations 2011. Any local government elector for the areas of Cheshire, Halton and Warrington may, upon application to Liz Lunn, Treasurer at the address below (tel. 01606 364109), request a copy of the signed statement of accounts for the year ended 31st March, 2011 on payment of the required fee. Copies of the above documents can also be inspected at the address below, or viewed online at Mark Sellwood, Chief Executive & Monitoring Officer, Cheshire Police Authority Constabulary H.Q., Oakmere Road, Winsford, CW7 2UA. 3rd October, 2011. C7128h

Stoke-on-Trent City Council Designation of an Area of Tunstall for Selective Licensing 2011.

Stoke-on-Trent City Council, in exercise of their powers under Section 80 of the Housing Act 2004 hereby designates for selective licensing the area in Tunstall as described in paragraph 4. There was no requirement for the designation to be confirmed by the Secretary of State and a general approval under Section 58 of the Housing Act 2004 (“the Act”) has been applied. The approval in question is the ‘Housing Act 2004: Licensing of Houses in Multiple Occupation and Selective Licensing of Other Residential Accommodation (England) general Approval 2010’. Citation, Commencement and Duration 1) This designation may be cited as the Stoke-on-Trent City Council Designation for an Area of Selective Licensing 2011. 2) This designation is made on 5 August 2011 and shall come into force on 5

November 2011. 3) This designation shall cease to have effect on 5 November 2016 or earlier if the city council revokes the scheme under Section 84 of the Act. Area to Which the Designation Applies 4) This designation shall apply to what is to be hereby known as Area 1- the

Pinnox Street Area and Area 2- the Bond Street Area in Tunstall. It shall apply to the following streets as delineated and edged red on the map at annex A. Area 1 Area 2 Pinnox Street Hardy Street Hand Street Smith Child Street Gibson Street Bond Street Williamson Street Newfield Street Railway Street St Aiden’s Street Parsonage Street Bank Street Hawes Street Henry Street Madison Street 1- 65 Summerbank Road 365- 479 High Street. Application of the Designation 5) This designation applies to any house which is let or occupied under a tenancy or licence within the area described in paragraph 4 unless – a) the house is a house in multiple occupation and is required to be licensed under Part 2 of the Act; b) the tenancy or licence of the house has been granted by a registered social landlord; c) the house is subject to an Interim or Final Management Order under Part 4 of the Act; d) the house is subject to a temporary exemption under Section 86 of the Act; or e) The house is occupied under a tenancy or licence which is exempt under the

Act (Section 70 (4) and SI 370/2006) or the occupation is of a building or part of a building so exempt as defined in The Selective Licensing of Houses (Specified Exemptions) (England) Order 2006 SI 370/2006. Effect of the Designation 6) Subject to sub paragraphs 5(a) to (e) every house in the area specified in paragraph 4 that is occupied under a tenancy or licence shall be required to be licensed under Section 85 of the Act. 7) Stoke-on-Trent City Council will comply with the notification requirements contained in Section 83 of the Act and shall maintain a register of all houses registered under this designation, as required under Section 232 of the Act. Date and authentication by Stoke-on-Trent City Council: 5 August 2011. Please note for applications for a licence, for general advice or to inspect the designation please contact the Housing Standards Team at the address below. Housing Standards Team Stoke-on-Trent City Council Civic Offices Glebe Street Stoke-on-Trent ST4 1HH. Tel: 01782 236107 Email: Any landlord, managing agent or tenant within the designated area should seek advice from the city council on the details above on whether their property is affected by the designation. It is a criminal offence to rent out a property in a selective licensing area without a licence. A landlord can be fined up to £20,000 on conviction. It is also an offence to breach the conditions of the licence and the landlord can be fined of up to £5,000 on conviction. If a landlord has been convicted of failing to apply for a licence a Rent Repayment Order can be made against them. The city council or a tenant can then apply for up to 12 months rent to be re-paid back to them by the landlord. Annex a – Paragraph 4: Maps of Designated Area

Area 1- Pinnox Street Area

Area 2- Bond Street Area




NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Staffordshire County Council, on 04 October 2011, made an Order the effect of which is to prohibit any vehicle from proceeding in the following lengths of roads in Biddulph for a distance of approximately 10 metres from their junctions with A527 Congleton Road. Halls Road, Wrexham Close, Fountain Court, Smithy Lane, Mow Lane, Grange Court, Woodhouse Lane and Marshgreen Road unless the vehicle is being used in connection with the works. Residents will be notified of access arrangements as the work progresses. The preferred alternative routes for traffic will be as follows: Halls Road – Wedgewood Lane, Mow Lane and vice versa. Wrexham Close – no diversion route available Fountain Court – no diversion route available Smithy Lane – Woodhouse Lane, A527 Congleton Road and vice versa. Mow Lane – Wedgewood Lane, Halls Road and vice versa. Grange Court – no diversion route available. Woodhouse Lane – Smithy Lane, A527 Congleton Road and vice versa. Marshgreen Road – Baileys Bank, A527 Congleton Road and vice versa. THE ORDER WILL COME INTO OPERATION ON 11 OCTOBER 2011, AND THE SAID WORKS WILL COMMENCE ON OR AS NEAR AS PRACTICABLE TO THAT DATE. IT IS ANTICIPATED THAT THE WORKS WILL BE COMPLETED BY 07 DECEMBER 2011. CLOSURES OF EACH ROAD ABOVE WILL NOT BE CARRIED OUT SIMULTANEOUSLY AND DATES INDICATING WHEN EACH CLOSURE WILL COMMENCE WILL BE SIGNED ON SITE. The Order will remain in force for a period of 18 months or until the carriageway resurfacing works, which it is proposed to carry out on or near the road, have been completed, whichever is the earlier. Date: 06 October 2011 John Tradewell, Director of Law and Democracy County Buildings, Martin Street, Stafford ST16 2LH Ref: N15198; Enquiries: Mrs Stewart; Tel: 0300 111 8020

1994 Marriage (Approved Premises) Act 2004 Civil Partnership Act

Application for premises to be approved as a venue for civil marriage and civil partnership and civil partnership

Notice is hereby given that I, Mat alsh, have applied to Cheshire Eas Council for approval to be given for the remises described below to be use as a venue for civil marriage and civil artnership:

Peck’s Restaurant,

The Application together with a pla of the premises that shows the precise location of the proposed ceremon oom(s) will be available for public inspection at:

The Register Office, Delamere House,

Chester Street, Crewe, CW1 2LL.

Any person wishing to object to the Grant of Approval should write, stating he reasons for the objection, to The Superintendent Registrar, The Registe Office, Delamere House, Chester Street, Crewe, CW1 2LL. Please telephone 01270 375210 for further information. Objections should be made within 21 da s. C7205h

1994 Marriage (Approved Premises) Act 2004 Civil Partnership Act Application for premises to be approved as a venue for civil marriage and civil partnership


m o o r l a n d s D I S T R I C T C O U N C I L



Application No:- 11/00823/FUL

Applicant:- Mr. Marshall Boffey

Location:- Higher Overton Farm,

Overton Road, Congleton.

Proposal:- Erection of a single E-3120 50kW

Endurance wind turbine This application is a departure from the development plan and affects the setting of a listed building

The case officer is Rachael Simpkin.

The application can be viewed online at (click on Public Access Planning). A copy of the application may be inspected at the Planning Reception, Leek Councils Connect, Moorlands House, Stockwell Street, Leek, ST13 6HQ, from 8.45 a.m. to 5.15 p.m. Monday to Thursday and from 8.45 a.m. to 4.45 p.m. on Fridays. Alternatively the application can be viewed strictly by prior arrangement at the Biddulph Councils Connect and Cheadle Councils Connect. Please ring 0345 605 3013 to make the necessary arrangements, allowing at least three days' notice. Any person who wishes to make representations about the application should do so by writing within 28 days of the date on this notice, to the Planning Applications Manager at the above address. Letters will be acknowledged. The outcome of the application will be available to view online within two days of the decision being reached, or alternatively you may contact our Customer Services Team on 0345 605 3013. It should be noted that any representations made about the application will be available for public inspection and copy. Please note the application reference number when writing and telephoning. C7149h

Cheshire East councillors Rhoda Bailey and


Sedgwick Riley Ltd., of 235 Par ane, Macclesfield, SK11 8AA, has applied for a premises licence fo 30-34 Lawton Street, Congleton, CW12 1RS, for the sale of alcohol an late night refreshment, showing o lms, playing live music and playing ecorded music. The application can be viewed a unicipal Buildings by appointment. Any interested party may make epresentations in writing to The icensing Authority, Municipal uildings, Earle Street, Crewe, Cheshire, CW1 2BJ, by 28th October,

011. It is an offence to make knowingl or recklessly, a false statement i connection with an application an he maximum fine for this is level 5 (currently £5,000). P7159h



Annual General

Meeting Come along and hear what is going on in Holmes Chapel....

....and have your say! AT THE VICTORIA CLUB Wednesday, 26th October at 19.30


Notice is hereby given that we, effery Lockett and Anita Lockett, have applied to Cheshire East Council fo approval to be given for the premises described below to be used as a venue for civil marriage and civil partnership:

The Music Room and Gallery,

at Clonterbrook Farm Swettenham Heath, Congleton,

Cheshire, CW12 2LR. The Application together with a pla of the premises that shows the precise location of the proposed ceremon oom(s) will be available for public inspection at:

The Register Office, Delamere House, Chester Street, Crewe,

CW1 2LL.

Any person wishing to object to the Grant of Approval should write, stating he reasons for the objection, to The Superintendent Registrar, The Registe Office, Delamere House, Chester Street, Crewe, CW1 2LL. Please telephone 01270 375210 for further information. Objections should be made within 21 days. C7168h

Classified Advertising 01260 273 737

Andy Barratt

Will be holding a Councillors’ Surgery




Sandbach Road, Church Lawton, ST7 3RA

from 12.30 to 2.30 p.m. No appointments necessary.


Alpha at Trinity

12 week course introducing Christian faith.

Have a meal together, listen, share, discuss. • Relaxed friendly atmosphere • Atheists welcome • Saintliness optional

Thursdays from 7.00 p.m. beginning 27th October

In Nelson Room Trinity Methodist Church Hall To register or further enquiries

01260 270899

C7172h Cheshire East has ‘no plans’ to bring back weekly bin collections

By Chris Young Households in east Cheshire will not go back to weekly bin collections, despite Government claims that they are a “basic right”.

Communities Secretary Eric Pickles last week said that the Government would encourage councils to collect waste once a week, and planned to udget £250m to reward those that did.

But the Cheshire East councillor in charge of bin collections said the authority had “no plans” to switch to weekly collections. Coun Rod Menlove also said the new silver bin (for all recyclable waste) scheme was estimated to save £1m next year and weekly collections could scupper that.

Mr Pickles said councils that guaranteed weekly bin collections for five years would be eligible for the money.

Coun Menlove, Cabinet member for environmental services, said: “Since Cheshire East

Council was formed in 2009, we have been operating alternate weekly collections for recycling and household waste. This system has helped us to become the highest recycling local authority in the North West with 49.4% of all waste being recycled. The average for the North West is 35.7%.

“We are currently in the middle of rolling out our new silver bin recycling system. The scheme is now well established in the south of Cheshire East and will be rolled out in the north of the borough next week.

“We have had an excellent response in the south, and responses to a customer satisfaction survey showed over 97% said they recycle and 88% said the new ‘sorted in one scheme’ persuaded them either to start recycling or recycle more.

“It has taken two years to plan and implement this new scheme which has seen an increase in recycling rates and a continual decrease in the amount of waste going to landfill. We have no plans to switch to weekly waste collections.

“In addition to the environmental benefits the new scheme is expected to result in over £1m of savings for the council taxpayer in one year.”

Silver wheelie bins are used for all recyclable waste and are collected fortnightly, alternating with regular waste collections. The scheme started in the south, including Alsager, Sandbach and much of Congleton, in May, and this week launched in the north, including Gawsworth, Eaton and parts of Congleton.

The council said recycling had reduced the amount of waste sent to landfill, and so subject to landfill tax. A report predicted that the borough’s landfills would be full by 2018.

The Dogfather

Caring made all the difference for Pepe’s welfare

The Chronicle, Thursday, 6th October, 2011. 5

Cheshire Rose Interiors Ltd

The Bathroom & Wetroom Specialist

A Lovely Showroom that’s worth a visit …

01260 280 868



We Design,

We Supply,

We Install 6-9 Hopkins Close, Greenfield Rd, Back Lane, Congleton, CW12 4TR

£180k is being spent to improve walking trails

Some of east Cheshire’s most opular walking routes and picnic areas are to share in a package of improvements worth more than £180,000.

Cheshire East Council will spend the Forestry Commission grant of £180,397 on Brereton Heath Local Nature Reserve and Wheelock Rail Trail, both near Sandbach.

Timbersbrook picnic area and Biddulph Valley Way, near Congleton, and the Salt Line, which runs from Hassall Green to Alsager, will also benefit from the money.

It is part of a five-year programme in which improvements will be made to footpaths and steps while new stiles and kissing gates are to be installed. Brand new picnic benches and information boards will be erected as well as additional signage.

The grant money will also help the council to continue to develop the potential for flourishing wildlife, while funding is available to carry out woodland management, tree planting, hedgerow management on all the sites and the installation of 100 bird boxes on the Salt Line.

Coun Rod Menlove, Cabinet member with responsibility for environmental services, said: “This is great news for Cheshire East Council and it recognises the hard work shown by our Greenspaces and countryside service team in obtaining grants such as this.

“We were successful in gaining grants of around £135,000 to spend in the north of the borough last year and this money will help us to continue to provide first class countryside facilities.”

Coun Jamie Macrae, Cabinet member with responsibility for prosperity, added: “Cheshire East has a wealth of stunning countryside areas, of which we are very proud.

“I am confident that these improvement works will help to boost the visitor economy in the region and help us to continue to provide beautiful environment for our residents and visitors to enjoy.”

Shopping centre boosts charities

This year, the Potteries Shopping Centre at Hanley has donated £5,000 to help local charities in Staffordshire and south Cheshire.

The charities were: Burslem Ethical Trust, Hanley Stroke Group, Savana, Speight of the Art, 238 (Hartshill) Squadron Air Training Corps, YSS and Disability Solutions.

The money will help to fund rojects such as the purchase of a digital camera and printer dock to help record activities to show the rogress that stroke sufferers are making; securing a box trailer for a minibus to transport 48 Cadets to carry out their D of E projects as well as recruitment and training for volunteering mentors to support young people, adults and families who are at risk of social exclusion.

The shopping centre’s general manager, Paul Francis said: “It is important for us to be able to work with and support local charities that are located in the community in which we operate and this year we are delighted to be able to support a wide range of organisations.”

I try not to get emotional when dealing with troubled dogs.

I know from experience you cannot rehabilitate a distressed dog with affection but the young Portuguese pointer I named Pepe was a different story.

I spotted him sloping around the marina in Vilamoura totally isolated.

His poor condition and lack of self-esteem was obvious. The confident pack of stray dogs trotting around the harbour kept him at bay, putting Pepe in a very vulnerable position.

They were well-fed and secure while he was emaciated and frightened. I knew with time I could help him but with only a few days to spare it would be impossible.

I slept very uneasily knowing Pepe would not survive a long winter isolated from both human and canine contact. I confess I wept tears of frustration. Fortunately, I have an understanding wife and left our hotel early the next morning determined to try.

I called on all the local restaurants to ask if they knew of Pepe and found a waitress who had seen him on his lonely search for food.

I explained his forced isolation from the other dogs and asked her to help him.

We agreed the best places to leave food and water and exchanged email addresses so she could send updates.

As luck would have it, I got talking to a trainee vet in one of the local bars just as Pepe walked by. She offered to give him the medical care he so obviously needed and I left my contact details.

I don’t know what the future holds for Pepe. I do know he now has a much better chance of survival thanks to those kind ladies looking out for his welfare.

If we care enough, we can all make a difference.

You will find help on my website