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volume 2 – iSsue 82 – february 2010

The front

22 Threads: HECUBA The LA experimentalists take us deep into the City of Angels’ underground scene

28 Rise: SKY FERREIRa Pop’s Lolita prepares for the high life

30 Rise: GOSHA Rubchinsky The Russian designer goes against the grain

32 Rise: BENN NORTHOVER This beat poet-obsessed actor is on the rise

32 Line-Up: THE 99 Islamic superheroes team up with Superman

36 Head2Head: LIONESS & WILEY The king of grime meets the queen of rhyme

38 Fashion Archive: WILD AND LETHAL TRASH Fabulous excess from the trashiest label ever

40 Global: ICE HOUSE PROJECT Freezing Detroit homes in the name of art

44 Insider: SARAH MAPLE The controversial artist takes on America

46 Incoming: FASHION NEWS

54 Your History: MElanie Ward The iconic stylist on a life in fashion

56 Fashion Forward: Louis VUITTON Photographed by jasON KIBBLER Styled by KAREN LANGLEY

58 Fashion Forward: DOLCE & GABBANA Photographed by MEL BLES Styled by STEVIE WESTGARTH

62 Last Shot: ALESSANDRA SANGUINETTI Shooting Argentinian innocence the main stories

64 Flawless PRECIOUS Gabourey Sidibe debuts in the much-anticipated film version of Push

The fashion

90 Photographed by KACPER KASPRZYK Styled by ROBBIE SPENCER

110 Photographed by KARIM SADLI Styled by KAREN LANGLEY

The cover



100 Photographed by BEN TOMS Styled by KATIE SHILLINGFORD

74 Attack Music THESE NEW PURITANS DAVE.I.D. FACTORY FLOOR Dazed steps into the darkness with three uncompromising musical outsiders

68 Always Rebellion MENSWEAR Isaac Lock meets the designers radically deconstructing formality

82 The Amsterdam Chainsaw Massacre VIKTOR & ROLF Taking on the recession one massive cut at a time the bacK

122 Cult VIP: HAYAO MIYAZAKI At home with the emperor of anime

126 Q&A: MICHAEL CERA The geek chic king talks about his transformation into a heartthrob

128 Art: HUNG & DRAWN Duncan Campbell tackles the DeLorean myth; Marcus Coates becomes suburbia’s shaman; Thomas Demand creates the weird wallpaper of reality; art news; plus all this month’s hottest exhibitions

130 Literature: BOUND & FLOGGED On the road with hobo-writer Poe Ballantine; Clinic produce London’s sickest poetry nights; plus all this month’s best reads

132 Film: CUT & WRAPPED Satanism in Until The Light Takes Us; gangsters in A Prophet; revenge in 44-Inch Chest; Tom Ford’s A Single Man; killer futons in House; Iran’s indie scene in No One Knows About Persian Cats; plus this month’s reviews

136 Music: AGONY & ECSTASY Dream pop from Beach House; Marques Toliver’s violin-soaked soul; Active Child hits the road; Religious To Damn fuse east and west; Yeasayer’s horsey mixtape; X-posure; Wierd Records bring back the cold-wave; plus all this month’s Dazed & Approved releases

144 Social: SEEN & SHOT Dazed indulge in some serious Miami vice