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volume 2 – iSsue 83 – march 2010

The front the main stories

48 Threads:SOUTH LONDONART Introducing the city’s best collectives

54 Rise: ZIAD GHANAM Fashion gets extremely immoral

56 Rise: Lucy & Bart An art duo’s body-morphing roadshow

58 Rise: Holiday Grainger/Radical Friend Rising film star and psychedelic video art

60 Rise:robie shehan The mischievous Irish actor hits Hollywood

62 Rise:picturePlane Electronic sex freak beats

64 Insider: Chris Cairns Creates a hip hop hologram

110 More Than Human ROBERT BERGMAN America’s revered art photographer in his first ever UK interview

122 Spaced OutARTINSPACE Arts Catalyst are taking modern art to the final frontier

116 Wonder Girl Mia Wasikowska Tim Burton’s Alice talks Wonderland and teenage rebellion

126 Escape From LA! LIARS Experimental art-rock trio journey into the heart of Sisterworld

66 Insider: FOURTEEN-NINETEEN Teenage photographers step into the light

68 Insider:YOUR TWENTIES In the studio with the Metronomy offshoot

70 Fashion Archive: HALSTON Disco’s label returns to the dancefloor

72 Fashion Forward:STREETWEAR Photographed by COLIN DODGESON Styled by TRACEY NICHOLSON

80 Incoming: FASHION NEWS

90 Your History: Jeny Holzer The text art pioneer on a lifetime of truth augmented reality fashion augmented how it works reality

92 Fashion Forward:STREETWEAR Photographed by LINDA BROWNLEE Styled by CELESTINE CONEY

100 Head 2 Head: CARY FUKUNAGA &ALFONSO CUARON The directors talk Kubrick and more

102 Last Shot: JOHN ‘HOPPY’ HOPKINS The 60s photographer on his shooting fetish

The cover

Mia Wasikowska Wears top by MIU MIU Photographed by LAURENCE PASERA Styled byKATIESHILLINGFORD /ar

1 . maKe sure your computer i s connected to the i nternet and has a worKing webcam. duh.

2 . go to and allow your browser to acceSs the camera.

3 . when you see a blacK-and-white code on the fashion stories, hold the magazine open i n front of the webcam. Keep i t flat!

4 . s i t bacK and enjoy the show!

augmented reality Technology by outside l i ne

the fashion


144 Photographed by MEL BLES Styled by CATHY EDWARDS

154 Photographed by MAGNUS UNNAR Styled by JOANNASCHLENZKA

164 Photographed by WILL DAVIDSON Styled byKAREN LANGLEY

174 Photographed by DAVIDARMSTRONG Styled by ROBBIESPENCER

the bacK

188 Cult VIP: MICHAEL HOROVITZ Albion’s poet rages against political mendacity

192 Q&A: David LaChapele The LA photographer takes on the art world

194 Art: HUNG & DRAWN Marwan Sahmarani plus this month’s art news

196 Literature: BOUND & FLOGGED DeLillo, David Shields and Reality Hunger

198 Film: CUT & WRAPPED Mia-Hansen Love, Narcotic Farm and more

202 Music:AGONY & ECSTASY Plan B, Perfume Genius plus new music

208 Social:SEEN &SHOT Santa gets it on at our naughty nativity