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Juno TEMPLE wears jacket by Chanel Spring/Summer 1991, courtesy of the Chanel archive photography Kacper Kasprzyk styling KATIE SHILINGFORD






KROMANEK SELECTS ELAPURNEL 54 incoming: fashion news 64 KOUROSH YAGHMAEI 66 NEW DESIGNER: ANDREI AMADO 68 PUSHA T 70 Satellite voices 72 PARTY PAGE: LOVEBOX 74 ENGLISHMEN IN NEW YORK 80 nts radio 82 your history: PHIFE DAWG 84 head TO head: rankin vs tony grisoni 86 The Beach beneath the street 88 FASHION ARCHIVE: ISSEY MIYAKE 90 RAIN CHECK: photography FABIEN KRUSZELNICKI styling JOHN MCCARTY 96 DANIEL PINCHBECK: PROPHET MOTIVE #4



OF THE SHADOWS the understated actress JESSICA CHASTAIN finally steps into the spotlight

102 HIGH AND MIGHTY San Francisco’s finest sonic duo GIRLS talk cults, shady basements and creating record three 106 TOUGH NUT the go-to guy to play nutters and psychos TOM HARDY on creating a bright future from a dark past 108 DEAD BEAUTIFUL heavy metal meets androgyny in STEVEN SHEARER’s ethereal paintings 116 TEMPLE OF LOVE cover star JUNO TEMPLE talks knickers, freaks, fishbones and sexually provocative acting roles

The fAshIon

122 photography kacper kasprzyk styling karen langley, Katie Shillingford, robie spencer

The bAck

186 Cult VIP: psychedelic provocateur STURE JOHANESSON on a lifetime of creating politically challenging art 190 Q&A: DEVONTE HYNES the man now known as BLOD ORANGE turns his back on indie-pop and fires up the funk 192 Art: HUNG & DRAWN Viktor Timofeev; Georg Gatsas; Ryan Gander; New Jerseyy; this month’s ten best shows 194 Literature: BOUND & FLOGED TheHardyTree; TheIncomplete TimKey; NevadaRose:Inside TheAmericanBrothel 196 Film: CUT &WRAPED BillCunninghamNewYork; TheSkinILiveIn; TheInterrupters; the month’s best films reviewed 200 Music: AGONY & ECSTASY Thundercat; Bleeding Knees Club; Plateaus; Fatima; Bubbles; Cold Showers; Twin Sister;


Sleep∞Over; Clocks & Whistles; Jacuzzi Boys; Rok Lok; Lapalux; plus all this month’s Dazed & Approved releases ast Shot: HEIN-KUHN OH the Korean photographer recalls a mystery boy at Mardi Gras

Is month on Exclusivefashionfilms, mixtapes and more…

p h o t o g r a p h y

K a c p e r

K a s p r z y kstyli n g



J u n o t e m p l e w e a r s j a c k e t b y

C h a n e l

S p ri n g/ S u m m e r

1 9 9 1 c o u r t e s y o f t h e

C h a n e l a r c hi v e