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Contents – September 2011

‘Abbado seems to wallow in impending death; Barenboim looks past the pathos and finds life’ Ken Smith on Daniel Barenboim’s DVD of Mahler’s Symphony No 9 – page 89

Letters Neglected George Lloyd; Baroque DVDs


editor’s choice An Earth-shaking Fidelio from Abbado; Lise de la Salle, back on form for Liszt; Miklós Rózsa’s wonderful Cello Concerto


S o u n d b i t e S

L t d i c m u s i e m


e h r h a r d t i n a b e t t


p h o t o g r a p h y

For the record Gramophone’s Artist of the Year shortlist; the next Glyndebourne chief is announced;

a new label from Paul McCreesh


a conversation with… …the violinist and conductor Gábor Takács-Nagy, on interweaving football and music in his new Manchester job



Cellist Daniel Müller-Schott on his lifelong love of Britten’s music and Britten’s love of the Baroque


one to watch At a time when Warner Classics aren’t signing many new artists, violinist Rachel Kolly d’Alba is set to be their new star


richard eyre As the director pens his last Gramophone column, he agonises about the difficulties as well as the delights of writing about music


biography oF an instrument The fascinating story of Handel’s organ,

its restoration and rebirth


F e A t u R e S

abbey road, a history From Elgar to Domingo, the world’s most famous recording studios have witnessed classical music history (with a bit of pop thrown in!). Martin Cullingford investigates


the heroism oF kent nagano A maestro who made his name with musical rarities has brought his Montreal Symphony back to the mainstream


the canonisation oF nieLsen

It’s Nielsen’s time to join the greats


the gramophone coLLection Which recording of Elgar’s Second Symphony is the must-have?


e n C o R e musicaL journeys Dawn Upshaw as festival curator in Ojai; personal reflections on Cardiff Singer of the

World; early music in Stockholm


pick oF the musicaL month Great events, from Southwell Minster to Symphony Hall, Boston


audio and visuaL The lastest moves in stereo networking


my music Rock and musical theatre icon Murray Head reveals his gradual but intense love affair with classical music


Elgar and Menuhin at Abbey Road Studios 30

Kent Nagano, the maestro in Montreal 38

GRAMOPHONE september 2011 3