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Green Parent The

Editor e-mail Assistant Editor e-mail Editorial Assistant

Melissa Corkhill Amy Schofield Lucy Corkhill

Art Director e-mail

Jez Harris


Sarah Daly, Fiona Doubleday, Mary English, Sandra Geere, Bella Griffin, Maeve Hosea, Gareth Lewis, Imogen Makepeace, Jo Middleton, Marina Robb, Allie Rodgers, James Russell, Annie Spencer, Rosalyn Spencer, Marina Velez, Amy Warburton, Anna White

The Green Parent magazine PO Box 104, Lewes, BN7 9AX Tel 01825 872858

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We are an editorially led magazine, which means insightful non-biased journalism. A limited amount of advertising space is available to those companies with a strong ethical, environmental ethos. And The Green Parent really works for those businesses keen to promote their products to a conscious audience:

“Thank you for the great response I received from my advert. The Green Parent is the perfect media for me to promote my business.” Lee Ann, Usborne

“The Green Parent has provided a great magazine for Weleda to promote its natural bodycare range because it is a genuine publication that shares our brand values” Susie at Weleda

The Green Parent is printed by Cambrian Printers on recycled paper using vegetable-based inks. Distributed by Diamond Magazine Distribution Ltd throughout the UK, USA and Canada. The Green Parent is a member of INK (independent news collective), an association of radical and alternative publishers. The Green Parent is published by Green Parent Publications ©2006. All rights reserved. Reproduction in part or whole without permission is strictly prohibited. While every effort is made to ensure accuracy we cannot take responsibility for losses resulting from publishing errors, however caused. The opinions expressed in this publication are not to be considered those of the publisher, who accepts no liability of any nature arising out of or in connection with the contents of this magazine.

Competition guidelines Entering a competition will be seen as acceptance of these rules • The closing date for competitions is 30th November 2006 unless otherwise stated • Only one entry per person per competition is permitted • No responsibility is accepted for entries that are lost, delayed or damaged in the post • Entries can be sent to the address above or emailed to . Please supply name, address, telephone number and email address and mark clearly which competition you are entering • Illegible or incomplete entries will not be accepted • No cash alternative to any prize is offered • The editor’s decision is final. No correspondence will be entered into • Your details will not be passed onto any third parties except where you have requested promotional literature. The winner’s details may be passed to the company in question in order that they can send the prize.


UK: £17.50/YEAR (6 ISSUES) EUROPE: £25/YEAR REST OF WORLD: £35/YEAR contents October/November 2006 issue 13 22



Main features 8The New Colour An exploration of Indigo Children with Mary English 12Teenage Kicks How rites of passage can benefit our adolescents 16Halloween Amy Warburton concocts some magickal treats for families

Bumps birth and beyond 41Birth corner What to do when you feel blue during pregnancy 42Talk to the hand Babysigning and how it can bring you closer to your baby 46Breastfeeding Ten reasons to breastfeed for the health of your child

Family Life 15Off-shore news Bella Griffin posts from the heart of Mongolia 19Sunday Selection Reclaim relaxing family Sundays 48Understanding the cycle of life Lucy Corkhill encourages talking to children about death 52Dia de los muertos An ancient Mexican fiesta unearthed by James Russell 82Parent Coach Lorenza Clifford inspires and motivates home workers 98The best: Family board games

Learning 21Education Special All you wanted to know about green education 22Natural learning What the great outdoors has to offer our children 24Home is where the heart is Families who home educate share their stories 27Let’s get busy Educational activities for all ages 28Green Education Gareth Lewis extols the virtues of pure mathematics

29Back to School Eco-equipment for the green student

30Flexible friends How yoga helps children to learn

33Human Scale Education How one mother set up her own small school

37An holistic approach Alternative ways to tackle bullying

Health and Beauty 57Your child’s health Ask our naturopath about school phobia

58Your health Superfood of the month and gorgeous beauty goodies

59Holistic Health How exercise benefits pregnant women


Food and drink 61What’s in season? Seasonal fare and cider tasting

62Fungi Foray Wild mushroom recipes

Bookmark 54Great Little Reads Our favourite bedtime stories


55Adult Bookshelf The latest big reads

House and garden 65Gardening by the moon How the lunar cycle affects your plants

66Square root Sandra Geere shares her knowledge of Square Foot Gardening

68Secret life of plants The therapeutic benefits of chamomile

69Ethical money Entrepreneur and mum, Kelly Raines shares her story

Green Travel 70Volunteering The diary of Marina Velez in Nepal with her young daughter

Ethical Fashion 74Threads for kids Some of our favourite new designs

75Green is glamorous Maeve Hosea meets gorgeous green fashion designers


Regulars 3 Welcome 6 Our mailbag 7 Out and about: what’s happening in October 79 Horoscopes 81 How to subscribe

Competitions 58 Win wheatgrass products 81 Organic beauty products for every new subscriber 86 Win a children’s bike 88 Win gorgeous glass jewellery 88 Win funky t-shirts for babies 90 Fantastic real nappy offer 90 Win a complete set of babysigning books 96 Win organic lavender oil

Marketplace NEW ethical living section with everything in it. From organic box schemes to alternative schools Take a look at what’s inside on page 83.

Green Kids The free children’s eco magazine inside is packed with activities and games to keep small hands busy.

The Green Parent 5