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HOUSE AND GARDEN 49 NATURAL LIVING Abundance of nature and the crab apple tree 50 SECRET LIFE OF PLANTS Healing benefits of golden rod 51 GREEN KITCHEN Ways to turn your space into a cleaner, greener home WELLBEING 57 HEALTH NEWS Homeopathic skincare and the effect of media on our children 58 COPING WITH SAD Natural remedies and techniques to alleviate seasonal depression GREEN TRAVEL 75 WHERE TO GO Cycling in Jersey and making the best of the capital 76 BEST OF BRITISH Exploring the delights of Hampshire from eco pods to country parks ETHICAL CLOTHING 79 SLOW FASHION Nettles as fabric and pioneering eco fashion REGULARS 38 HOW TO SUBSCRIBE 80 ASTROLOGY 81 NEXT ISSUE 83 GREEN LIVING PAGES 15 pages of news, ideas and competitions.

� Have your say in our new letters page for The Green Parent via email, Twitter, Facebook or good old pen and paper. The Green Parent, PO Box 104, East Hoathly, Lewes, BN7 9AX meet our readers { { Awen Clement,
31 lives in Birmingham with her husband Steve, 37, and their three children, Charlotte, 10, Tyler, five, and Eleni, nine months.
Describe yourself: Creative, thoughtful, caring
Favourite read/film: Notes from an Exhibition, Patrick Gale/Ladyhawke
Best place in the world: Snowdonia
Most memorable experience: Probably a cliché but the births of my children
Hobbies: Reading, painting, gardening, walking
Pets: A black cat named Mog Favourite edible treat: Cheese

Rose Glendinning, 46 lives in Southampton with husband Brian and her 15 year old son, Daniel. Describe yourself: Closet earth mother! Favourite read: Patricia Cornwell Best place in the world: At home with family and pets Most memorable experience: Having my son with my mother present Hobbies: Green issues, campaigner for use of cloth nappies, growing own veg and chicken keeping Do you have any pets: 4 cats, 3 dogs, 8 chickens Favourite edible treat: Green and Blacks chocolate

Louise Revie, 35 is married to her childhood sweetheart, Martin and they have four daughters; Olivia, 11, Charlotte, nine, Emily, seven and Isabella, three. Louise is expecting her fifth in Jan 12. Describe yourself: Loyal, stubborn, caring Favourite read: The Green Parent Best place in the world: Home Most memorable experience: The birth of each of my girls Pets: Puddles, our black lab, Belle and Casper the cats and Sammy the fish! Edible treat: Green & Blacks butterscotch milk chocolate

Natalie Roberts,
lives in Wrexham, North Wales with her husband John and their two children, Evan, five, and Abbie, two. Describe yourself: Creative, thrifty, caring
Favourite read/film: Of Mice and Men
by John Steinbeck
Best place in the world: My bed Most memorable experience: Evan meeting his little sister Abbie for the first time
Hobbies: Writing and spending family time at our allotment Pets: No
Favourite edible treat: Green and Blacks organic chocolate

Gemma Whiting, 28
lives in Middlesex with her female partner and their first child – a son who is two weeks old. Describe yourself: Organised, kind, good sense of humour
Favourite read/ film: Harry Potter Best place in the world: Corner of the campsite looking over Chesil beach
Most memorable experience: Water skiing on a Canadian lake Hobbies: Gardening, cinema, walking Pets: Two rescue cats, a long haired torti and a short haired black. Favourite edible treat: Chocolate cake

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