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Tone you always dreamed of. Playability you never imagined.

Inspired by the classic tones of early instruments, yet benefitting from the latest

design and manufacturing methods, Yamaha ProCustom saxes represent the

finest instruments we have ever made.

We’ve worked with some of the world’s greatest instrumentalists to

produce this range. People like Phil Woods and

Jean-Yves Fourmeau have given their time

in the quest for the perfect saxophone.

Never compromise your technique or expression in

the search for tone again.

Find out more by visiting us online. October2009 Contents

Jazzwise Regulars 4-8 NewsLatest London Jazz Festival line-up… Polar Bear unveil latest album title…Gwilym Simcock releases new album… Band On The Wall opens… and all the latest news and gossip from the world of jazz

13 The Way it isState funding is key to the health of jazz in the UK, says Stuart Nicholson. But are politicians ready to act or just cut, cut, cut

14 Jazz on film 16-17 Taking offDrummer James Maddren and Alexander Hawkins are the ones to watch

36-50 CD reviews 52 Books and DVDs 55 The PlayerMike Walker on his favourite guitars

56 Instrument reviewsAll the latest instrument reviews and news

58-59 Live reviews 60-62 Gig guideYour guide to this month’s must-see gigs

64 SubscriptionsSave money and grab a great, new Freddie Hubbard Blue Note CD for free

66 LettersWrite in – have your say

18 EmpiricalEmpirical return with a new band line-up and a deeply felt, sophisticated take on Eric Dolphy on their new album Out ’n’ In

22 Keith Jarrett An extraordinarily candid interview with the great pianist who recalls the turmoil in his life as he recorded two solo concerts in Paris and London

26 Portico QuartetPortico Quartet let it all hang out as they hunker down in Abbey Road for new album

28 Ronnie Scott’sJazzwiseventures back to Soho in the late-1950s as it celebrates 50 years of Ronnie Scott’s club

34 Abram WilsonThe New Orleans trumpeter returns with a new album inspired by Barack Obama

Portico Quartet, p26