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014 > EDITORIAL 020 > GALLERY: instinct 034 > MOST WANTED Treat yourself

044 > SPY NETWORK Notes from the international news desk 052 > READERS' GALLERY Your skills make the grade

056 > MARK MY WORDS Mark calls the cable guy 058 > MAYBE TOMORROW Stuck out on the western edge of the Sahara, Mauritania has been wracked by years of political turmoil, racial tension and grinding poverty. Slavery has only been outlawed in the last few years, yet is still fairly common. In his column this issue, Miguel Willis recounts a trip he took with his brother Mateo, after being commissioned to make a film documentary at the scene of the world's biggest shipwreck graveyard. And after hearing of travellers complaining of the strong desert winds, they thought it wise to pack a few kites, too

062 > INTRODUCING RANDY HEREMAN After suffering a torn ACL, one of the worst knee injuries a freestyle kiter could hope to sustain, this plucky young Dutch rider has fought his way back into top ten positions on both the KPWT and PKRA freestyle tour events

106 > TURN AND FACE Reo Stevens keeps you warm this winter by turning up the power in your top turns. His rails are still burning

110 > hit ‘n’ run We pull the Best Nemesis HP, RRD Type 9, North Vegas and the Flysurfer Pulse 2 out of the KayDubya van this issue

118 > THE SCIENCE OF KITEBOARDING Part Two: The Core 4. Adam Von Ins returns with more theory surrounding our power source

120 > ALL THE GEAR, NO IDEA? Ken Russell morns the death of the figure of 8

130 > MOTOR DRIVE: INTERMEDIATE Damien Leroy leads the way with back loop and hand plant transitions

132 > MOTOR DRIVE PROJECT: SLIM CHANCE On the blackboard this issue, the hooked-in sent and unhooked front rolls; the gifts that will take you closer to the slim chance

138 > REVIEWS This issue we revel in Aaron Hadlow's freestyle mastery as we get our hands on his eagerly awaited instructional DVD, courtesy of Fat Sand

042 > these things i know: Morton Gjerstad Ace snowkite film-maker Morton Gjerstad spills the contents of his brain

< KITEWORLD #31 10 y


068 > RIVER RUSHES You won't have heard of most of the people profiled in our feature on Hood River, but their diversity forms the backbone making up the uniquely vibrant atmosphere of the venue and embody the spirit of one of the USA's cult must-ride spots for travellers in search of strong winds

080 > ALL IN ON THE RIVER Police bribery and freezing waters are par for the course during a trip to Chile. A neverending helping of exquisitely formed left-handers will keep the souls of goofy footers warm, however. Jeff Pfeffer reports from behind the shelter of his camera on the local scene and spins another hearty kite travel yarn

090 > THREE'S A CROWD What do you do when there's perfect waves most days but it's too windy to surf on them by 11am. You learn to kite. There's a pocket of gentlemen, most of whom are approaching middle-age, who have found and settled in their dream spot in northern Peru. William Milne meets the men in charge of Pete Cabrinha's new ultimate kiting destination

102 > THE EVOLUTION OF A REVOLUTION Intrepid snowkiters adventure in the Wrangell Saint Elias mountain range in Alaska. At six times the size of Yellowstone, this is the largest park in the national park system and is home to the second highest mountain in the USA, Mount St. Elias

126 > CHEAP THRILLS Hood River hot shots, Ian Daly and Dylan Thompson, show you how to build your own slider in twenty minutes for under £150

Cover>Reo Stevens rushing in Hawaii Photo>John Bilderback

Contents>Hood River harmony Photo>Ethan Janson