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February 2012

REGULARS 7 Welcome 17 Savings Watch The best deals on the market this month 18 Fight for Your Rights Got a financial problem? We take up the fight

COLUMNISTS 21 Editor’s letter Energy price cuts are a shamble 35 George Pitcher People marry for love, not the tax breaks 37 Jeff Prestridge Saving the smart way 82 That’s Life with Esther Rantzen Calling all entrepreneurs UPFRONT8YourShout 11 Steal of the Month 16 Housing Market Round-Up SORTED! 26 Money Makeover 30 Your Finances Fixed COMPETITION 28 WIN a luxury two-night city break in Liverpool


The catchment system of placing kids in state schools is by no means a sweet deal for parents

22 Don’t let the Grim Reaper have the last laugh

Rip-off funeral fees mean we must plan for our final farewell if we don’t want relatives to be left shouldering the costs scam

38 Parents caught in the school catchment trap Part two in our series on Defending the British Family scam scam

42 Buy-to-let will lead the way in 2012 The residential property market remains on its knees but soaring rents mean buy-to-let is picking up steam 44 Our guide for first-time buyers Help and advice is on hand for those would-be homeowners getting ready to take the plunge



Is a university degree still necessary or a bit old hat?


Advice for first-time buyers looking to finally get their hands on some bricks and mortar


Duncan Bannatyne, self-made millionaire, on how to succeed at work

49 How to avoid those romantic rip-offs

Love doesn’t have to be blind: treat your partner this Valentine’s Day without breaking the bank 50 Get a fair deal on your car repairs Moneywise helps consumers fight back against the garages taking unsuspecting drivers for a ride

52 Don’t let a ski trip end up costing you an arm and a leg Why it’s best not to go off piste when it comes to winter holiday insurance work work

56 Is a university education worth the cost? Two successful businesspeople argue it out 58 How to get ahead in your career Some industry luminaries share their success stories scam


61 Andrew Pitts

The road map to prosperity points East 63 Investment News The equity exodus is short-sighted 64 The Briefing



Everything you need to know about the global fund sector 66 Buy,Hold, Sell James Henderson shares his winners and losers 68 What’s so special about JISAs?


Here’s our five-minute guide 69 The lowdown on ISAs Top 10 tips ahead of ISA season kick-off 72 Star managers hit the skids Recent poor performance has shaken investor faith in some of the biggest names in fund management


75 The best products at your fingertips

Our pick of the top products and investments for consumers and investors


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