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- The man who might have saved Greece (if he’d stayed longer in the shower)
- Johnny Grimond on when it’s good to swear
- Whatever happened to the silk top hat?

"The Oldie, a magazine that's wry, funny and eccentric - I read it with delight" Terry Wogan

Dubbed "the most original magazine in the country", The Oldie was launched 20 years ago by its current editor, Richard Ingrams. Having edited Private Eye for 23 years, Richard was keen to launch a new humorous monthly magazine which would appeal to those of us who felt the press had become overrun by marketing men and PR companies who were obsessed by celebrities.

The Oldie is about attitude - not age. It prides itself on great writing and the very best cartoons. Our contributors include Virginia Ironside, Candida Lycett Green, Marcus Berkmann, Elisabeth Luard and Valerie Grove. Unpredictable and eclectic, The Oldie refuses to conform to any political agenda but celebrates the eccentric. Regular columns include Modern Life, in which The Oldie tries to explain modern ideas like "chickenability"; I Once Met, chance encounters with the famous and infamous.

There is also a lively books and arts section, and, every quarter, we publish The Oldie Review of Books, a round-up of the reviews of the best books of the quarter. And, there are our monthly literary lunches at Simpson's-in-the-Strand. It's more of a club than a magazine.

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