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RUPERT GOOLD’s new production of Puccini’s epic masterpiece

Conducted by EDWARD GARDNER 8 Oct – 12 Dec 14 performances only

Featuring the classic aria ‘Nessun



The Turn

of the Screw Henry James’s ghost story in DAVID McVICAR’s award-winning production

A co-production with the MARIINSKY (KIROV) THEATRE Conducted by SIR CHARLES MACKERRAS 22 Oct – 9 Nov 6 performances only

ENO LIVE AT THE LONDON COLISEUM Book on 0871 911 0200 or at Illustration by Steve Rawlings. October 2009 Volume 60 No 10 Editor John Allison Deputy Editor Erica Jeal Publisher Fletcher Dhew Subscriptions Manager Megan Jackson

Editorial Board Martin Bernheimer Hugh Canning Rupert Christiansen Andrew Clark Andrew Clements Richard Fairman George Hall Michael Kennedy Fiona Maddocks Rodney Milnes (Chairman) Roger Parker Andrew Porter

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Subscriptions Telephone: 020 8748 0911 e-mail:

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Front cover: Will Hartmann as the Shepherd and Scott Hendricks as King Roger in Szymanowski’s opera at Bregenz (see pp. 1210-12) (photo: Karl Forster)

Founded in 1950 by the Earl of Harewood

Past Editors Harold Rosenthal

and Rodney Milnes

1171 Twilight of the twits

By the Editor 1172 Hildegard Behrens, 1937-2009

Peter Alward, Peter Hall, Nikolaus Lehnhoff, Anna Tomowa-Sintow and Franz Welser-Möst 1177 Readers’ letters 1180 People 371: Sondra Radvanovsky

Richard Fairman 1186 Ghost story

Kristin Cowdin on the return of Corigliano’s opera 1193 Newsdesk 1196 Tuned to freedom

John Allison reports from Cape Town Opera 1202 ‘One long hymn to pacifism’

Rodney Milnes looks at Offenbach’s ‘Rheinnixen’ 1206 Obituary 1208 Opera around the world 1249 Opera in Britain 1272 Opera on CD 1277 Opera on DVD 1280 Coming events

including plans for the UK houses; ‘We hear that …’; Opera calendar home and abroad 1295 Classified advertisements 1296 Wish I’d been there …

Iain Burnside

Opera, October 2009