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Over 160 Mouth Watering Vegan Recipes To Keep You Healthy

The recipes in Vegan Rustic Cooking are organised in sections: Soups; Fillings for sandwiches, toast and baked potatoes; Sauces; Main meals; Baked goods. There are even naughty fry-ups (all the fun without the health hazards!), omelettes, quiches, pizza and puddings galore! Each section is then arranged according to seasonal availability of the ingredients, starting with spring and working through to winter.

Vegan Rustic Cooking is packed with fibre-rich, low glycaemic index, star whole foods that encourage friendly gut bacteria and give more food for less calories. The useful index is arranged alphabetically not just by the recipe, but also by ingredients. This means you can select the available veggies from your garden or veggie box, look them up in the index and choose an appropriate recipe that uses what you have available! This will enable you to cook tasty food from the freshest, healthiest ingredients you can find, all year round.

Vegan Rustic Cooking is a fantastic resource for anyone wanting to make maximum use of seasonal produce.

The Author Diana White was a vegetarian for 23 years and has been a vegan for the last 12. She and her husband, Peter, grow their own fruit and vegetables vegan-organically. She is a trustee of the charity Vegan Organic Network.

ISBN 1 85623 034 1 PAGES 208pp SIZE 234 x 156mm BINDING Paperback

CODE VRC PRICE £9.95 + p&p

Available in the UK, Europe and Rest Of World from: Permanent Publications The Sustainability Centre, East Meon, Hampshire GU32 1HR, UK Tel: 0845 458 4150 (local rate UK only) or +44 (0)1730 823 311 Email: Web: Contents


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