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Prospect has acquired a reputation as the most intelligent magazine of current affairs and cultural debate in Britain. Both challenging and entertaining, the magazine seeks to make complex ideas accessible and enjoyable by commissioning the best writers, editing them vigorously and packaging their work in a well designed and illustrated monthly.

In the June 2010 trial issue, Bronwen Maddox examines “How the Greeks broke Europe”; Robert Hazell and Andrew Adonis look at the coalition’s ideological faultlines and ask “Will power sharing work?”; and “The fight of his life”, David Edmonds on how Labour MP Jon Cruddas held off the BNP.

Also featured in this issue: “Too much information”, we mapped the genome but failed to ask the right questions says Philip Ball; Tom Chatfield explores the “Triumph of the app”; and in Thailand and elsewhere in the developing world, the middle classes have turned against political freedom, is “Democracy in danger”?, Joshua Kurlantzick investigates.

Regulars features include: The pick of the month’s events, Diary (Coalition conumdrums, plus Brian Eno on the spread of ideas, Nigel Warburton on envy & Stephen Nickell on fair pay), Letters to the editor, Enigmas & puzzles and much more…


Contributors to the September 2006 trial issue include: Danny Kruger on David Cameron’s BIG IDEA; Kamran Nazeer on Pakistani Puzzles; Anatol Lieven on US Foreign policy; Kenneth Cukier on Network Neutrality and The Threat to the Net. The issue’s reviews include: Robert Chandler on Vasily Grossman and also Grossman’s story “The Dog”; Jonathan Rée on Christopher Hitchens; and Nicholas Humphrey on Niall Ferguson.


The Oct 2007 free trial issue comprehends “In Search of British Values” as the cover story, where 50 writers and intellectuals are asked what it means to be British. There is also an informative opinion piece, “Northern Rock Issues,” which investigates what led to the crisis in British banking.

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All subscribers will gain access to all 119 issues:

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