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WITNESS 45Iraq’s rebel democrats

BARTLE BULL Muqtada al-Sadr’s populist Shia rebels, who last year battled with US forces in Najaf, are now deeply involved in politics. They provide a case study of a rebel movement tentatively embracing democracy.

MY STORY 54Dilemma in the dock

ALEX McBRIDE It is my first case. I am defending two young men accused ofassault. Suddenly their interests diverge. What do I do?

COLUMNS 10Out ofmind

PAUL BROKS Music—solvent of the soul.

19Washington watch

TUMBLER The Brits are going European.

44France profonde

TIM KING Maybe Blairism doesn’t lead to hell.

53Brussels diary

MANNEKEN PIS Farewell Denis—you knew too much.

80These islands

PATRICK WEST The return of the football hooligan.

REGULARS 6Letters 8News & curiosities plus Enigmas & puzzles IAN STEWART 17Numbers game THE CRUNCHER 18Mini interview NICK CLEGG 75Classifieds 78The generalist DIDYMUS 79The list


68Blair’s slaggy prolespeak

JOHN LLOYD Piers Morgan regards politics as a branch of showbiz. And the politicians let him get away with it.


MICHAEL MOORCOCK In a parallel Westminster, my ex-lover is grooming herself for power.

REVIEWS 62The clank ofIrish bones

FINTAN O’TOOLE John Banville ignores the skeleton cupboard of Irish literature, preferring art and style to the nightmare of history. And that makes him Irish.

64A mortal nation too

LINDA COLLEY An inability to listen to others is common to the nationalism of small countries with troubled histories—like Israel. So why is it also true ofthe US?

66Evolutionary economics

BOB ROWTHORN By viewing economics as a cousin of biology, it is easier to see how small causes can have very big effects.

CULTURAL TOURIST 72Maestro ofthe Orkney isles

MAGNUS LINKLATER How did the Orkneys shape one of Europe’s most striking musical events? Plus news and listings.

COLUMNS 61Private view

BEN LEWIS Shit an’ tattoos.

70Musical notes

KAMILA SHAMSIE Wake up and hear the kafi.


DAVID HERMAN Marr’s triumph, Paxman’s disgrace.


David Willetts on the possible rebirth of Tory England

Joe Roeber on the arms industry

Stella Tillyard meets Alan Hollinghurst

Hans Kundnani on 1968 and Germany’s red-green rulers



Political Studies Association

PROSPECT June 2005 5