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54 Fear masquerading as tolerance Europe’s universalist values have

made integrating immigrants hard. christopher caldwell 60 The rise and rise of the corporation How the recession will boost

corporate power. colin crouch

science & technology 64 I drink, therefore I can Alcohol can help your creativity—if

opinions 18 We need an email tax It’s the only way to stop spam. edward gottesman 19 Why I didn’t vote ANC Jacob Zuma is a step too far for this

white liberal. mark gevisser 20 Those were the days The 1970s are unfairly maligned.

andy beckett 21 A happy equilibrium Keynes’s Russian ballerina wife kept

him alive. judith mackrell 22 The eastern shock Europe’s east is not homogeneous

but faces common worries. victor sebestyenfeatures 32 The meaning of Margaret Why I’m no longer a Thatcherite.

manufacturing. john rose 66 Videotaping the universe Astronomy has big plans. pedro ferreiracolumns 10 Political notes MPs woes. richard reeves 17 The life & opinions of Julian Gough I have solved the energy crisis! 24 Washington watch Joe Biden’s new puppy renegade 31 Crisis watch More crunch please. jonathan ford 37 Brussels diary Blair is back. manneken pis 49 Sporting life The IPL abroad. david goldblatt 63 China café Battles over bamboo. mark kitto 67 Lab report Erasing memories. philip ball 88 Letter from Paris May day madness. lucy wadham 96 Dear Wilhemina Prospect's new agony aunt.cover story26 Will the coming age of news be better than the old? Falling sales and profits augur badly for serious news. Is an online renaissance possible? steven johnson vs paul starr

you have the right gene. philip hunter 65 The nuclear option How nuclear power can revive British

david willetts 38 Where the wild things were Australia’s efforts to save its

endangered mammals. tim winton 44 A narrower Atlantic America and Europe are more alike

than you’d think. peter baldwin 50 The great dalit hope Can Mayawati, political queen of the

untouchables, become the next Indian PM? meghnad desai

arts & books 69 Looking for life after Hirst Is Mat Collishaw the future of

conceptual art? ben lewis 70 In possession of all the facts AS Byatt’s problem. julian evans 72 Cultural notebook The great Arab novel. sam leith 74 A New York miniature Colm Tóibín transports his readers to

1950s Brooklyn. william skidelsky 75 Smallscreen Generation Kill. peter bazalgette 76 Performance notes The Proms may be too diverse. martin kettle 77 A dedicated follower of fatuousness What on earth was Linda Grant

thinking? antonia quirke 79 Is inequality to blame for all social ills? Inequality is damaging—but let’s

not over-simplify. julian le grand 80 The way we were In a new feature, three extracts from

political diaries. ian irvine 81 Widescreen The art of editing. mark cousins

FICTION 82 Door in your eye Neighbourhood watch. wells tower

regulars 6 Letters 8 Prospect recommends 12 Diary 93 Enigmas & puzzles 94 The generalist 95 The Prospect list

next issue published 28th may

may 2009 · prospect · 5Mark Thompson interviewed on the future of the BBC john lloyd Cruelty and kindness in public life maggie gee The new politics of neuroscience matthew taylor