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Radical Philosophy

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Latest issue:

Eva von Redecker: Anti-Genderism and right‑wing hegemony
Francesco Di Bernardo : The impossibility of precarity
Dossier: Romantic Transdisciplinarity
Antonia Birnbaum: Adorno on the essay form
Stella Sandford: Freud, transdisciplinarity and German Romanticism
Olivier Schefer: Incompletion, reversibility, montage
Lucie Kim-Chi Mercier on books on Fanon
Lahiji and Andreotti on Kishik's The Manhattan Project
Ben Watson on Frank Zappa

Radical Philosophy is a UK-based magazine-style journal, appearing 6 times a year. It features major academic articles on current topics in European philosophy and leftwing political theory, along with commentaries, interviews and a large and lively reviews section. Radical Philosophy appeals to people with an interest in continental philosophy, radical politics and contemporary art – including Marxism, feminism, psychoanalysis, environmentalism, media and cultural theory.

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