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VOIVOD Canadian sci-fi metal adventurists Voivod this month release their final album, ‘Infini’, with guitar parts recorded by Denis ‘Piggy’ D’Amour before he died in 05. Speaking about the album, frontman Denis ‘Snake’ Bélanger said: “Time did its job and I think we are more able to focus on the thing with an objective point of view and less sentimentally, I mean it is still hurting when I hear some guitars and stuff, but this time it is way more positive.” Read more with the band at /

THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA Christian metalcore troupe The Devil Wears Prada’s new album ‘With Roots Above And Branches Below’ debuted at 11 in the US Billboard Top 200 in its first week. Guitarist Jeremy DePoyster said: “Everybody is really stoked, I definitely would never expect a band like us to be able to do something like this.” Of the record he added: “The last two records were from the perspective of this is who we are; this record is more of a support for people that do believe in the same things as us, or really do believe in anything.” Expect TDWP to tour the UK this autumn.


A PERFECT DAY WOULD BE… “By a nice lake in the mountains.” I WANT TO BE REMEMBERED FOR… “Putting my mark on music and on people’s lives.” I WISH I HAD NEVER SAID… “‘I’m not going to say that again’.”

I WISH I HAD SAID… “I never really regret anything.” I ALMOST BECAME… “A graphic designer. I still am, but not full-time.” I WOULD PUNCH… “George Bush.” I WOULD LIKE TO KISS… “Rob Halford.” THE STRANGEST DREAM I EVER HAD WAS… “Tripping on acid and being chased by zombies.” THE BEST ADVICE I CAN GIVE IS… “Do your best.” THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO ME IS… “Creating.” IF I COULD CHANGE ONE THING ABOUT THE WORLD… “War and poverty.” I RESPECT... “The underdog.” MY MOST MEMORABLE DAY AT SCHOOL WAS... “Graduating.” I LAST CRIED... “Last week.” THE LAST FILM I SAW... “The new James Bond film.” WHEN I DIE... “I want to be cremated.” The album ‘Static Tensions’ is out now on Prosthetic. Catch Kylesa on the Rock Sound Cave at GuilFest in July; see gig guide for dates.

PINK PUNK GET PHILOSOPHICAL Former One Minute Silence frontman returns

ink Punk, the socially-charged, motivational music project led by self-professed philosopher Brian ‘Yap’ Barry, release their second album ‘Zombie God Delicious’ next month. Two-and-a-half years in the making, the former One Minute Silence frontman told Rock Sound the album was the logical next step from debut album ‘Zoo Politics’. He explained: “It’s just a continuation, like the sequel of a movie, nailing the point home even more… just more refined. I think the title kind of sums up our society at present. It’s turned into a zombie and it’s also this delicious manner, if you like, and it’s all about God and so on. The dollar is God and so on, so it’s ‘Zombie

God Delicious’. We tried to cover that statement through music and words.” The album also features a sample from the legendary Bill Hicks on the track ‘Advertising’ – with net proceeds of the track being donated to The Bill Hicks Foundation For Wildlife Rehabilitation. Aside from Pink Punk, Yap has been busy writing two books and an acoustic album. “Everything is about the same thing – the person I am, the world I am stuck with and the world I love. It’s a continuous fi ght until the day I die. I believe my work is important, something good and positive, so I want to be able to keep putting it out there.” Get with the revolution at

NAME THE NINE RECKON YOU KNOW YOUR ALBUM ARTWORK? CAN YOU NAME THE NINE ALBUMS FEATURED ABOVE? If you can, send your answers to us at Please put ‘Name The Nine 124’ in the subject box, just so we know. One lucky person will win some really nice albums and whatever other goodies we have lying around. Entry deadline July 14. Congratulations to David Hartsmith who sussed out the correct answers for NTN 123! Your goodie bag is on its way! Here are the answers for NTN 123: TOP L-R Isis ‘Wavering Radiant’, Fightstar ‘Be Human’, Lacuna Coil ‘Shallow Life’ MIDDLE L-R Chimaira ‘The Infection’, Jeniferever ‘Spring Tides’, The Thermals ‘Now We Can See’ BOTTOM L-R The Living End ‘White Noise’, Calories ‘Adventuring’,

Propaghandi ‘Supporting Caste’

A ROUGH GUIDE TO… RICKY WARWICK THAT NAME RINGS A BELL… That’s probably because Mr Warwick used to be the frontman of Glasgow’s The Almighty – who Rock Sound have written about in the past.

SO, WHAT’S HE UP TO NOW? He’s continuing with his solo career and recently released ‘Belfast Confetti’, which is a “collection of gritty acoustic songs, full of passion, dirt, whisky and tales of a misspent youth in the land of the Emerald Isle” – or so the label tell us!

SOUNDS COOL… Indeed it is, and in July you’ll be able to check it out live in the flesh as Ricky hits the road playing with The Supersuckers frontman Eddie Spaghetti – who is also stepping out for a bit of solo action.

ARE WE ALLOWED TO MENTION THE ALMIGHTY? Feel free, as The Almighty is still a touring concern, but Ricky’s solo stuff is a different beast so don’t expect any encores of ‘Free ‘N’ Easy’!

‘Belfast Confetti’ is out now on Global Music / DR2.

[16] WIN!


HAVE YOUR SAY ON ROCK SOUND Hey you! Stop tweeting for five minutes and give us your views. In an effort to make sure we’re providing you with as much rock action as we possibly can, we want get your opinions

This year’s Reading and Leeds festival is sold out but, thanks to promoter Festival Republic, you could still be there. Over two sites and three days, headliners Arctic Monkeys, Kings Of Leon and Radiohead will be joined by the likes of Bloc Party, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Prodigy, Deftones and a host of others. Always popular with Rock Sound readers, the Lock-Up Stage is back for two days of the best punk, ska and rock ‘n’ roll with headliners Billy Talent and Rise Against, and there’s more to come in what is the festival bill of the summer. For more on the festivals go to:

on all things Rock Sound. Want more pictures of the Editor and less text? More pictures of Hayley Williams or Iron Maiden? Or do you just want more of the same? Now’s the time to speak up and have your say so we can carry on improving the mag and website. To say “thanks” we will enter you into a free prize draw to win a pair of VIP tickets to this year’s Reading and Leeds Festival. You’ll be the envy of your mates as not only will you get to see

all the bands play but you’ll get to schmooze with them in the guest area too. Sweet!


You’ll find the survey at:

We’ll need your name, address and contact details for your chance to win the tickets. If you don’t have access to the internet you can obtain a paper copy of the survey by sending a self

addressed envelope to: Rock Sound Ltd, Unit 22, Jack’s Place, 6 Corbet Place, London, E1 6NN


The draw is open to all Rock Sound readers who complete and return the survey by June 30 2009. There is no obligation to make a purchase to be entered into the draw. The winner will be selected at random and the draw will be conducted on July 10 and the winner will be notified via phone or email. There is no cash alternative. Employees of Rock Sound Ltd or any of the companies involved in the

competition or their agents or families are not permitted to enter the prize draw. The Editor’s decision is final.