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Bjöörn’s seems disappointed with fourth place in the Beard Hall Of Fame


NAME THREE WORDS THAT BEST DESCRIBE YOU. “Calm, content and stubborn.”

BOTTLE THINGS UP OR LET IT ALL OUT? “I let everything out fairly quickly because I can’t be angry for more than five minutes at a time. I let a lot of anger out in a short time. I’m not violent in any way, but I vent my anger or frustrations like that.”

YOU WAKE SUDDENLY AT 4AM. WHAT’S UP? “One of the kids will have woken me up screaming, ‘Daddy! Mummy!’ and I’ll have to carry them into my bed. The other one will probably wake up too, so all four of us will end up sleeping in the same bed!”

WHAT’S THE BEST PIECE OF ADVICE YOU’VE BEEN GIVEN AND IGNORED? “Probably that you shouldn’t drink! If I feel like doing something I’ll do it, but perhaps that’s not always the best thing to do. As I said, I’m calm and content and I get that from my family. They’ve never restricted me from doing anything, so I can fi gure things out for myself.”

RELIGIOUS, SPIRITUALIST, HUMANIST OR NONE OF THEM? “None. I believe in science. It’s really weird in the US, they try and incorporate God into evolution – that God created the world in seven days, but how did he do that? For me, that simply doesn’t work. I’m not very spiritual. I can relate to people that are really heavy believers and I can understand their conviction and the power of it, but I have a hard time believing stuff that isn’t fact.”

LAST TIME YOU CRIED? “It’s been a while now, which is sad. It’s not like I enjoy crying but sometimes it’s a good outlet. It might be for some really stupid reason but afterwards you feel cleansed. I don’t take to tears easily; it has to be about something really fucked up for me to end up in tears.”

WHAT WAS YOUR PLAN B? “I don’t plan that much. There’s always a hypothetical ‘Plan B’, but there will never be a real one. When I actually face that problem I’ll fi nd something else to do, so Plan B will probably be to die.”

WHAT RECORD WOULD YOU NEVER NORMALLY CONFESS TO OWNING? “You think I’d really say that here? I don’t have any records that I don’t want people to know about. Whatever I have at home – it may be a Culture

Club CD – doesn’t matter because it’s part of my record collection and I have a little bit of everything, there’s nothing that I’m ashamed of.”

PROUDEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE? “Probably the births of my daughters. There’s nothing that can make a man so aware of love and the power of life than a birth. You get so humbled because it’s the most amazing thing that can ever happen to you. Everything else I’ve done in my life has mounted up to this and the funny thing is, this is really what life is about.”

“When I was 18 I had this feeling that I wouldn’t live beyond 35 because I’d be so rock ‘n’ roll.”

WHAT WILL BE YOUR FAMOUS LAST WORDS? “It would be really cool to have some cool one-liner, but it’ll probably be, ‘Oh shit!’ When I was 18 I had this feeling that I wouldn’t live beyond 35 because I’d be so rock ‘n’ roll. Now that I’m 33 there’s no way that I want to go any time soon. Your brain doesn’t age, you just get grey hair and your body doesn’t endure drinking so well.”

The album ‘A Sense Of Purpose’ is out now on Nuclear Blast. Catch In Flames on tour in September with Gojira and Sonic Syndicate; see gig guide for dates. www.infl [131 ] Fall Out Boy: fi ght club!

OCT 2008 No.114

“I have no tolerance for anything right now.” Patrick Stump

“I have no tolerance for anything right now.” Patrick Stump


“If you try and leave they kill you,

so I’m actually quite

© Nigel Crane

terrified right now.” Matt Skiba ON THE CHURCH of satan

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