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Scottish Memories

Webelieve no-oneshould gothrough dementiaon theirown.

Dementia affects around 71,000 people in Scotland.

Alzheimer Scotland is Scotland’s leading dementia charity providing advice, support and understanding to people with dementia and their carers. We have services on over 60 sites throughout Scotland.

For information, support or just someone who understands, contact our 24 hour freephone Dementia Helpline on 0808 808 3000.


If you would like to support Alzheimer Scotland visit to see how you can get involved.

Registered in Scotland 149069 Scottish charity no. SC022315

Scottish Memories • February 2011 This month’s beautiful View of the Month, on our centre pages, shows an icy view of Ben Nevis, taken from Banavie near Fort William. Find our more about the area on page 27


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W lc m t Do you remember the very first record you bought? That’s the question Aileen Torrance asks in this month’s Looking Back column on page 43.

M m i

As Aileen points out, most youngsters today won’t remember this important piece of information because records don’t really exist any more! The same thing, the retail experts tell us, is now beginning to happen to CDs, with more and more people downloading their favourite music using a computer. For me, a selfconfessed vinyl enthusiast the download, or even the CD, doesn’t have the same charm of a record. In the past, records were cherished not just for the music they offered, but for their often elaborate cover artwork, the lyrics printed inside and, of course, the b-sides.

The same thing, the retail experts tell us, is now beginning to happen to CDs, with more

Recently the back catalogue of The Beatles was put online for digital downloaders to devour. It’s wonderful that music created almost half a century ago is still being eagerly consumed by music fans, but can a digital file really compete with the real thing Beatles fans bought back in the Sixties? I’ll stick to my precious originals if it’s all the same!

Of course, the internet does have its advantages, and news of a website that offers 15,000 recordings of Scottish folk from the past sounds wonderful – find out more on page 5. Today’s youngsters might not recall the first record they bought, but perhaps thanks to project’s like this, that help keep our past alive, they will remember the first time they heard their ancestors’ voices. A lovely thought.

C t ts 5 Then and Now Princess Anne unveils Merchant Navy Memorial, voices of the past go online, an exhibition of classic toys. Plus, our new Reasons to be Cheerful and Reader of the Month columns

12 Family legends A selection of fascinating family stories published as part of BBC Radio Scotland’s new Family Legends project 16 Memories Mailbox Readers’ letters. Plus, George Forbes’ popular Writing to Remember column

18 Days of the dividend In our fun fiction series set in a 1950s Co-op, Stan runs into trouble collecting the store’s debts

Matt Hill, Editor

34 Comic capers A nostalgic look at our favourite childhood comics, from the idealised worlds of Twinkle and Bunty to the jolly japes of the Bash Street Kids and Dennis the Menace

36 A short poetic life The story of poet David Gray whose quest for literary fame led to his untimely death

38 Sounds of the seventies When Scotland was Top of the Pops

39 Reader memories Readers share their memories of panto time, holidays at Butlins and herring girls

44 The curse of Scotland The myths and legends associated with the mysterious nine of diamonds playing card

22 Cup, saucer and pinky out A nostalgic look at the rituals of afternoon tea, with cake stands, serviettes and homebaked goodies 24 Year to remember: 1960 A nostalgic look at the films, music and news headlines of 1960

47 Telling a story in pictures Remembering the rebus, a picture puzzle often sent on Valentine’s Day, which was one of the earliest printed greetings

48 Sights and sounds of Scotland We give you the lowdown on the latest books and CDs with a Scottish flavour

27 Destination Fort William Expert tips on planning your break to the UK’s outdoor capital. Plus: View of the Month and Myra Douglas visits Ben Nevis

51 Scottish Memories Book Club Don’t miss this month’s range of wonderful books, at fantastic prices!

52 Puzzles WIN! Put the kettle on, sit back and relax with our page of puzzles and competitions

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