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Scottish Memories



GIFT SET In association with the Imperial War Museum, this special exclusive set celebrates the achievements of five airmen who were awarded the Victoria Cross whilst serving with the RAF in WWII. Contents are the four aircraft flown during these missions, paints, adhesive and brushes, along with full details of these heroic actions.

FaireyBattle Mk.I

James Brindley Nicholson HAWKER HURRICANE Awarded his VC after shooting down a Bf110 while on fire. He survived but was badly burnt. Hughie Idwal Edwards Bristol Blenheim Awarded his VC for leading a bombing raid against the port of Bremen. He survived the war. Donald Edward Garland & Sgt Thomas Gray Fairey Battle Awarded their VC in 1940 attacking bridges in Belgium. John Hannah Handley Page Hampden Awarded his VC for gallantry in tackling a fire on his plane that was caused by anti-aircraft fire during the attack on Antwerp.

BristolBlenheim Mk.IV

HandleyPageHampen and all good retail stockists

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Hawker Hurricane



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Scottish Memories • October 2011 Our cover image shows a group of children getting some treats on Halloween, why not send in your memories of guising?


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M m i

W lc m t I remember my first job as if it was yesterday. Working on the till at the local newsagent wasn’t quite in line with what I wanted to be when I grew up, but it gave me some pocket money to spend on records and a valuable taste of working life. Perhaps my most enduring memory is the look of horror on a customer’s face when their pack of cigarettes, crisps and drink came to a grand total of £205… I never did get the hang of the cash register!

horror on a customer’s face when their pack of cigarettes, crisps and drink came to a grand

Last month our ongoing ‘My first…’ series remembered the first day of school, a scary but very memorable time for many of us. Starting work (the subject of our feature on page 20) was an equally nerve-wracking time. No matter how much our teachers had warned us of the ‘big world’ outside the school gates, nothing could really prepare us for the array of characters we would meet during the working day. I remember that first newsagent manager distinctly, thanks mainly to his bad moods – too many early morning shifts – and his apparent reluctance to pay me on time!

These important moments punctuate our lives and give us a chance to look back on the people and places of our past. If you have memories of your first car, first Christmas or any other ‘firsts’ please drop us a line and share your stories with the Scottish Memories community. Reading your wonderful tales of the past is always a real pleasure and another fun part of my role as Editor – it certainly beats dealing with the unhappy customers and cranky managers from all those years ago!

C t ts 5 Then and now Smuggler’s glen uncovered, Glasgow graveyard guide, October events, Scottish Eccentrics and much more…

13 Scary creatures Tales of the mysterious Earth Hounds said to inhabit Banffshire’s graveyards

14 Memories mailbox Readers’ letters. Plus, George Forbes’ popular Writing to Remember column

Matt Hill, Editor

35 Growing up with Ayr Theatre A childhood spent behind the scenes at Scotland’s first civic theatre

36 Kirkie’s big birthday Why the town of Kirkintilloch celebrated its anniversary in the wrong year 39 Reader memories Summers in Ireland, ‘at the berries’, clootie-making, toys of the past and 1950s classroom life

16 Remembering Culloden Why visitors continue to search for their ancestors at Culloden, and how the battle is commemorated across the Atlantic

20 My first... job Our new series continues as readers recall their first forays into the world of work

22 The real Andrew Murray A town’s quest to rediscover its forgotten hero who fought alongside William Wallace

24 Year to remember: 1980 Films, music and headlines from the Eighties

27 Destination Perthshire Your in-depth travel guide to the varied landscapes of southern Perthshire

32 Haunting tales of Auld Reekie The spooky legends attached to Europe’s most haunted city

44 Grand tours of Scotland A look at the fascinating Black’s Tourist, an early travel guide which TV presenter Paul Murton uses to tour the country in his new BBC series

47 Fiction: A country constable A new three-part fiction series which follows the fortunes of Fifites police constable Joan McReadie

48 Sights and sounds of Scotland We give you the lowdown on the latest books and CDs with a Scottish flavour

50 Scottish Memories Book Club Wonderful books at fantastic prices!

51 Angela Rippon The popular presenter on her new role hosting a 1940s nostalgia show

52 Puzzles WIN! Put the kettle on, sit back and relax with our page of puzzles and competitions!

Cl r FREE ly st ry Sc M m i . S ag 23…