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The Carnival Issue: A parade of Latin American Textiles

Selvedge welcomes the new year with a celebration of the spirit, colour and warmth of South American textiles and culture. We travel to Peru, Bolivia, Brazil and Chile to explore the origins and legacies of centuries old textile traditions. Knots, crochet, colour and the sartorial influence of the 1970s combine for a bold and vibrant view of the year to come.

Selvedge magazine offers the world's finest textile photography, unparalleled design and peerless writing. Directed towards an international, discerning audience, Selvedge covers fine textiles in every context: fine art, interiors, fashion, travel and shopping. It is published every other month.

The trial issue features an interview by Yoshiko Wada with African-American quilter Effie Mae Howard , Jessica Hemmings chats to dancer-turned-designer Mariem Besbes and Catherine Howard investigates the social and cultural manifestations of the use of feathers in South America.

Other features include a section on news discussing the latest tends and essential ideas, a section listing international exhibitions, fairs and up comings events as well as a section on newly released books.

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