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23 September highlights: A Zen Quaker's view of faith; General Meeting for Scotland; mystery, language and the divine; plus poetry, news and letters!

Quakers believe in that of God and the Light in every one and lives their lives in response to that. The Quaker testimonies of integrity, equality, simplicity and truth are woven into many articles in the Friend, as well as sustainability and climate change, issues that Quakers are deeply concerned with today. We discuss our beliefs and the many subjects that we address as a consequence of our faith.

The Friend is the only Quaker weekly magazine in the world and has news pages every week covering Quaker matters and events, as well as news of Friends from Britain and abroad.

The Friend is also dedicated to understanding expression of God through the arts and consequently has two pages of arts coverage every week.

Recent issues have focussed on climate change, introducing Quakerism, Quakers of the 20th century, Quakers and sport, the Quaker contribution to the movement to abolish slavery and criminal justice. Subscribe to read our special issue 'Transforming Justice', packed with expert opinion, voices of those affected by the criminal justice system in different ways and solutions that you can be involved with.

The first trial issue is a green special with articles by Quaker specialists on sustainability. Find out how you can reduce your energy footprint in your own home and how to make your garden wild. There are also expert articles on contraction & convergence, renewable energy and solutions to travel dilemmas.

The second trial issue has articles on the impact of Belfast's Quaker Cottage, on early Quaker James Nayler, a review of the most famous early Quaker George Fox, in Barbados and an editorial on Quaker protests at the nuclear submarine base in Faslane, Scotland.

Each issue also contains adverts with a range of holiday homes and job adverts in the charity sector

The Friend is an accessible, lively magazine for anybody interested in keeping abreast of Quaker thought, belief, action and reflection today. You should also read the Friend if you're interested in spirituality and the issues facing world today. Exact Editions subscribers also get access to extra articles and our searchable text archives.

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All subscribers will gain access to all 510 issues:

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