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The Philosophers’


21 Parkhurst Road London, N22 8JQ United Kingdom Tel: 020 8889 7041 Fax: 0870 125 3783

Philosophers’ The

Magazine issue fourteen • spring 2001

Editor Julian Baggini

Editor, New Media

Jeremy Stangroom

Contributing Editors Susan Dwyer, Peter Fosl, Michael LaBossiere,

Jeff Mason, Christian Perring

Events Directory Co-ordinator

Mitch Hodge

Subscriptions UK: 020 7538 8288 North America: 1-800 444 2419 ext.1

See page 65 for full details

Contributors Christopher Budd, Joseph Chandler, Terri Collier, Simon Critchley, Steve Darwall, Steve Deery, Simon Eassom, Michael Fitzgerald, Wendy Grossman, Salam Hawa, Peter Herissone-Kelly, Mitch Hodge, Mathew Iredale, Sue Johnson, Alan Kitson, Tom Le Bon, Brian Leiter, Kevin McSorely, Lou Marinoff, Jeff Mason, Lyn May, Mary Midgley, Jaroslav Peregrin, Richard Polt, Sajjad Rizvi, Simon Rogerson, Schlomit Schuster, J David Velleman, Karen J Warren

Illustrations Ham Khan, Robin Turner (cover), Shaun Williams

Graphics Jerry Bird

With Thanks to Susannah Gill, Lori Fells, Steve Palmquist, Bernard Stangroom, Pam Swope.

Distribution by (UK) Central Books, 99 Wallis Road, London E9 5LN Tel: 020 8986 4854 (North America) Ingram Periodicals Inc., 1240 Heil Quaker Blvd., La Vergne, TN 37086-7000 Tel: (615) 793 5522 (North America) Ubiquity Distributors Inc., 607 Degraw Street, Brooklyn, NY 11217 Tel: (718) 875 5491

Printed by Warwick Printing, Theatre Street, Warwick

Contributors Notes Prospective contributors should contact the editor for further information or to submit ideas. Please do not send unsolicted manuscripts.

© 2001, The Philosphers’ Magazine contents

News and Features 6 NEWS HOUND The deaths of Quine and Anscombe, plus Welsh wrangles and a dot com crash in the philosophy world

9 MEDIA WATCH Philosophy and philosophers in the mass media – especially Roger Scruton

11 NEW MEDIA Stephen Darwall and J David Velleman A new challenge to traditional academic publishing

13 REFLECTIONS ON CHINA Jeff Mason East meets West on a revealing exchange Essays 15 AUTISTIC SPINOZA? Michael Fitzgerald Did the great Dutchman suffer from Asperger’s Syndrome?

17 EUROPE Simon Critchley A continent of bastards?

Ecofeminism, p19

19 ECOFEMINISM Karen J Warren How the environment is a feminist issue Discussion 23 OPEN DEBATE: WICKEDNESS Mary Midgley Your chance to debate with a leading philosopher Special feature 26 RUSSELL’S LETTERS An exclusive preview of a new volume of Russell’s letters

All views expressed in The Philosophers’ Magazine represent those of the authors of each article and do not necessarily reflect those of the editors or publishers.

ThePhilosophers’Magazine/Spring 2001

ISSN 1354-814X onference Briefing 30 ETHICS, ICT AND SOCIAL EXCLUSION From Bolton, England Primers Short articles on the basics

52 SNAPSHOTS FREGE Peter Herissone-Kelly ROUSSEAU Terri Collier 54 EXPLAINING ETHICS Simon Eassom Part two of the series introducing moral philosophy The Philosophers’ Review 56 New publications including

Digital divide, p30

BERTRAND RUSSELL VOL 2 Ray Monk Julian Baggini

RORTY AND HIS CRITICS Ed. Robert B Brandom Jaroslav Peregrin

MIND’S LANDSCAPE Samuel Guttenplan Lyn May







A look at the side of the subject that is less than the noble pursuit of truth. Full details on page 34


ARTICLES Introduction Joseph Chandler Heidegger and the Nazis Richard Polt Human, All Too Human Julian Baggini and Jeremy Stangroom Sartre and Camus Salam Hawa Political Corectness Lou Marinoff Misapropriation Christopher Budd egulars 8 THE GOURMET Brian Leiter Who’s in, out, up or down

10 MITCH’S DIARY & DIRECTORY Now with organisational as well as events listings

21 PHILOSOPHY@THE. INTERNET Mitch Hodge Updates from the world wide web

Online fun, p21

22 NEW OUT & ABOUT Tim Le Bon Philosophy beyond academia

29 SCI-PHI Mathew Iredale Think you’re free? Think again...

61 BIBLIOPHILE Building a home library

62 BERTRAND’S BREAK Pondweed, Stamp, quizes plus the concise or cryptic crossword

64 LETTERS Corrections, comments, praise and protestations

66 THE SKEPTIC Wendy Grossman The amazing exploits of guardian angels

Discourse will return next issue

ThePhilosophers’Magazine/Spring 2001