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100th Edition: Dream Designs

Utopia Kitchen & Bathroom is a national monthly consumer title showcasing luxurious kitchen and bathroom designs.

Be the first to discover the luxurious world of the latest kitchens and bathrooms by becoming a subscriber to Utopia Kitchen & Bathroom Magazine. Brimming with innovative interior products and accessories, Utopia has all the inspiration you need to create the perfect cooking and dining or bathing space.

Each month, Utopia magazine delivers behind-the-scenes stories of real makeovers from across the country, topical reads on the latest trends, and helpful advice from industry experts. You will also find the most recent designer collections and hot-off-the-press news and products.

The trial issue features an interview with architect and designer Francesco Lucchese; UK furniture designers showcase the best of British design; embracing the newest bathroom trend - the soft bathroom; and for the eco-conscious among you, you can go green with environmentally friendly designs for your home.

Other articles include: taking control of your kitchens and bathrooms with the latest remotely operated appliances, sophisticated stone-inspired products which will bring a touch of nature into your home. Also see our FREE 32 page Kitchen Special featuring the latest trends and innovations in cook-tops, finding the perfect tap, our selection of traditional and modern kitchen styles, together with a comprehensive kitchen directory.

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